Nine Steps to Kick Your—and Our—Carbon Addiction

Adapted from the Columbia Gorge Climate Action Network,, and Local 20/20

A rendition of earth options. Planes flying and storms raging on the left hemisphere and on the right, animals flying with bicycles on the road.
By Peter Kuper — Today
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1. Recognize that your individual actions to conserve will have little impact on climate change and the most important changes need to be at the systemic level, because our laws, politics, and markets have brought us to the situation we’re all in. We need to change the system, and you have a role in changing the system. (See the last item below!)

2. Recognizing the above, it is also true that virtually everyone in developed countries causes too much greenhouse-gas pollution, and there are ways you can better “walk your talk” (while you’re working on changing the system!).

3. Calculate your carbon footprint to see where you stand in relation to a sustainable human society:

4. In the kitchen:

  • Eat local.
  • Eat mostly plants.
  • Avoid food waste.

5. On the road:

6. In the air:

Cut your air travel in half (1% to 20% or more).

7. At home:

8. In the community:

9. Using your voice!

Join Olympic Climate Action, Local 20/20 or other local activist group meetings to work with others to reduce not only your own, but also our society’s carbon footprint!

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