Hot Off the Wire — 2/26/2021

Draft Proposals for Public Comment
available from the Washington Climate Assembly

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To Meet Ambitious Emissions Goals, Large Food Companies Are Looking to Lock Carbon in Soil
— Smithsonian Magazine

The key to beating fossil fuel corps? Global collaboration

Litigants need to model the strategy that brought down Big Tobacco: Share everything.
— Grist

Biden sets an ambitious goal to protect 30 percent of US lands and waters
— Popular Science

A new partnership between Tazo Tea and the nonprofit American Forests is tackling the lack of tree cover in low-income neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color.
— Alexandria Herr, at Grist

The Cornucopia Institute

Through research and investigations on agriculture and food issues, provides needed information to family farmers, consumers and other stakeholders in the good food movement and to the media.

See how the food you’re eating stacks-up.

Regional Actions

We cannont afford to wait. Wasington Strong. Sunrise over a sprawling community.

Support Washington STRONG

Listen as Representatives Sharon Shewmake, Emily Wicks, and David Hackney talk about why they cosponsored this bill

League of Women Voters logo.



  • Climate Change | Two climate bills are ready for floor votes in the legislature
  • Energy | Energy bills this session mostly focused on reducing climate change.
  • Natural Resources | Forest bills made it out of fiscal committees!
  • Transportation | A new transportation budget will be adopted this year and emphasis will be on reducing the net impact of transportation systems on climate change.

Washington Open House. WA Poor People's Campaign. First Monday from 7 to 8 pm.

Join the Meeting
ID: 850 6588 5731 — Passcode: 902181

Tell Congress: Protect the Arctic Refuge. Braided river between mountains.
— NRDC Action Fund

Environmental Justice talks being given
at Western Washington University

Four Mondays at Noon — Feb. 28 – Mar. 21

WA State SB 5000

Creating a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle pilot sales and use tax exemption program.

Renewable Hydrogen full-page flyer. Bubbles of information and traveling on the earth.
Click to enlarge

National Actions

Local/Regional News

A dam good example of collaboration on California water issues

The Klamath Dam removals are a test case for stakeholders working together to better manage water in the West.
— Grist

Washington Environmental Council Gala banner

Thursday, March 25 | 5 — 5:45 pm

National/International News

Maersk will launch the first-ever carbon neutral container ship by 2023

“If you don’t do this, 10 years from now we risk becoming irrelevant,” Morten Bo Christiansen, vice president and head of decarbonization at Maersk, told Bloomberg. “Our customers need us to do this.”
–CNN Business

Climate change and flying

What share of global CO2 emissions come from aviation?

“Flying is a highly controversial topic in climate debates. There are a few reasons for this.”
— Our World in Data

Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz triples its electric car sales as CEO predicts a ‘transformative’ decade

LCV. League of Conservation Voters. Our earth is worth fighting for.

Celebrating Black History Month

Meet the Black leaders in the Biden-Harris Administration tackling climate and environmental justice.

Making Peace With Nature

A scientific blueprint to tackle the climate, biodiversity and pollution emergencies.

Fossil Fuel Shock Doctrine:
Naomi Klein on Deadly Deregulation & Why Texas Needs the Green New Deal
— DemocracyNow! interview

Spending more than 20 minutes in a car exposes drivers and passengers to scary-high levels of carcinogenic chemicals used in vehicle manufacturing like benzene and formaldehyde
— ScienceDirect

Russian Gas Tanker Shows Arctic Is Navigable Year-Round Now

Every day, the Arctic slips further into an unstable state.
— Gizmodo

40 greenest countries in the world

Who's the Greenest of them All? Bar charts arranged around globe, by hemisphere.
— Visual Capitalist

The American Gas Association, a trade group funded by customers’ utility bills, has helped orchestrate state laws that block towns and cities from encouraging electric appliances in buildings.

Last week’s winter storm in Texas was responsible for the emission of 3.5 million pounds of excess pollutants
— Grist

Climate in Politics

The United Nations Security Council declined on Tuesday to recognize climate change as a threat to global security
— Grist


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