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Biden and Xi break the ice

President Biden and President Xi Jinping of China at the Group of 20 meeting in Indonesia.
Biden and Xi Jinping of China at COP27. Doug Mills/The New York Times

After five years, Biden and Xi meet to resume climate talks. Read the article
By Somini Sengupta — Climate Forward

Who Should Pay for Climate Crisis? Global South Demands “Loss and Damage” from Wealthy Nations

Climate activists protesting for reparations.

Democracy Now! reports on the U.N. climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where poorer countries in the Global South that are weathering the worst effects of the climate crisis are calling for wealthy nations to pay reparations in the form of climate financing. Watch video

Forestry News

The Future of Forests

 Dr. Jerry Franklin is widely recognized as “the father of ecological forestry.” He’s been researching the forest ecosystems of the PNW since the 1950s, and he has some wisdom to share. Ecological forestry can restore wildlife habitat, increase the resilience of our watersheds to climate change, and increase the carbon sequestered in our forests—all while producing high-quality logs and sustaining jobs in the woods. Click here for more videos

Planting trees vs protecting old forests: Which stores more carbon right now?

To more effectively fight climate change, climate scientist Dr. Beverly Law recommends protecting the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, up through Southeast Alaska and Tongass National Forest.

Regional Actions and Events

Help Stop the Willow Climate Disaster


ConocoPhillips’ Willow project proposed in America’s western Arctic is a disaster for this fragile Arctic region, home to Indigenous communities and bountiful wildlife including caribou, fish and migratory birds. It’s also a disaster for our climate. President Biden must hear the outcry against more oil drilling at a time when scientists agree: We MUST STOP new drilling to secure our planet’s future. Send a message to President Biden to urge him to stop this project from moving forward.

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Tour Aldwell, a proposed logging site near Elwha River


Sign up for a Nov. 20 tour of the Aldwell Timber Sale property. This interpretive nature walk is at a planned DNR timber sale near the Elwha River. The state of Washington has scheduled the logging of this legacy forest.

Learn more: Center for Responsible Forestry.

National Actions

The Planet Is Sending a Distress Signal

Climate protest

As the planet heats, people and wildlife suffer. In the race against the climate emergency, nothing matters more than rapid action by the United States to rein in the main driver of climate change: fossil fuels.

Center for Biological Diversity

Take Action    

Do Something about Climate Change

Union of Concerned Scientists. Science for a Healthy Planet and Safer World. With left brace symbol.

Collect climate data for your city

Three people looking at their cell phones collecting data.

As the planet continues to heat up, government agencies are turning toward citizen science to guide their climate resilience efforts—and keep residents safe during extreme weather events. Read more from Yes! magazine.

End the age of plastics

Baby sea turtle heading into plastic cup.

In just a few weeks, governments are meeting in Uruguay to start negotiating a Global Plastics Treaty. If ambitious enough, the plastics treaty will become one of the most significant multinational environmental agreements in history. 

Greenpeace green text logo

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Banks still financing fossil fuel expansion

Little girl with a house on fire behind her.

Just these six banks are responsible for an entire THIRD of the $1.3 trillion in funding provided to expansion companies by the 60 biggest banks globally since 2016.

Rainforest Action Network, Panther on Logo.

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NOAA Issues Guidebooks for Climate Resilience, Adaptation

 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its partners have recently released a handbook for national climate resilience: Implementing the Steps to Resilience: A Practitioner’s Guide. Read guide

“Carbon Billionaires”: Oxfam Calls for Taxing Rich Who Profit from Emissions Fueling Climate Crisis

People dressed in old style swim wear while wearing masks of world leaders attending COP27.
Click on picture to watch video.

Ashfaq Khalfan, Oxfam’s Director–Climate Justice, explains the report and the need for financial justice.

Bill McKibben — The Crucial Years

Someday the climate fight will be dull–and that’s how we’ll know we’re winning

Woman and man sitting at opposite ends of couch.

Egypt Dispatch 5: Looking back at America’s elections from Sharm el Sheikh.

Bill McKibben shares his perspective on exit polls indicating voters considered climate change the second most important issue facing the country. Read more

Inconsolable Loss and Overpowering Damage

Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Egypt Dispatch 4: Reckoning with the Legacy of our Era

That fossil fuel made us modern and comfortable, and it leaves behind a legacy even more overpowering than the pyramids—an altered atmosphere. Read more

Activists are the Engine


Egypt Dispatch 3–Finally some noise at the COP

Bill McKibben reminisces on past climate conferences and the activists who never stop fighting for the planet. Read the story.

Ed Markey: I’ll Organize Senate Dems to Demand World Bank Chief be Fired!


Egypt Dispatch #2, an honest-to-God scoop.

The next step after COP27 for Ed Markley — organize his fellow Democratic Senators to demand the firing of David Malpass, the president of the World Bank, in an attempt to increase the flow of climate capital to the global south. Read more

Has the fever broken just a bit?

Child in bed with thermometer in his mouth and mother's hand on his forehead.

The view from Egypt: Trumpism, Putinism, Bolsonaroism finally on the defensive.

First thoughts at the start of the climate summit in Sharm al-sheik, Egypt where dozens of countries have pavilions. Read more


53 Tons of Marine Debris Removed from Papahānaumokuākea

Divers haul large nets into their boat.
Click picture to read story.

Second Large-Scale Cleanup in Marine National Monument This Year

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