Hot Off the Wire — 5/21/23

Local / Regional News

Clallam County PUD endorses dam removal


County Public Utility District joins the City of Port Angeles in supporting breaching the lower snake dams and replacing their services. Read more from Save our Wild Salmon.

Local timber sale updates

Timber sale boundary photo from Forest2Sea Photography
Image: Forest2Sea Photography

May 23 and May 30– The Center for Responsible Forestry says:

“Just a few weeks left to stop the approval of TCB23 and Power Plant timber sales. Commissioners French and Johnson have decided they do not support a pause at this time.

This news is extremely disappointing but we can keep up the pressure and urge them to reconsider before June 6th, when the sales are up for approval by the Board of Natural Resources.

We need LIVE public comment at the County Commissioners meetings, Tue. at 10:00am, May 23 & 30. See instructions and comment guide  . “

Wood pellet plant causes worries in Longview, WA – Read more here.

June 1-4:’s Deep Roots Action PNW Camp

Learn & practice nonviolent direct action skills, connect with others in the forest & climate defense communities, and sleep under the stars! Register here.

June is Orca Action Month in Washington

orca month poster for washington state
Go to for event listings

June 6: Sign up for public comment to pause local TCB23 and Power Plant timber sales at the June 6th Board of Natural Resources Meeting. Link HERE.  See comment guide

June 11: Help stop invasive green crabs! Training in Sequim

Sea Grant and WSU are launching a new volunteer-based early detection program for invasive green crabs. Contact Emilee Carpenter for more info. Registration link. June 11, 2-4 p.m. Dungeness River Nature Center, 1943 W Hendrickson Rd, Sequim


Orion magazine highlights new nature books here.

Orion magazine book recommendations for nature reading.
Image: Orion Magazine

By fighting the ozone hole, we accidentally saved ourselves

With the Montreal Protocol, life on Earth dodged a bullet we didn’t even know was headed our way. Read more from Hakai magazine here.

PNW Bicycling joys from the Sightline Institute

National / International News and Actions

Nevada company makes millions off Western water shortage

A new breed of water brokers is making a mint. Read more from Grist here.

Video: Ted Talk- The Blind Spots of the Green Energy Transition

Olivia Lazard presentation

How solar farms took over the California desert

We may be solving one climate problem while creating others. Read more from the Guardian here.

Video: Legal bullying tactics

Amazon Watch video

Video: Fossil fuel corporations and forest fires

Union of Concerned Scientists video

Listen: Experts review federal old growth inventory


We need an energy revolution

As a climate scientist, educator, and lead author for U.S. national climate assessments, Katharine Hayhoe is devoted to exposing diverse—sometimes suspicious—audiences to the cataclysmic events happening right before our eyes as a result of climate change. She joins PBS’ Amanpour & Co for an interview.

Maybe we should have called this planet “ocean”

Because then we’d be paying more attention to some truly freaky data, says Bill McKibben. Read more here.

podcast poster: failing to save the eearth

Podcast: Failing to save the earth Listen to stories of unexpected successes from Water Protectors and Land Defenders who are pushing the envelope of frontline resistance to environmental, climate, and social injustices.

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