We meet the 2nd Thursday of even-numbered months, 6:30-8 PM

OCA is a group of local citizens on the Olympic Peninsula concerned about climate change, both in our community and worldwide. We seek solutions at every level, from local to international; we tend to focus on the home front, but the implications often reach far and wide. Our activities range from education, to advocacy, to lobbying, to collaborating with local community groups, to getting out in the streets, woods, and water (see our “Actions” and “Events” blogrolls for some examples). Everyone interested in working together to make a difference is invited to join!

We meet bimonthly (currently via Zoom) to discuss issues, take positions, and determine actions; to form and hear from work groups; and to strategize how best to advance the cause of climate action from our corner of the world. Anyone who supports our mission and objectives can join by signing up for our mailing list.

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