The Great OCR Landing Page

OCReport-post 4

Let’s Talk about a couple of matters of interest! Sadly, I was not able to attend the OCA board meeting earlier this month, I was tied up with criminal matters: Handouts for tabling at public events. Away back in the stone ages of BC (Before COVID) I offered to pursue a minor project to create …

OCReport post-3

The Meadows of Sequim I am taking a long look at our climate action posture here in my little community of Sequim, just east of Port Angeles and west of Blyn, where, this week especially, lavender is King! Let me share my thoughts with you on this matter, as far as I have been able …

OCReport-post 2

July 2022 First, a word of apology! You might notice I have no blog for all of June. This is not the best way to introduce a new feature, but I had little choice. The story is both sad and glad but mostly just the way things pan out sometimes. Your blogger had a brief …

OCReport post-1

May 2022 The Question of our time is not one of measures and actions, but one of values. Ecotopia Rising: Production Update My story of Ecotopia Rising, set in a dystopian world coming soon to a planet near you, will continue in the near future. We are gathering a cast and creative crew. The story …


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