Nan Bray is BACK! with a new series — BIODIVERSITY

Lovely Poem by Rena Priest, Washington State Poet Laureate

“These Abundant and Generous Homelands” Watch Rena Priest, a member of the Lhaq’temish (Lummi) Nation and Washington State Poet Laureate, read “These Abundant and Generous Homelands” poem, written to the theme of “A Vision For A More Equitable 2023” at the 2023 State of the State address during the joint legislative session. On April 4, 2023, a new…

Pledge allegiance to the trees

Written by OCA board member Bob Vreeland: I pledge allegiance to the trees, which help give me the oxygen I breathe, And to the roots that hold the soil, so salmon streams do not get spoiled. Biodiversity under their shade, with clean water and a stable climate for all.

Pledge: Fight On

So I invite you to join me in this pledge: I will fight on, even as the waters rise and the deserts advance. I will never give up, never be passive or defeatist, even as the beauty of this living world of ours is eroded and degraded. I reject survivalism and other self-centered approaches, and…

Not Too Late

We know the difference between the best and worst case scenarios matters. We know that the future is being decided in the present. We know that a lot of people are overwhelmed by doom and gloom. It is not too late. At the same time, we are not here to avoid the worst news. We…


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