2007 Logos

by Scott T. Starbuck

When I complain to the old man 
about rising gas prices,
he says “I want $10 a gallon.”

“Why?” is the obvious question.
“Because I love birds,” he says.

At the time, I thought him insane
but now I think most everyone else is.

Scott T. Starbuck is a poet/activist and co-creative writing coordinator at San Diego Mesa College. His ecoblog, Trees, Fish, and Dreams, with audio poems, is at riverseek.blogspot.com. His books, Carbonfish BluesIndustrial Oz, and Hawk on Wire, are available at Fomite Press. Here’s his Yale Climate Connections interview.

Scott T. Starbuck is a poet/activist. His books are Industrial Oz: Ecopoems, noted by Bill McKibben as “rousing, needling, haunting,” Hawk on Wire: Ecopoems, available at Fomite Press (preferred) and Amazon.