Port Angeles City Logo with a stylized view of the city including its mountains, hills, water and a sailboat.

One Final Meeting for City of Port Angeles’ Climate Resiliency Plan

Three years in the making, the Port Angeles Climate Resiliency Plan is finally ready for prime time! OCA Steering Committee member Bob Vreeland wrote a compelling letter to the PDN about the proposed Climate Resiliency Plan for the City of Port Angeles. Bob was also quoted in a comprehensive article by PDN’s Ken Park in …

Musk, Twitter wars, & climate politics

Should climate politics be guided by bipartisanship? “Urgent policy action is needed [on Build Back Better] but this would probably require decoupling climate issues from other political and social debates.”

Save Washington’s legacy forests to save ourselves

Board members of the Center for Responsible Forestry (to whom OCA donated $5000 last month to continue their excellent work) just published this piece in the Seattle Times. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), announced it is setting aside a small amount of older forests for carbon storage instead of timber harvest. At the same time, the …


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