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Doing Things


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We hold General Meetings the first Sunday of the month, 3-5 pm, where we determine our activities and campaigns.

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First Friday of the Month
Angeles Brewing | 5:00 p.m.

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1.5 degrees C.

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Usual and Accustomed Places Screening

Greetings Friends of ʔaʔk̓ʷustəƞáwt̓xʷ House of Learning, Longhouse, This Friday starts a unique opportunity and collaboration between Magic of Cinema, Studium Generale, and ʔaʔk̓ʷustəƞáwt̓xʷ House of Learning, PC Longhouse,  as we bring Usual and Accustomed Places to the campus and our community. Audience members will also have an opportunity to meet virtually with the film’s director, Sandra …

An update talk by local climate activist and scientist Bob Larsen

Climate Warming: Impact of COVID-19 and Latest DevelopmentsNovember 12 at 6:30 PM on Zoom What are the latest developments in our understanding of climate science and the development of policies and technologies to lessen the effects of Climate Warming? As a follow-up to my series of in-depth presentations last Autumn, I will make about an …


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