An Expose of the Environmental 

“It is empowering to see how many people in Washington state are taking time in this moment to stand up for racial justice.”

Noam Chomsky, DemocracyNow 

“[Climate change] is a far more serious threat than the coronavirus, [which] is bad and serious, but we’ll recover somehow. We’re not going to recover from the melting of the polar ice sheets. . . .”

How do you become an Intersectionalist?

“It starts within each of our guts, hearts, minds and souls.”

How do you become an Intersectionalist?

It starts within each of our guts, hearts, minds and souls.  It is the “White Supremacy, Colonialist, Industrialist, Militaristic, Mysoginistic, Zenophobic, Capitalist, Consumerist, Patriarchal, Power-Over”  STORY.  Each of us has to take an unsparing look into our own “frameworks” of basic beliefs and HOW THESE FEED INTO SUPPORTING the systems we have all come to …

More about the complex history of our past economic recoveries

Although COVID-19 emerged as a new challenge, the disproportionate impacts of crises such as COVID-19 on black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) are not new. Rather, disproportionate health and economic impacts on BIPOC communities directly correlate to a history of structural and institutional racism. From housing segregation to community disinvestment to the criminalization of …

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness;

A Short List of People in America Who Were Not Freed in 1776 By Arleen Jenson (“Jenson,” They/Them)Farm Manager and Co-Owner, SisterLand Farms Independence Day celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence in particular, but has become a holiday celebrating American freedom in general; complete with patriotic merchandise, eating outdoors, the wearing of nationalist symbols, …


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