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The Build Back Better Act

This is our opportunity to create millions of new jobs, invest billions in a clean energy economy, and take concrete steps to break down systemic inequalities and address the threats that the environmental justice movement has been fighting for years — but only if we keep making noise. ACT NOW: Text “CLIMATEBILL” to 877-777 to …

OCA Transparent Oval

OCA Endorses a Washington Transportation Bill of Rights

The OCA Executive Committee signed this Transportation Bill of Rights. It describes an equitable approach to advancing transportation access, and an opportunity to shape Washington’s transportation system to decrease our climate pollution (45% of our emissions come from transportation) and increase mobility for all by 2037. The 16-Year Transportation Package debated in the legislature last …

Snake River dam showing protest projection at night. Sen. Murray, Breach this Dam!

Contact Sen. Cantwell & Rep. Kilmer on LSRDs

2 bad congressional maneuvers relating to the LSRDs need immediate constituent action to oppose them. Rep. McMorris-Rodgers has proposed amendments to appropriations bills that would prevent further federal funds from being spent to study LSRD breaching.  Derek Kilmer is on the key committee considering them.  Action needed:  Contact Kilmer’s Natural Resources staffer, Katie Allen,  …


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