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We seek a safe, prosperous, sustainable future for residents of the North Olympic Peninsula by addressing climate change.

Nature is Speaking

Nature doesn’t need people.
People need Nature.
Nature holds at least a third of the solution to climate change.

What Force Of Nature Are You?

Sky — Joan Chen
Ice — Liam Neeson
Mountain — Lee Pace
Water — Penelope Cruz

Flower — Lupita Nyong’o
The Soil — Edward Norton
Forest — Shailene Woodley
The Ocean — Harrison Ford
Home — Reese Witherspoon
Coral Reef — Ian Somerhalder
Mother Nature — Julia Roberts
The Redwoods — Robert Redford

2019 State of the Sound Report

issues a Call to Action for Puget Sound Recovery

NEWS RELEASE — December 2, 2019
MEDIA CONTACT: Jon Bridgman, 206.276.5309, 

The latest biennial State of the Sound Report, released this week, stresses that “…we can still recover Puget Sound, but only if we act boldly now.” This is the scientifically informed assessment of the Puget Sound Partnership, the state agency leading the region’s collective effort to restore and protect Puget Sound.

The Report is clear that Puget Sound remains in grave trouble. The damaging effects of pollution, habitat degradation and disturbance persist. Southern Resident orcas, Chinook salmon, steelhead, and many other species are listed under the Endangered Species Act. Human wellbeing is also affected, for example, by reducing fishing opportunities and threatening human health. Climate change impacts and continued population growth stand to increase pressures on an ecosystem already in peril.

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OCA Joins 450 Organizations Calling for Action

Top 10 Climate Actions for the Next President’s First 10 Days in Office  
How Presidential Action Must Address the Climate Emergency

In a letter from Ben Goloff:

About the Plan: The Plan unpacks the top 10 executive actions—that do not require action by Congress—that the next President must take to tackle the climate emergency in her/his first 10 days in office. Uniting our voices now in demanding the next President take these necessary steps is essential to achieving climate leadership that meets demands of science and justice. While the plan is focused on what the President can do, it is designed to work with Congressional action, such as the Green New Deal, as well as action at the community, local and state levels. We’re reaching out to Olympic Climate Action because you have joined us on past petitions that form the basis of this plan, such as ending fossil fuel leasing on public lands.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The plan is designed as a c(3) activity. All organizations including 501c(3)s are able to sign on.

Original signatories include: Center for Biological Diversity, Climate Justice Alliance, Labor Network for Sustainability,, Greenpeace USA, Oil Change U.S., ActionAid USA, Center for Climate Integrity, Corporate Accountability, Earthworks, EcoEquity, Food and Water Watch, Friends of the Earth U.S., The Democracy Collaborative, NC WARN, Inc, and Rainforest Action Network.

We are grateful if Olympic Climate Action can join us so that we can urge for this bold Executive Climate Action Plan together. Please sign on by Dec. 5.

Ben Goloff
Climate Campaigner, Climate Law Institute

Hot Off the Wire — 12/6/2019

Climate Strike with us Friday

Our survival can’t wait.


Clallam County Carbon Emissions data move on hold

Commissioner Peach says collection company biased

A Thanksgiving Call for Climate Action
By Mark Dunlea, Green Education and Legal Fund

Climate change deniers are increasingly angry and hostile — Medium
Cognitive dissonance at being forced off of position after position is leading to anger

LETTERS: Demand leaders take action against climate crisis now — Peninsula Daily News


Week 1: Make cleaning up a part of your daily habits
REI — Take part: Dec. 1–7, 2019
Week 2: Go bagless. Carry reusable bags for all shopping
REI — Take part: Dec. 8-14, 2019

Yes, You Can Change Someone’s Mind — Yes! Magazine
But facts alone won’t do it, researchers say

Regional Actions

We need you to take action: Three ways you can act right now to hold polluters accountable

Attend a Public Hearing
for Clean Transportation

Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM PST

Washington State Convention Center
705 Pike Street, Seattle, Washington 98101

Tell our Congressional delegation to
support solar:
text “DefendTheITC” to 52886

(Wait, “text Congress”?? Yep. That widget is from SEIA, the Solar Energy Industries Association. Nationally, hundreds of thousands have used it to contact Congress. And given the momentum in DC, it’s clearly working. So add your message to bring it home!)

National Actions

Local/Regional News

Stream Walks offered beginning December 2nd on Ennis Creek
— Friends of Ennis Creek

OCA Supports the Sustainable Farms and Field Initiative
Sustainable Farm and Fields Support Sign-on Letter

Washington deals setback to Kalama methanol refinery!
— Washington Environmental Council

National/International News
What’s Up with Banking and Climate

Greta Thumberg Arrives Back in Europe to Attend Climate Talks
— DemocracyNow! video


Psychologists Explain How To Stop Overthinking Everything — Medium
Overthinking can lead to serious emotional distress and increase your risk of mental health problems

Here: Poems for the Planet is a lovesong to a planet in crisis. Summoning a chorus of over 125 diverse poetic voices

Here: Poems for the Planet

Here: Poems for the Planet is a lovesong to a planet in crisis.

Summoning a chorus of over 125 diverse poetic voices—including Mary Oliver, Robert Hass, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Ross Gay, W.S. Merwin, Natalie Diaz, Kimiko Hahn, and others—this anthology approaches the impending environmental crisis with a sense of urgency and hopefulness.

A Thanksgiving Call for Climate Action

By Mark Dunlea, Green Education and Legal Fund

Accelerating climate change will likely cause the collapse of civilization. Sooner rather than later.

Civilization is a complex web of social and economic interactions that takes centuries to reach its peak, but once it begins to unravel, collapse often occurs swiftly. Prior collapses of human societies have primarily been due to environmental factors. In most cases, solutions existed, but they threatened the power and wealth of the ruling elite. The elite chose the status quo.

Scientists increasingly raise the possibility of the extinction of the human species. We are already in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of species, with half or more of the species expected to die off. Insects and pollinators are rapidly disappearing. Humans are dependent on other species for many things critical to human survival, such as food and oxygen. (Plankton, which produce half of the world’s oxygen, are rapidly approaching extinction.)

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