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Hot Off the Wire — 1/17/2020


League of Women Voters of Washington
2020 Legislative Session Expectations

Rewriting the Rules about the Environment, Energy, and Agriculture
How the bills undermine protections for our environment
— The Center for Media and Democracy


Week 8: Celebrate
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy
by getting out and serving others

Your Guide to Climate Action — The Audubon Society

Recycling in the United States is broken
So, how can we fix the system?
–New York Times – Climate Fwd:

Regional Actions

Youth Climate Lobby Day

Join us in Olympia, WA on Friday, January 24th
to demand that our legislators act boldly on climate

Become a Legislative Session Activist
Sign up to take action this Legislative Session

— Washington Environmental Council and Washington Conservation Voters

Help the 350 WA Civic Action Team lobby for Climate Action — 350.org

Contact your legislators today and tell them that Washington State must lead on climate
Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

We are standing for mother Earth and humanity, especially for the youth inheriting this future.

Join us on #FridaysForFuture
Noon to 1:00 at the Port Angeles downtown fountain

Governor Inslee wants your input!

Restore salmon, save orca, & strengthen communities
–The Sierra Club

— Washington Environmental Council

High School and Middle School Summit 2020
Application DEADLINE JANUARY 16TH AT 11:59PM

We are not #GenZ. Instead, we are #GenGND.
Not a student but want to support this summit?

National Actions

Please make your voice heard on Capitol Hill now
Help save the Tongass National Forest before it’s too late — NRDC Action Fund

Greenpeace All-Volunteer Webinar Party recording is now available.

Don’t let Trump silence the American people and embolden polluters
— NRDC Action Fund

Add your name now to make Exxon pay for Australia — Greenpeace

Sign the Petition to World Leaders:
The Time for Action on Climate Change is Now

You want to Solve the Climate Crisis
Learn how to become a Climate Reality Leader

Las Vegas, Nevada – March 8-10

Wall Street is Financing Climate Destruction
New effort is challenging Chase Bank

Social Media Toolkit for sample posts & Tweets

Local/Regional News

About the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits FundPortland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF)

The Fund was created by a local ballot measure that is anticipated to bring $54 – $71 million in new revenue for green jobs and healthy homes for all Portlanders

Sightline’s Latest Original Work

National/International News

Fossils Brace for Scrutiny as Carney Warns Half of World Oil Reserves Could Become Worthless as Stranded Assets — The Energy Mix

“Stop the Money Pipeline”:
150 Arrested at Protests Exposing Wall Street’s Link to Climate Crisis
— DemocracyNow! video

What’s Up with Banking and Climate

Climate in Politics

Interrupting the bad news with kindness

A Democrat and a Republican were on a plane
It sounds like a set-up to a political joke, doesn’t it?
It’s actually real.


Carbon dioxide: nature’s tiny solar panels
more to come

Let’s go back to the basics of the science behind climate change.

Nan Bray is an oceanographer and climate scientist who has farmed superfine merinos near Oatlands since 2000

Burning Worlds

Hot Off the Wire — 1/10/2020


LETTER: Endorses local contributions to climate knowledge
— Peninsula Daily News – Friday, January 3, 2020

My Journey to Radical Environmentalism
It’s never too late to take action aimed at
protecting our planet.
By Charles M. Blow, Opinion Columnist,
— New York Times

In agreement with a comment on the article:
@A Reader in Hampstead I can’t agree more with this writer, Charles.
There’s nothing more important right now than pushing our political leaders to take massive action, now–or to get rid of them and elect new ones. No amount of individual lifestyle change is going to accomplish the scale of change we need, at the speed we need.
See Al Gore’s commentary in your own paper:

The Climate Crisis Is the Battle of Our Time, and We Can Win
Ed Chadd | Port Angeles, WA

Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet
— Films for Action

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.” – Utah Phillips


Week 7: Recycle snack wrappers in a Subaru Loves the Earth TerraCycle bin at your local REI
Take part: Jan. 12–18, 2020

The Impact of Fossil Fuels in Buildings
A Fact Base

The first step in solving this problem is understanding it

Cleaner fuels for WA and our climate
A ClimateCast look back at 2019

Regional Actions

We are standing for mother Earth and humanity, especially for the youth inheriting this future.

Join us on #FridaysForFuture
Noon to 1:00 at the Port Angeles downtown fountain

Sign the petition: I support Greta Thunberg, and other youth climate activists — Daily Kos

The 9th Annual Greenpeace Action Camp is April 9th-14th, 2020, Near Cazadero, California
Accepting applications until January 31st, 2020

National Actions

I can volunteer to work on the scorecard

I can’t volunteer now, but please let me know about additional volunteer opportunities later on this year

Learn to Defend Voting Rights
and Environmental Justice

WEBINAR – Wednesday, January 15 – Noon-1:00 PT

Take action for the climate on January 28th!
Greenpeace activists across the country will host textbank parties in their communities to contact voters in their state about the upcoming election

Join the movement to get rid of the Electoral College — Climate Hawks Vote

Tell Automakers to End the Attack on Clean Car Standards! — Sierra Club

Local/Regional News

No Time To Waste: The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC and Implications for Washington State

Related consequences for Washington state

Contact your legislators today:
Ask them to take action for climate this session!

  • Climate Pollution Limits (HB 2311)
  • Clean Fuel Standard (HB 1110)
  • Transportation For All
  • Zero Emission Vehicles (SB 5811)
  • Washington Conservation Voters

Fall 2019 Clean & Affordable
Energy Conference Digest

Energy leaders discuss challenges and opportunities as the Northwest transitions to a clean energy system

National/International News

Investment Bankers Are Now Waging the War on Coal
As UN climate negotiations faltered, bankers on Wall Street brought good news for the climate. What’s even happening? — The Atlantic

Driving Electric Is Cleaner Than Ever

Big improvements in lowering global warming emissions by driving plug-in electric cars, thanks to cleaner electricity generation

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is new-york-times-climate.jpg

One thing you can do:
Help to preserve forests

— The New York Times

Climate in Politics

Bernie Sanders’s Latest Endorsement: Sunrise Movement — New York Times

Ed Fallon endorses Tom Steyer for President — The Fallon Forum
” Steyer’s record on climate is second to none”

Trump Rule Would Exclude Climate Change in Infrastructure Planning
— New York Times


Nan Bray is an oceanographer and climate scientist
who has farmed superfine merinos near Oatlands since 2000

Carbon dioxide:
Nature’s tiny solar panels

Note to her readers: This is the first in a series I’ve written on climate change for our local monthly newspaper. I wanted to go back to the basics of the science behind climate change.
I’ll post them in coming Yarns.
Cheers, Nan

Grassroots Rising:
A Call to Action on Climate, Farming, Food, and a Green New Deal

“This is a book that should be in the hands of every activist working on food and farming, climate change, and the Green New Deal.”

Burning Worlds

Hot Off the Wire — 1/3/2020


The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic — The New York Times

A revealing forum discussing what we can all do together.

Debatable — The New York Times, January 3, 2020
Lead with values, not facts
Or is trying to convince climate change deniers a waste of time?

2018: The Wake-Up Call

Podcast year in review
December 20, 2019


Week 6: Get familiar with your local recycling and composting options and guidelines.
Take part: Jan. 5–11, 2020

Why I’m resisting Trump
and the oil industry today

Where’s Your 2020 Candidate on Climate?

How Supermarkets Ranked on Plastics

Our Favorite Greenpeace Videos of 2019

Regional Actions

We are standing for mother Earth and humanity, especially for the youth inheriting this future.

Join us on #FridaysForFuture
Noon to 1:00 at the Port Angeles downtown fountain

Sign up to host a 2020 launch party

and be one of the first to watch “Our Plan to Win the Green New Deal” films on January 29!

National Actions

Sign the petition: Demand Congress investigate Bernhardt for misusing public office — Climate Hawks Vote

It’s official: Australia just had a year
that was 1.5 degrees C hotter
than its long term average.

Local/Regional News

Ten years after 350.org’s first global day of action, we celebrate our wins, reflect on lessons learned, and look to the fights ahead.

National/International News

Three steps to meeting the climate and nature emergency — The Telegraph

Consumption: our appetite for resources threatens the survival of species
Credit: Getty

Watch the ten-episode Brazilian TV thriller that shows the dramatic struggle to save and preserve the Amazon rainforest

What’s Up with Banking and Climate

“This Country Is a Tinderbox”: Australia Braces for More Devastation as Gov’t Denies Climate Crisis — Democracy Now video

The New York Times

One thing you can do:
Make your New Year’s resolution count

Top 10 People-Powered Moments of 2019

Climate in Politics


Cartoon: Ignoring the warnings
— Daily Kos

Burning Worlds

Writing about art and climate change

Hot Off the Wire — 12/27/2019



Week 5: Make your New Year’s
resolution an environmentally
sustainable one…for example, keep
following this plan
Take part: Dec. 29, 2019–Jan. 4, 2020

Reversing global warming is possible

Introducing a free, 90-minute online course focused on solutions rather than problems

Regional Actions

We are standing for mother Earth and humanity, especially for the youth inheriting this future.

Join us on #FridaysForFuture
Noon to 1:00 at the Port Angeles downtown fountain

Jane Fonda continues a new round of protests on her 82nd birthday – Fire Drill Fridays
We Are in a Climate Emergency. I Have No Choice But to Put My Body on the Line.
— DemocarcyNow! interview

March 4 The Dams
March 1st to March 22nd, 2020

Walk from Portland to the Ice Harbor Lock and Dam to breach the four lower Snake River dams
— #WeAreTheOrca

Governor Inslee is looking to you, Take Action Now — Sierra Club Washington

Support a Clean Fuels Standard with the State Legislature & the PSCAA
We have two great opportunities to pass a Clean Fuels Standard, cutting our climate pollution from transportation, cleaning our air, and moving beyond oil. This was the biggest piece of the puzzle not solved in the 2019 State Legislature.

1. Contact the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency!
Please take a moment to let the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) know you are with them
2. Contact the State Legislature!  
Please call the Hotline and tell your legislators you want them to lead on climate and ensure we pass a strong Clean Fuel Standard this session:
HOTLINE: (800) 562-6000

National Actions

Yes, I will defend the Amazon! — Amazon Watch

Local/Regional News

Sightline’s Latest Original Work
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is evergreen-dec2019.jpg

Climate on Tap
New Year’s Resolutions: How Will You Reduce your Carbon Footprint in 2020?
Monday January 6 at 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Finnriver Farm and Cidery; 124 Center Road, Chimacum

National/International News

Breaking the Ice:
Mapping a Changing Arctic

In this digest I have asked you to decry oil drilling in the Arctic. This infographic tells us what’s going-on up there.

Santa’s New Home:
The North Pole is Moving to Russia

The magnetic north pole is now moving so fast, that the World Magnetic Model (WMM) had to be updated urgently in 2019.
Is someone stealing Christmas?
Visual Capitalist

Every Coal Power Plant in the World (1927-2019)

See all the coal power plants in the world as they come online. It’s estimated that European coal power output could fall 23% in 2019 alone.
Visual Capitalist

What’s Up with Banking and Climate

Climate in Politics

Buttigieg: We Need A Real Climate Leader
Tell Mayor Buttigieg: We don’t have time for middle-of-the-pack climate plans

Climate Reporting in 2019: A Year of Warnings. And Also Hope.
— The New York Times


This fall, we invited the Sierra Club community to share their art and creativity with us to help us collectively grapple with the climate crisis and imagine a future with a Green New Deal

The New York Times listed
The Years Project 2014 TV series,
as a must-watch over the holidays

Hot Off the Wire — 12/20/2019

We are standing for mother Earth and humanity, especially for the youth inheriting this future.

Join us on #FridaysForFutureFree iPhone/iPad App – “Fridays For U”
Noon to 1:00 at the Port Angeles downtown fountain



Week 5: Make your New Year’s resolution an environmentally sustainable one…for example, keep following this plan.
Take part: Dec. 29, 2019–Jan. 4, 2020

Regional Actions

Sign up to be a Legislative Session Activist

We need volunteer advocates and activists from across the state to educate and inform our neighbors, lobby our elected officials and rally for environmental justice!
— Washington Environmental Council and Washington Conservation Voters

Please donate to the legal fund 

National Actions

Goldman’s new climate policy also renounces direct funding of Arctic drilling projects and new coal power plants

Call JPMorgan Chase and ask if they’ll be following Goldman Sachs’ lead — 350.org

The first Racial Justice & Equity Community of Practice call in 2020
will be on Wednesday, January 22nd from Noon-1:30 pm PST — 350.org
Read more about the Community of Practice here
Application to Participate here
350’s Organizing Principles

By giving today 
you can multiply your impact through the 1.5° Challenge

Local/Regional News

“First Nations win so many victories, but we’ve never had an avalanche like this – 3 wins in 2 days!

Sightline’s Latest Original Work

National/International News

The Space Patrol finds massive methane release visible from space – and it’s not from cow farts — Daily Kos

The Energy 202: Goldman Sachs rules out financing for Arctic drilling.
Will other U.S. banks follow? — The Washington Post

What’s Up with Banking and Climate


Hot Off the Wire — 12/16/2019


Save the rare wild beauty of
the Tongass National Forest
from renewed logging
— The Seattle Times

In the early ’90s, we saw the timber industry here in Southeast Alaska collapse due to a lack of profitability, despite half a century of heavy federal subsidies.

The Big Picture — opinions from Fridays for Future web site
The Big Picture The Big Picture – Level 2
The Big Picture – Level 3 The Big Picture – Level 4

. . .what we need now is real climate action and not just another talk show.” — Nnimmo Bassey,
director of
Health of Mother Earth Foundation


Week 4: Forgo traditional wrapping paper to cut down on waste
this holiday season
Take part: Dec. 22–28, 2019

Regional Actions

We are standing with those around the globe for FridaysforFuture
as a constant presence, not allowing folks to forget that climate change
is the most critical issue to face us all!
We are standing for mother Earth and humanity,
especially for the youth inheriting this future.
Noon to 1:00 at the Port Angeles downtown fountain.
Bring signs if possible

The House impeachment vote is scheduled for next week
The Nobody Is Above the Law network has activated
Will you join us in the streets on Tuesday evening?
Over 450+ events planned nationwide! — Sierra Club
Protect our democracy — and our planet

WHEN: Tuesday, December 17 at 3 p.m.
WHERE: Four Corners of Sequim Ave and Washington Streets, Sequim WA Signups: 197 attendees

We need you to submit a public comment to protect San Francisco Bay from becoming the supertanker highway of the Pacific and prevent increased refining in the Bay — Stand.earth

What are your environmental priorities?
Climate change impacts us all
Share your environmental priorities with Hilary

The same day the Puyallup Tribe and the City of Tacoma each declared a climate emergency, PSCAA approved this project based on deeply flawed analysis that fails to protect our climate and community safety
— Washington Environmental Council
Tell YOUR representative: We can’t build a clean energy future by investing in dirty energy

Dammed to Extinction” filmmakers need
your support to pursue upcoming opportunities
to tell our story

You can support research directly via
Center for Whale Research

National Actions

Forest Defenders Increasingly Come Under Fire in Brazil’s Lawless Amazon — Amazon Watch

“I am worried for my children.
We know that we are running risks because we issue denunciations and fight for our territory and for the river… The situation has worsened. They are attacking and want to eliminate us.”
– Alessandra Munduruku

Sign the petition: I support Greta Thunberg, and other youth climate activists
— Daily Kos

350.org Wants to Know What You Think
Take a moment to fill out this survey and help shape the direction of our movement

Local/Regional News

Sightline’s Latest Original Work

Weekly Announcements December 9

National/International News

The 2100 Project: An Atlas for the Green New Deal — The McHarg Center

Italy makes climate change education mandatory in schools
— Planet Ark News

Italy will make learning about climate change a compulsory part of the education curriculum from next year

Greta Thunberg Slams COP25,
Says Response to Climate Crisis Is”Clever Accounting and Creative PR”
— DemocracyNow!

“We Want People Power Solutions”:
Activists Ousted from COP25 for Protesting Corporations — DemocracyNow!

COP25: Developing Countries Charge Ahead with Bold Climate Plans as Rich Countries Drag Their Feet — DemocracyNow!

“The Most Extreme Fires
We’ve Ever Seen”:
Record Climate-Fueled Wildfires Engulf Australia in Smoke
— DemocracyNow!

What’s Up with Banking and Climate


Hot Off the Wire — 12/13/2019

In the face of the growing climate emergency, governments seem determined to continue embracing fossil fuels, and even meeting their Paris Agreement pledges would see warming of 2.8˚C by the end of this century.


“Listen to Mother Earth”:
Indigenous Youth Leaders at COP25 in Madrid
Protest Fossil Fuel Extraction

— Climate Reality Project

Why Are Some of Spain’s Biggest Polluters
Sponsoring the 25th U.N. Climate Summit?
The Spanish government begged the 35 biggest listed companies
on the Spanish stock exchange for two million euros each
in return for a 90% tax break
. — DemocracyNow! interview

With New Equator Principles,
Banks Fail to Act on Climate
or Indigenous Rights

Singapore meeting approves
‘business as usual’ new Equator Principles

Indigenous Groups Call Out the
Financiers of Amazon Destruction at COP 25

Compelling ad in the Financial Times’ special COP supplement names and shames those profiting from Amazon destruction — Amazon Watch

Climate emergency demands an ecosocialist solution
— Freedom Socialist Party


Week 3: Opt out of junk mail
Take part: Dec. 15–21, 2019 — REI

Emerging Technologies of The Harmonious Grid
Customer-side resources will fundamentally change our electric system

About America’s Pledge — Rocky Mt. Institute

Press Release:
America’s Pledge Reveals U.S. Pathways Towards Paris Goals, With And Without Federal Policies In Third Report

The lounge at the Tesla fast-charging station in Kettleman City, Calif. The lounge appears aimed at giving Tesla owners a members-only experience while selling them on the company and brand — David Ferris/E&E News

Nio Builds Battery Swap Stations In China For Its Electric Vehicles — CleanTechnica

Climate conversations belong at your table
It can feel hard to talk about climate
even with those close to us — Climate Solutions

Regional Actions

Comment on Lower Snake River Dams

Take part in the Stakeholder process through
Governor Inslee’s questionnaire

Act now to tell Gov. Inslee to declare Climate Emergency
— The Climate Mobilization

2020 Legislative climate briefing webinar, Tues. Dec. 3 — Climate Solutions
Here is the recording

100% Clean Energy for Washington
Please tell Department of Commerce today that energy assistance for low-income households is important to you!
–Washington Environmental Council

Members with Audubon Washington

Attend a Public Hearing
for Clean Transportation

Thursday, December 19, 2019 at
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM PST

Washington State Convention Center
705 Pike Street, Seattle, Washington 98101

Tell the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency board to stand up for climate action
and support a Clean Fuel Standard
— Washington Environmental Council

National Actions

Tell Joe Biden: Be A Real Climate Leader — 350.org

Sign now to call for a Green New Deal Revolution across the planet — Avaaz

Tell your government:
Stop giving public money to the fossil fuel industry — 350.org
G20 Coal Subsidies of at least USD $63.9 billion per year in government support to the production and consumption of coal alone — Oil Change International

Can you rush a special year-end donation to the
NRDC Action Fund’s Environmental Victory Drive by 12/31?

Millions of families around the world are struggling
to overcome hunger, poverty, and injustice.

Local/Regional News

Alaska’s Melting Glaciers
Tell the Story of Climate Change

New studies put hard numbers to Alaska’s glacial retreat — Yes! Magazine

Visitors To A Shrinking Alaskan Glacier Get A Lesson On Climate Change — NPR

Sightline’s Latest Original Work

National/International News

Bolsonaro is Killing My People & Destroying the Amazon

DemocracyNow! sat down with Indigenous leader Davi Kopenawa, one of this year’s Right Livelihood Award honorees

Indigenous Protectors Are Defending the Amazon and “Paying With Their Lives”
— DemocracyNow! interview

New Report at UN Climate Conference Exposes Plans to Drill for Oil in the Heart of the Amazon

Our nationalities are asking all of the presidents of the world to listen to us and take action – to realize the amount of biodiversity and life that still exists there.” — Amazon Watch

The U.S. Has Almost No Official Presence at COP25 But Is Still “Obstructing Any Progress” — DemocracyNow! interview
“The U.S. is in all streams of discussions that are happening, be it finance, be it loss and damage,” Singh says. “They’re everywhere. And everywhere they are obstructing and not allowing any progress to happen.”

2019 Annual Report

I am confident that young people will change the world—and protect our planet.

Gas stations will disappear sooner than you think — The Hill

Two weeks ago, we asked the Stand.earth community if you had questions about how Stand makes change happen – and over 150 questions came in for our team!

Greta has been named the youngest-ever
TIME Person of the Year

Since the Paris Agreement, global banks have invested $1.9 trillion in fossil fuels… We indeed have some work to do, but some more than others.” –@GretaThunberg#COP25

What’s Up with Banking and Climate

From the Union of Concerned Scientists:
Killer Heat in the United States – Climate Choices and the Future of Dangerously Hot Days
Heat Waves and Climate Change – What the Science Tells Us about Extreme Heat Events
Abandoned Science, Broken Promises – Neglect of Science Is Leaving Marginalized Communities Further Behind
How “Evidence-Based” Became a Dirty Word – The consequences of the Trump administration’s attacks on science
– The Trump Administration’s Latest: A Plan to Foul the Alaska Arctic
Climate Change and Agriculture – A Perfect Storm in Farm Country


Meet the Climbing Kids:
8- & 11-Year-Old Siblings Who Rappel from Bridge
Demanding Climate Action

Their father said to me,
“Climbing is safe.
Climate change is not.”

How to Raise an Environmentalist

Kids have a natural connection to the earth, as well as a drive to heal it. And that may be our saving grace