Ancestral Waters (2019) a Water Protector Documentary

Ancestral Waters is a Documentary of the Puyallup Tribes fight for their treaty, their water and their way of life. For 164 years, since the signing of the Medicine Creek Treaty, they have had to fight for the guarantees implicit in it. We have stood and continue to stand at the side of tribal members fighting a Liquefied Natural Gas plant that violates that treaty. Ancestral Waters is their story. We follow young Puyallup Water Warrior, Dakota Case, and other tribal members as they work to stop a dangerous fracked gas. processing facility on protected treaty territory.

Link to Ancestral Waters
What’s happened since the end of the film?
Native Daily Network’s Donation Page
Photo Petition campaign on Tacoma LNG: Please print out this sign (or write your own on a separate piece of paper), take a picture of yourself with it, and email it to me at I would love to add folks from The Olympic Peninsula to this album of other people of faith who are standing with the Puyallup Tribe! This is part of Earth Ministry/WAIPL’s #frackedgasisNOTfaithful social media campaign.

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