Another Sad Story…

In a message from 350 we just learned that:

The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change.

The US National Climate Assessment Advisory Committee (mostly scientists, public health, agricultural and forests/natural lands experts, oceanographers, biologists, risk, weather and water experts,etc) has been disbanded. They were in the middle of developing the 4th National  Climate Assessment. If the outside Advisory Committee is dismantled,  employees working inside federal agencies and departments are likely to be next–reassigned to ???

Trump’s appointees are busy systematically dismantling, cutting budgets and redirecting or blocking staff from doing climate science and planning.  California has our own climate assessment working with our University of California scientists but the vast majority of states are entirely or largely dependent on climate modeling data, analysis, mapping, tools and guidance coming from this national climate assessment process.    There is still a requirement that the US conduct a climate assessment every 4 years, but it may also be dismantled.

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