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Like all social movements, this one must confront despair. Here’s some inner fuel for the soul.

“What matters is am I doing the right thing?”

“It’s so easy to look at the big picture and get completely disheartened. … What we need to remember is what is my own personal moral obligation. When I wake up each day thinking about what I might do from that perspective … when I come at it from a deep sense of moral obligation, it really doesn’t matter what the results are. What matters is am I doing the right thing, and am I doing all I can right now at this time of crisis?

That’s Dahr Jamail, author of The End of Ice, discussing climate change with Amy Goodman this week on Democracy Now.

Fantastic Thread On a Green New Deal

Rhiana Gunn-Wright addresses the question of whether the GND is simply a “Progressive laundry list”.

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Voice from time immemorial

This “letter from an orca” was published in today’s Seattle Times, with a thought-provoking twist at the end:



Dr. Guenther Twitter Thread

On talking about climate change

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Greta Thunberg’s full speech

Greta Thunberg in Davos

and this

2007 Logos

by Scott T. Starbuck

When I complain to the old man 
about rising gas prices,
he says “I want $10 a gallon.”

“Why?” is the obvious question.
“Because I love birds,” he says.

At the time, I thought him insane
but now I think most everyone else is.

Scott T. Starbuck is a poet/activist and co-creative writing coordinator at San Diego Mesa College. His ecoblog, Trees, Fish, and Dreams, with audio poems, is at His books, Carbonfish BluesIndustrial Oz, and Hawk on Wire, are available at Fomite Press. Here’s his Yale Climate Connections interview.

Scott T. Starbuck is a poet/activist. His books are Industrial Oz: Ecopoems, noted by Bill McKibben as “rousing, needling, haunting,” Hawk on Wire: Ecopoems, available at Fomite Press (preferred) and Amazon.