How to get more involved

Here are a few things you can do to get active locally with OCA.  For all of these, contact us on our Contact page.

  1. ONE-ON-ONES:  New or newly-active members can arrange for one-on-one chats with experienced OCA members, to help figure out the best way for you to get more involved.
  2. HELP WITH EVENTS, including “Earth Day” & “Celebration of Science” March-April each year.
  3. LOCAL CLIMATE ACTION PLANNING COMMITTEE:  Clallam County is considering revising its 2009 Climate Action Plan, and the Cities of Sequim and Port Angeles have also expressed the desire to take more focused action on climate.
  4. FOREST CARBON SEQUESTRATION COMMITTEE:  The most significant contribution that the Olympic Peninsula can make to climate stabilization is via our forests, which sequester carbon at a faster rate than any other biome on earth–millions of tons per year–in the trees, duff, and soils.  This committee is researching the potential of marketizing this resource into carbon credits for our local community.
  5. NoDAPL/DIVESTMENT COMMITTEE:  Organize opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline and explore proposals for local institutions and individuals to divest their holdings from DAPL financiers.
  6. CARBON PRICING RESEARCHER/LIAISON:  There are multiple proposals being developed for carbon pricing at the state and national levels, and we need to follow these developments and make recommendations.
  7. SPEAKERS BUREAU:  We have slides and people willing to give talks about climate science, clean energy, climate policy, and economics. Help us identify opportunities to present to local groups.
  8. SPECIAL EVENT COMMITTEES:  Help conceive, plan, promote, and run larger events, or partner with like-minded organizations.
  9. VIDEOGRAPHER:  Make short videos and post them on our social media and the local public-access television station.
  10. FILM SERIES:  Help select, purchase, schedule, and show films.
  11. LETTER WRITERS:  Write to newspapers, social media, etc.
  12. SOCIAL MEDIA ADMINISTRATORS:  Help maintain our Facebook, Twitter, website presences.
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