Paul Stamets Supports Legacy Forests

“Our old growth forests are undervalued – we should not be deceived that short term gains in selling lumber accurately reflects the value of the intact biodiversity resident within these ancient stands. In particular, varieties of  Agarikon (Fomitopsis officinalis aka Laricifomes officinalis) are now known to have potent antiviral properties. But not all of them. We are…

King Tide plus storm surge threatens structures in downtown Port Townsend

New coastal risk assessment for Port Townsend

A North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council grant helped local communities advance their planning for addressing the impacts of climate change. The City of Port Townsend used the grant money to develop this sea level rise and coastal flooding risk assessment, an important first step in climate preparedness.

$$ to improve your home, reduce your bills!

From OCA member Dave Large, here’s a list of incentives for reducing home-related energy usage offered by the federal government, Washington State, the City of Port Angeles, and the Clallam County PUD. Incentives cover many aspects of a home, from simple to more complex, including insulation, windows, space heating and appliances, photovoltaic, solar hot water,…


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