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Hot Off the Wire – 3/23/2019


A Future Without Fossil Fuels? – Bill McKibben
The New York Review of Books

“Remember the South”: Devastating Cyclone Idai Another Example of Global South Paying for Polluters – DemocracyNow! interview

Unpersuasive: Why arguing about climate change often doesn’t work – Knowable Magazine

COMIC: In the US, where political parties have increasingly staked claims on one side of the issue or the other, beliefs may be more about belonging than facts – By Andy Warner 02.05.2018

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Regional Action


Sunrise Summer + Fall Fellowship Application 2019
Are you 18 to 30 years old? Motivated?

Local Group BIPOC Caucus Survey recognizes the importance of supporting and empowering BIPOC (Black Indigenous and People of Color) local group members.

Youth Climate Rally and Day of Action in Olympia on April 11!

Start your monthly support to our 2019 Fellowship for emerging climate leaders! – Sunrise Movement

Bring the Clean Buildings for Washington Act to the floor Next Week! – House Bill 1257 – Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

“Five Proven Ways to Spur Climate Action” – a webinar
Join Caitlin Drown on Thursday, March 28th at 10 AM PT

Pass the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act
Senate Bill 5489! – Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

4th Annual South Sound Climate Action Convention
Saturday April 13th 9 AM – 5 PM – Olympia
Thurston Climate Action and Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Can you help encourage Washington legislators to support climate action? – Climate Solutions

The consequences of spills from pipelines and tankers are borne by local communities Please contribute.

Protect Our Communities from Avoidable Train Explosions
Contact the House Environment & Energy Committee to support ESSB 5579 – League of Women Voters of Washington

Please take a moment to thank your Representatives who voted in support of HB 1110! – Washington Conservation Voters

Write a letter to defend life on Earth– Avaaz

National Action

NBC documentary short on the Sunrise Movement
Watch and donate to sustain our momentum

Urge your senators to say NO to David Bernhardt
NRDC Action Fund

Attend as an Observer the USCAN Annual Meeting
Wed, Jun 19 at 9:00 AM, in Saint Paul, MN

US Climate Action Network 2019 is accepting Observers Requests until April 3, 2019
Contact Michael Clemens for more information

RSVP for the Thought Leadership Call 
Thought Leadership for Climate Emergency
with Demond Drummer – The Climate Mobilization

Climate Change Education Act; Tell Your Senators to Support it! – The Sierra Club

Banking on Climate Change: Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card 2019 – Rainforest Action Network

Save the Arctic Refuge Before It’s Too Late – NRDC

#DefundDisaster and #ShutDownChase – National Day of Action
April 10th, Join or Host an action – 198 Methods & Action Network

Climate News

Local/Regional News

The Center for Whale Research features OCA website article

Olympic Forest Collaborative public meetings in 2019
6:30 to 8:00 PM – Full Press Release

  • March 26, 2019 (Olympic Natural Resources Center, 1455 S. Forks Avenue, Forks WA 98331)
  • April 15, 2019 (Rotary Log Pavilion, 1401 Sargent Boulevard, Aberdeen, WA 98520)
  • May 28, 2019
  • (Peninsula College, Lecture Hall J47, 1502 E. Lauridsen Boulevard, Port Angeles, WA 98362)  
The Sierra Club Washington Newsletter

National/International News

1.4 Million Students Walk Out of Class Demanding Action – DemocracyNow!

The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change

“Land degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change are three different faces of the same central challenge: the increasingly dangerous impact of our choices on the health of our natural environment.” The Huffington Post

“Water Is Life”: Midwestern Floods Threaten Indigenous Communities at Forefront of Climate Crisis – DemocracyNow! video

Climate Solutions – ClimateCast
The Latest in Clean Energy Solutions

The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator has approved the first carbon credits for corporate carbon

Carbon Farmers of Australia


Movies That Teach Kids About Climate Change
Common Sense Media

Top 12 Movies About Climate Change – iMatter

This Humble Mollusk Can Save Shorelines From Rising Seas

As entire islands disappear in Chesapeake Bay, the oyster is enlisted as a first line of climate defense.


Hot Off the Wire – 3/19/2019

1,000,000 Students act in School #ClimateStrike –

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Regional Action

Bipartisan Group of Legislators Backs Sustainable-Farm Bill
Carbon Washington

Help Save Endangered Orcas and Wild Salmon in Washington! – NRDC

Join a Sierra Forum: Protect the Arctic Refuge – Sierra Club
Thursday Mar 28, 2019 11:00 AM

Ask your legislators to stand up for orca recovery
in upcoming votes! – Washington Conservation Voters

Take action: Tell your Senators to pass the Oil Spill Prevention Bill >> House Bill 1578

National Action

League of Conservation Voters Scorecard 2018

House says YES on Clean Fuels; it’s your turn, Senators
Climate Solutions

Two online Non-Violent Direct Action Coaching Sessions
Thursday, March 21st and Thursday, March 28th 5 Pacific
350 & Rainforest Action Network

SIGN THE NDRC’S PETITION: Demand an end to rigged maps in states like Wisconsin

Tell your members of Congress to oppose Trump’s NAFTA deal! – Sierra Club

STOP! the Department of Energy’s attack
on Energy Efficiency Standards – NRDC

Go solar and support the Sierra Club
Get A Free Solar Savings Quote

Climate News

Local/Regional News

Washington House passes clean-fuels legislation sought by Inslee – Seattle Times

Sunshine Hub Coordinator Training in Philadelphia & event planning in DC.
Help with Food & Travel.

Washington DC Fundraiser for Mike

National/International News

Artists Declare a Climate Emergency
David Wallace-Wells joins artist and others for a panel discussion.

The House of Representatives passed the For the People Act – CNN

Climate Emergency Declarations Campaign
The Climate Mobilization

This Is How White Privilege Goes to College – Yes!


The Climate Solution Right Under Our Feet – Yes!

Orcas in Peril blog,
Drawing out the Science

Hot Off the Wire – 3/10/2019

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City of P.A. needs an Electrical Engineering & Operations Manager to move ahead with the city’s Solar Project.

Regional Action

Demand Healthier buildings for a healthier climate
Climate Solutions


This year, the legislature must take action to protect our waters and coasts from the risk of disaster. House Bill 1578
Washington Conservation Voters

Join a historic training to prepare to mobilize against the Keystone XL pipeline. Seattle April 27-28 – Native Organizers Alliance

Tell the House Appropriations Committee to Support Oil Spill Prevention! – Washington Conservation Voters

National Action

The South Dakota State Legislature just passed a law that criminalizes opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

If Governor Noem signs, protesting, organizing or financing a protest will be a crime.

Help fund now.

Petition the EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gases
Food and Water Watch

Tell your Senators: It’s Time to Act On Climate Change!

Bring the Green New Deal to every corner of the country.

Don’t let Trump’s EPA allow more dirty, climate-disrupting coal plants! – Sierra Club

Please take action today to stop drilling in the Arctic Refuge!

Support the Green New Deal and build momentum to tackle the climate crisis – MoveOn

Chip in to support Sunrise today as we hold our politicians accountable – Sunrise

Will you submit a comment today to advise Andrew Wheeler, our new EPA Administrator?

Sign the Global Call on Banks, Banks: stop financing fossil fuels –

Climate News

Local/Regional News

WA League of Women Voters Environmental legislation analysis
for Climate Change and Energy

(Photo by Ted S. Warren/The Associated Press)

Governor Inslee joins Democratic presidential field. – Associated Press interview in the Peninsula Daily News

Reversing Energy System Inequity: Urgency and Opportunity During the Clean Energy Transition — NW Energy Coalition

Don’t Frack with Washington

National/International News

Carbon Tax Plans: How They Compare and Why Oil Giants Support One of Them – Inside Climate News

60 Minutes, The climate change lawsuit that could stop the U.S. government from supporting fossil fuels
60 Minutes Streaming Party Toolkit

US scientists say marine heatwaves are sweeping the globe and that it is unstoppable – AlterNet

2020 Candidates Pledge Climate Action – NRDCAction Fund

Sierra Club joins two lawsuits in defense of the Artic Refuge

Ocean heat waves are killing underwater life, threatening biodiversity – National Geographc

FossilFree News –

Forests, carbon sinks cannot make up for delays in decarbonizing the economy, experts argue – Science Daily

The Green New Deal’s Opponents Are Stuck in the Past – Yes!

Cartoon: The kids doth protest too much

“The demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler.” – William Happer

How to Talk to Your Parents about Climate Change
Sightline Institute


Teen Climate Activist to Sen. Dianne Feinstein: We Need the Green New Deal to Prevent the Apocalypse
Democracy Now video

Hot Off the Wire -2/26/2019

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Regional Action

Webinar to discuss initial reflections on the 1631 campaign
via Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

Climate Solutions 11th Annual Breakfast
Wednesday, May 8, 2019 – 7:30am to 9:00am

Please support Beaver Lake Cree’s historic tar sands trial.
via Raven Trust

Support the Oil Spill Prevention Bill
via Washington Conservation Voters

Support healthy shorelines and healthy orcas
via Washington Conservation Voters

Have your gift matched for Washington Conservation Voters!

Please tell your legislators that climate is a top issue for you.
via Climate Solutions

Tell your State Senator: Support 100% Clean Electricity
via Washington Conservation Voters

National Action

Green New Deal Week of Action Drop-By Visits
via Sierra Club

Join a Congressional office visit around a Green New Deal
via Sunrise Movement

via Sierra Club

Sign Bernie Sanders’ petition for the Green New Deal
via Daily KOS

Tell your senators and representative: Support the ANTIQUITIES Act of 2019
via NRDC Action Fund

Tell the Senate: Bernhardt is a walking conflict of interest
via MoveOn

Climate News

Local/Regional News

Demystifying Clean Energy for Washington State
via Sierra Club Washington State

Been wondering what’s happening with climate action in 2019?
via Climate Solutions

How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis
via Gizmodo

Calling Natural Gas a ‘Bridge Fuel’ is Alarmingly Deceptive
via Sightline Institute

National/International News

After 40 Years of Government Inaction on Climate, Have We Finally Turned a Corner?
via Yes! Magazine

Strategies and Stories from the German Climate Justice Movement
via Facebook-Portland Rising Tide

The End of Ice: Dahr Jamail on Climate Disruption
via Democracy Now!

Drilling towards Disaster Report 2019
Partner Share Pack with sample language and graphics
via OilChange International

The Future In Store
A quick primer in energy storage via


How a 7th-grader’s strike against climate change exploded into a movement
via The Washington Post

The Transformative Power of Climate Truth
A Collective Awakening In the Age of Trump

An Action Guide for The Uninhabitable Earth
via The Climate mobilization

By Reconnecting With Soil, We Heal the Planet and Ourselves
via Yes! Magazine

Pioneering Black Scientist to Win Nobel Prize of Climate Change
via The Years Project

Hot Off the Wire – 2/2/2019

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Regional Action

Meeting for Informal Science Educators
Pasco, WA 3/12/19
Seattle, WA 3/26/19
Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge 4/30/19

Endorse Earth Law for the Southern Resident Orcas and Salish Sea

Demand Real Climate Leadership from our New Congress – The Action Network

Sign Up For Climate Month! Encourage your Legislators.

National Action

What You’d Like to See In a Green New Deal – The Peoples Climate Movement

Stop Trump’s plan to drill in the Arctic Refuge – 350 Action

Please make a tax-deductible donation to NRDC to help us defend our environment in the most effective way possible.

Climate News

Local/Regional News

Bonneville Power and Power Shift – by Jim Norton

King County Council Approves Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Expansion – Sightline Institute

Family Biking: No, you don’t need an e-bike (but you’d love having one)

National/International News

Let’s keep the Green New Deal grounded in science – MIT Technology Review

Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants – The Los Angeles Times

NOAA’s Brilliant Response To Trumps Climate Tweet – Forbes

What is the polar vortex – and how is it linked to climate change? – The Guardian

Democrats Killed the Green New Deal – CounterPunch

The Democrats Are Climate Deniers – Jacobin


Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) – The scoop on Climate Change

Hot Off the Wire – 1/22/2019

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Regional Action

Evening Talk at ONRC – January 25th in Forks
Western Washington Forest Health

Free The Snake Advocacy Day in Olympia, February 4th

Occupy Olympia, 17 Days & Nights for the Southern Resident Orcas, February 4th

Ask your legislators to support environmental priorities – via Washington Conservation Voters

Join the Sierra Club WA Legislative Action Team

Thank Commissioner Franz for her leadership on the MOU on Pacific Coast Temperate Forests. – via Washington Environmental Council

Tell your legislators: Pass 100% Clean Electricity
via Washington Conservation Voters

National Action

While the federal government fought over a shutdown and many of us were enjoying time with our families over the holidays, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers quietly announced it would be accepting public comment for 30 days on a Clean Water Act permit Enbridge needs to build Line 3. 

Tell Your Senators to Oppose Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator – via the Sierra Club

Tell your Members of Congress that the climate crisis can’t wait — take action today. – via Peoples Climate Movement

Protect Whales and Dolphins from Seismic Blasting – via NRDC

Tell Ford to Protect Clean Car Standards! – via the Sierra Club

Climate News

Local/Regional News

The Climate Action and Clean Energy Update – a new information source

9 Things You Need to Know About the Pipeline Blockade in B.C. – via Yes Magazine

National/International News

Here’s the Green New Deal debate you haven’t heard yet – via

Why Are Sea Levels Rising Unevenly?
By Nexus Media

Join Native Leaders Backing Green New Deal
via Lakota Law

Cleaner cars coming to a highway near you – via The Boston Globe

How To Prepare Society for Self-Driving Cars – via Sightline Institute

New polls confirm it: Americans want clean energy – via ClimateCast

The Dirty Scheme to Make Americans Buy More Gasoline – via NRDC


This is a short and fun discussion of climate gradualism.

Doing something every day can be profoundly helpful in giving people hope, and it’s a path to change.

Lakhs of women stand up against patriarchy.

Hot Off the Wire – 1/6/2018

Take action

Regional Action

Join the next 350 Local Group 100% Renewables call
on Tuesday, January 8th, 5 pm PST

National Action

Tell Congress: We Demand New Action On Climate!

With environmental champions now a majority in the
House of Representatives, a new, greener Congress
is now in session – via NRDC

2019 Greenpeace Action Camp Application
by Monday January 7th

Earth Activist Training

Courses in permaculture,
earth-based spirituality, organizing
and activism with Starhawk and friends

Ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor H.R.1, the For The People Act – via The Sierra Club

Are you ready for a Green way to bank?
The Apiration Summit Account

Tell the EPA: Stop Trump’s rollback of Mercury Standards
via NRDC

You can register to join monthly calls in 2019

Climate News

Local/Regional News

National/International News

Why the Climate Change Message Isn’t Working

Members of the Horace Fire department, the North Dakota National Guard and volunteers help to sandbag a retention pond to keep flood water from the water treatment facility near Horace, North Dakota on March 28, 2009.

Threats of global catastrophe won’t move people to action.
Only the heart can inspire zeal

Democrats debate how to face “the existential threat of our time” – via Axios

How we can combat climate change
via The Washington Post

Our Children’s Trust Press Releases