Letter to the Editor: Detached from Reality about the Price of Gas

Cal Thomas again displays his complete detachment from reality in his March 10 column.

His tirade about the price of gas is senseless, but not cent-less for him.

First, why would the fossil fuel industry be interested in lowering the price of gas when consumers are spending $100 to fill up?

He doesn’t appear to me to understand supply and demand.

Second, why would energy companies want more drilling on federal land, which they could do now if they so chose?

Would you want to increase the supply to lower your income?

Third, does he really think that building fossil fuel vehicles doesn’t require mining for aluminum, nickel, etc?

Wouldn’t having more people buy electric vehicles lower the demand for fossil fuel, thus lowering the price?

Perhaps in his rambling tirade he didn’t think of that.

Finally, just because some experts in the ’70s thought Earth was headed into an ice age, we are supposed to consider climate change dubious when most climate science agree with what we can see, and feel is happening in real time on Earth?

Bob Vreeland, Port Angeles, WA

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