OCA Signs on to Save Our wild Salmon Letter

Salmon River, Idaho, WA. Image by Jim Black/Pixabay

Along with ninety-four other signers, Olympic Climate Action added support to the NGO sign-on letter to the Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ). This letter sends a very strong message to the Administration about salmon recovery and our collective energy and interest in restoring the LSR – and the need for urgent leadership.  CEQ was targeted because they are the primary federal entity tasked with leading on this issue, coordinating among agencies, and fulfilling the Biden Administration’s December 1 “commitments.”

In our letter to CEQ, we specifically called on CEQ and the Biden Administration to pay attention to energy issues:

“A specific concern is the necessity for promptly moving ahead on replacement of, or improvement upon, the energy services the dams now provide. USDOE, and all of its agencies, must have clear and certain actions and schedules for their work on this essential front.”

Read the final version of the NGO sign-on letter delivered to CEQ on November 15, 2022.

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