Hot Off the Wire — April 3, 2022

by tierra del fuego

Take Action

Presentation: Impact of changing seas on our values – Feiro Marine Life Center
Date: Apr 12, 4:30 – 5:30 PM
Dr. Melissa Poe, a social scientist at Washington Sea Grant, works in partnership with the Olympic Coast Treaty Tribes to better understand the risks of ocean change to tribal community well-being.

Olympic Community Action needs your voice to create a strategic plan – OlyCap

Car Free Day 2022 – June 1st – Local 2020
Reduce Jefferson County’s Carbon Footprint by reducing your driving on June 1st; enter to win prizes!

Community planning for ecosystem stewardship – Economics for Peace Institute
Dates: each Wednesday from April 6 – May 12 at the Chimacum Grange.
Participate in place-based research in Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap Counties.

What is the carbon footprint of recycling? – Local 2020
Date: April 6, 7 – 8:30 PM, Finnriver Farm & Cidery

350 WA Civic Action Team – Legislative Wrap Celebration –
Date: April 5, 6:30 PM

Join the 2022 Community Seed Project – Washington State University with Jefferson County
The project aims to improve genetic seed diversity and inspire a network of gardeners and seed savers.

PNW Regional Gathering with special guests –
Date: April 11, 6-7:30 PM
Learn about the indigenous-led totem pole journey and Climate Finance Action.

Plant Clinic – Send Us Your Questions Online! – Washington State University with Jefferson County Extension
Master Gardener volunteers are here to help answer your plant/insect/landscape/composting questions.

Presentation: Understanding Asian Giant Hornets– by Cassie Cichorz and Jefferson County Master Gardner Foundation
Date: April 14, 3:00 PM

Help Protect Old-Growth Climate-Saving Forests – Center for Biological Diversity

Sierra Forum Webinar: policy, advocacy, and legislative leaders– Sierra Club
Date: Apr 7, 9:00 AM

Tell Congress: Tax Corporate Greed via Windfall TaxesGreenpeace Instead of asking struggling working families to keep paying higher and higher prices for gas, demand that greedy corporations pay their fair share.

Tell Koch Industries: Get out of Russia! – Civic Shout
Koch Industries – the refining, chemical, fertilizer and paper company – refuses to stop doing business in Russia. Big companies like Disney, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s immediately shutting down their operations.

In a year of “net zero” pledges, banks publicly congratulated themselves while, in reality, they delayed climate action. – Rainforest Action Network
Hold banks accountable!

STOP plastic pollution, save our oceans and our ecosystem – Friends of the Earth

Climate News

Students committed to preserving the beauty of the PNW while fighting climate changePort Townsend High School Students for Sustainability

Promoting a transportation system that minimizes need for personal motor vehicles – Local 2020
What kind of transportation system would we want if we could design our system from scratch?

Tools to help you research electric vehicles –
Information for citizens of East Jefferson County to reduce their carbon footprint.

Loss of forests drives climate change and amplifies Pacific Northwest heat waves and droughts – by Dr. Christopher Still and Center for Sustainable Economy

Biden Administration Drafting Order to Invoke Defense Production Act for Green Energy Storage Technology – by Nausicaa Renner and Austin Ahlman for The Intercept
The act, which would bolster the manufacturing capacity of electric vehicle producers, indicates that the administration is open to using executive power to achieve progressive policy goals as Congress remains reluctant to pass key parts of a green energy agenda.

The climate movement has come very close to beating the political power of Big Bill McKibben for The Crucial Years
But that’s not quite close enough…

How much are gas taxes? Most people don’t know. – by Catie Gould for Sightline Institute

Center for Sustainable Economy partners toward a sustainable and just society – CSE
Its strategic initiatives include protecting old growth forests, reducing our collective carbon footprint, and protects and restores native ecosystems.

The relationship between wealth, emissions, and climate catastrophe has become ever clearer – by Aviva Chomsky for Truthout
In the crucial years between 1990 and 2015, the global US economy expanded from $47 trillion to $108 trillion. During that same period, global annual greenhouse-gas emissions grew by more than 60%.

Biden promised to prioritize people over polluters. His pick to deliver that faces a bare-bones budget, demoralized staff and increasingly angry advocates. – by Lydia DePillis for ProPublica
She’s supposed to protect Americans from toxic chemicals. First, she just has to Fix Trump’s mess and decades of neglect.

Toxic Nostalgia, From Putin to Trump to Trucker Convoys – by Naomi Klein for The Intercept
War is reshaping our world. Will we harness that urgency for climate action or succumb to a final, deadly oil and gas boom?

How to Get Past Despair to Powerful Action on Climate Change – by Michael Mann & Thomas Bateman for Yes!
The evidence is clear that people are changing the climate dramatically. But human actions can also affect the climate for the better.

Meet the people shaping the future of our planetGrist
The article identifies emerging leaders in climate, equity, and sustainability, nominated by our readers.

Ukrainian Climate Activists Don’t Want the US’s Fracked Gas Exports – by Candice Bernd for Truthout

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide is working to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change – ELAW
ELAW protects communities throughout the world, including Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India, Mexico, the Philippines, and Uganda.

3 Out of 4 People May Have Microplastics in Their Blood, New Study Says – by Matthew Rozsa for Truthout
If the percentages are this high in adults, it raises serious questions about the safety of children.


League of Women Voters legislative updates – see “Environment” section

WA Conservation Voters bill tracker – a continually updated guide

Sign up for the 350 WA Civic Action Team – a biweekly newsletter during the legislative session

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