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Helping people to be moved into
earth-caring acts through the arts

Speaking from the standpoint of an artist, these times of sobering planetary events seem to be a call to bring forth creative expressions that instill a sense of hope and purposeful action. And we as humans need to bring that forth into our daily lives now more than ever. While what motivates us into action is varied, works of art and being involved in the creation of it offers an opportunity to express as well as to witness the responses of the human condition in relation to climate change, our concerns for the Earth and life upon it, including our own. It can help to move one beyond the inert contraction of fear and into the realm of clear-sighted action….on behalf of the Earth.

The goal for the projects listed below is to do just that and to display these projects for the public to view in our community. We hope that you will be interested in participating in their creation, whether through materials donation or in the submission of your own art for viewing.

Thank you for caring for the earth.
Jodi Riverstone

Ways to stay proactive within the current challenging times

So much of Earth Week goals and events have had to be canceled or greatly modified in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The challenge for all of us is to rise above any tendency for fear-based entrapment in our thinking and gain/regain focus on the larger picture of which we all are an interconnected part….LIFE and the Living of it on this beautiful, diverse and unfortunately fragile planet upon which we live….our Earth… and giving to that LIFE the best responsive action that we can offer to it.

Indeed, we have all been challenged by the disruption of our normal lives. With that in mind the focus of Earth-caring art projects for Earth Week and in the weeks after is shifting to what can be done from home and, for now anyway, finding ways to share our creations on the internet through this website. We are hopeful for more inclusive events when that is prudent.

Current Community Art Projects to Join

Earth-Care Virtual Art Posters

Find the creative spark within that we all have! Two project ideas in which you can participate are listed below:

Create an Earth Care poster: Design a poster that depicts your vision for Earth-caring planetary life, viewpoint and/or action. It can contain words or not. Let this be a free creative expression that captures what stirs you in response to our Earth and the precariousness of Life upon it. Send a JPEG photo to and they will be posted in this gallery and on the Inspire Gallery page.

Two letter-sign virtual group banners were produced for this anniversary Earth Day. You can see them on the Gallery page.

So what is a letter-sign group banner and how did we make one together?

Each volunteer selects an available letter to draw on a 17″ high — 11″ wide sheet of poster paper or other material (or 2 sheets of 8 ½ x 11 copy paper taped together on the back side) and decorates that letter however they wish. For examples of this visit the Climate Strike Arts Kit at the below link and scroll down to view.

When the letter is finished, take a photo of you holding it so we can see part you and send it to a collection point. The Virtual Banner is then arranged and displayed on the Inspire Gallery page.

Earth Art Exhibit:
“When Shi(f)t Happens: Responding to a World of Change

This exhibit, done in coordination with Studio Bob, has no date set due to the current COVID-19 events but is being offered up now as an invitation for any of us to allow the creative muse to remain awake and open with curiosity, wonder and even hope in the midst of what at times seems only dire. The challenge put forth here is to access our own personal feeling of connection to our planet and convey that and/or a vision for our Earth that is of the Highest Good for the restoration of health to the planetary biosphere of which we are a part. This is a call to look beyond the angst and into hope for a new possibility. Below are a few statements from which to draw inspiration:

“We are of the Earth”
“Earth as Teacher: What are we learning now?”
“Be the change on behalf of the Earth”

This turbulent time is fertile ground for us all! Let’s harness some of that energy and turn it into a reflective and creative “prayer”. The harvest of that creativity will be welcomed to be displayed when the dust from this COVID-19 event settles and we can all re-emerge once again in social public gatherings. We look forward to seeing the fruits of your creation included in what will certainly prove to be a potent display.

Tree Speech

This Earth Day project “Tree Speech,” engages people in honoring the trees in our neighborhoods,by making simple signs that appear as if held by the tree itself. The signs offer messages that individual trees have to tell us about themselves and their many gifts. Hopefully, as we actively engage with these magnificent beings, messages will emerge as we sit at the foot of trees, or perhaps climb them.
This is an art project of 350Eugene

Port Angeles Library Installation
“Planet Earth: Life in the Balance”

This project will consist of a large sphere of the Earth from which a mobile of many endangered species depictions will be suspended. It is hoped that up to 100 species will be represented. Each species drawn, distinctly outlined for clarity, colored with paint or markers and with name identified should be between 5 x 7 inches and 8 x 10 inches in size and shown on both sides on heavier, card stock paper. We would love for this to be a community project and encourage submissions of your chosen endangered species! There is unfortunately a lot to choose from and it is hoped that people will do a bit of research to look beyond the commonly known species and consider creating representations of the lesser known ones as well. One good website for a listing is . When we approach having enough submissions we will coordinate with the library for an installation date. We hope that you and your family will choose to participate! Submissions can be mailed or delivered to the project coordinator, Jodi Riverstone. Contact her at .

Below is an example:

This is an example of an endangered species card.

Project Chain-link

The Jefferson School has given us the green light to hang a plywood display of Earth and species native to this area from their chain-link fence. We need donations of 3/8” plywood, primer and paint to get this project going as well as people interested in participating in what could be a really fun painting work party when we can all get back together again! We hope to carry this project out this summer for fall installation. Contact us with your interest to donate or participate!