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OCA sponsoring events in support of I-732

Promoting the CarbonWA carbon-tax initiative to bring clean energy to WA

OCA is sponsoring several events centered around the effort to enact a revenue-neutral tax swap which will tax “bads” (fossil fuels) instead of “goods” (sales, business activities, and working families):
  • July 30, 1:05 PM:  KONP Radio 1450’s (and FM 101.7) Todd Ortloff will interview Yoram Bauman about climate change, pricing carbon, and the I-732 CarbonWA initiative.
  • Aug. 2, 6:30-8:30:  “Climate Change–It’s No Joke:  An Evening of Fun, Fossil-Fuel Fungibility, and Fundraising with Yoram Bauman.”  Yoram (yur-AHM), the world’s only stand-up Ph.D. economist and principal author of I-732, will explain in a light-hearted way why economics is so basically funny and why I-732 is so important to our future and our community.  Refreshments, socializing, Q&A, signature-gatherer signups, and unabashed fundraising will also roll out.  Elwha Klallam Heritage Center.  Doors open at 6:30 for refreshments and socializing, then Yoram will step up to the plate at 7–and we don’t mean the dessert plate!  Poster
  • Aug. 3, 12-1:  Yoram will speak to the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce on “Why a Carbon Tax Will Be Good for Our Community:  Let Us Count the Ways.”  Red Lion Hotel, upstairs banquet room.  Lunch $15, drinks-only $3.

Collect signatures on two great initiatives: CarbonWA & WAmend

It’s important to shout out not only what we oppose (Shell Oil, Arctic drilling, coal & oil ports, secret trade agreements), but also what our positive vision is.

Luckily, a couple of state initiatives encapsulate that positive vision:  CarbonWA and WAmend.  OCA has committed to gather signatures on both.  Won’t you help?  Memorial Day pays tribute to those who gave their lives for freedom and to protect their loved ones, and what better way to live your life in their spirit than to get out on the street supporting those principles?

Our local WAmend organizer has posted this calendar/signup sheet on the Web:  http://www.huntcal.com/cal/view/MTA-Clallam/2014?vm=r.  There are plenty of good places and times to gather signatures, such as the farmers markets and libraries, but the main thing is to get out there and do it!

RSVP and we can get you petitions.

BTW, CarbonWA still needs a local coordinator…could it be you?

Here are some excellent links from CarbonWA founder Yoram Bauman about the impact of the CarbonWA carbon tax on revenue, business, and the climate:

The #1 Question from Conservatives about Revenue-Neutral Carbon Taxes

The #1 Question from Progressives about Revenue-Neutral Carbon Taxes

Carbon Pricing and Northwest Businesses

Three Things to Know About CarbonWA’s Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

Support CarbonWA and WAmend initiatives for a healthy future

In spite of Governor Inslee’s attempt to pass a carbon cap-and-trade bill to limit carbon pollution and help fund our underfunded education system, it has become clear that no significant carbon-reduction legislation will be passed in this session of the Legislature, where even the Democratic-controlled State House will not put cap-and-trade on the floor.

Once again, then, the people must speak from the grassroots and take the reigns of leadership when the legislature won’t.  We are lucky to have an enlightened and energetic group of activists at the state level who have filed the CarbonWA initiative for a state carbon tax, similar to the highly-successful carbon tax in British Columbia.  (See below, and also our Links page for more details.)

Olympic Climate Action has endorsed the CarbonWA campaign, and the signature drive has begun.  We will have petitions available at our next meeting, April 12 from 3-5 pm at the Elwha Heritage Center.

OCA has also endorsed the WAmend initiative campaign for a constitutional amendment stating that corporations aren’t people and money isn’t speech, to limit the power of wealthy individuals and corporations to buy elections.  We are hoping you will go out collecting signatures on both petitions.

How lucky we are to live in a democracy where the people can take the Initiative–literally–into our own hands.

A Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Ballot Measure Campaign for Washington State

After many days of labor by our legal team and others, we are delighted to announce the birth of Initiative to the Legislature #732!

Ballot language

Our official ballot title (the 30-word summary that will appear on the ballot) is: Initiative Measure No. 732 concerns taxes. This measure would impose a carbon emission tax on certain fossil fuels and fossil-fuel-generated electricity, reduce the sales tax by one percentage point and increase a low-income exemption, and reduce certain manufacturing taxes. Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ].

For more details see the plain language and annotated legal language on our website, or read the whole measure yourself.


If you want some petitions so that you can begin collecting signatures, please email duncan@carbonwa.org with your address and phone number and he’ll work on getting you some.

  • Other upcoming events here.

3656 Francis Ave N #B
Seattle WA 98103 United States

Join the CarbonWA initiative signature drive

The goal is 300,000 signatures by December–can you help?

Our friends at CarbonWA have eloquently made the case for a revenue-neutral carbon tax that would be offset by reductions in the Sales Tax and Business & Occupations Tax, along with a tax credit for the working poor.  Led by Ph.D. economist Yoram Bauman and advised by a host of heavy hitters in the political, legal, and energy worlds, this carefully-crafted initiative could help Washington State join similar market-mechanism efforts in California, Oregon and British Columbia to make the West Coast a regional leader in climate action.

OCA has endorsed CarbonWA and joined as a local chapter.  Please help by making a signature gathering pledge for yourself or your group.

OCA endorses CarbonWA’s revenue-neutral carbon tax proposal

The recent election did not prove favorable to climate action in the Washington State Legislature.  It is time for the people to bring the issue forward and do what our gridlocked legislative bodies won’t do on their own.  It is time for our state (and governments around the world) to turn the engines of capitalism in the direction of saving the planet rather than destroying it.  Therefore, OCA has endorsed CarbonWA’s effort to bring forward carbon-tax legislation, if necessary by means of an initiative.  Here’s how they describe it:

Why Washington State Needs Environmental Tax Reform

Environmental tax reform will improve Washington’s economy and reduce Washington’s carbon pollution.  It is a win/win for those of us who want to help spur economic growth and improve air quality by reducing pollution.

Environmental tax reform would:

  • Improve air quality and reduce airborne toxins
  • Help slow ocean acidity and sea level rise
  • Reduce the state sales tax by a full percentage point
  • Fund the Working Families Sales Tax Rebate to help working families
  • Eliminate the Business and Occupation (B&O) tax for manufacturers
  • Pay for these tax reductions with a carbon tax of $25 per ton of CO2

Our goal is to bring environmental tax reform to Washington State, but we can’t do it without your help. Please join us!

To find out more about our draft proposal, please go to our Policy page.