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Illinois Shows Us What the Road to Clean Energy Should Look Like

Here’s how a formidable clean energy coalition helped pass the most equitable climate legislation in the country—and developed a blueprint for other states to follow.

Illinois Clean Energy
Rooftop solar panels on the campus of University of Illinois, Chicago

Protecting our Planet-Investing in Green Energy.

Industry experts discuss how green energy investments impact manufacturing, business development and international trade.

Dec. 13 | 8:00 am PT

Save the Date! — January 10-14, 2022

The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest 2022

Sessions will be on Zoom, streaming on Facebook, and Instagram Live.

Forth logo-Empowering Mobility

Industry leaders Siemens, BMW, the U.S. Dept. of Transportation and Xcel Energy, will discuss the Biden administration’s impact on the transportation industry.

Dec. 14 | 10 am — 11 am PT

Europe is ahead of the US with e-car options. How’s that going?

MG ZS EV: The Best Value Electric Car Just Got Better!
The Miniature Microcars of Amsterdam

Reconnecting the Elwha River
A new report on fish use of the Elwha, before and after dam removal.

Would the Snake River benefit similarly?

reconnecting the Elwha River through dam removal provided fish access to portions of the watershed that had been blocked for nearly a century.

Regional Actions

Contact Gov. Inslee and Senator Murray
Thank them for their commitment to protect Snake River salmon from extinction with an action plan in 2022!

US Senator Murry and Gov. Inslee
Save our wild salmon logo. Words and red, angry salmon.

‘Urgency and Opportunity’

Developing a comprehensive plan for Snake River salmon and Northwest communities

Advocating for a Just Transition in the 2022 Legislative Session
— 350 WA Civic Action Team

Dec. 16 | 12 pm PT

350 WA Network CAT Listening Sessions
ahead of the 2022 WA Legislative Session

Indigenous gathering-Men in Feathers and Hats.
Raven Trust Logo

Join us for a very special year-end webinar,
Unearthing Sorrows, Planting Hope

Dec. 16 | 6 pm PT

OCA Transparent Oval

Coming to a boycott near you

Conservatives Have a New Bogeyman:
Critical Energy Theory

Inside ALEC’s new campaign to push anti-climate legislation across the country.
— The New Republic

Understanding Climate Policy

Speaker Ted Larson Freeman, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Dec. 13 |  7 pm PT
Joins the Meeting – Passcode: Climate

Local/Regional News

What’s happening in our State Forests?

The Great American Stand
US Forests and the Climate Emergency

Why the United States needs an aggressive forest protection
agenda focused in its own backyard.

Virtual Oral Arguments:
Conservation Northwest, et al. v. Commissioner of Public Lands

Should DNR continue to maximize immediate profit from our Public Lands Trust?

Protect our State Forests

How are our forests being managed, and how can you get involved.

Center for Responsible Forestry
Conservation Northwest logo-Silhouette of eagle over water.

Forest Practices Board is ‘slow-walking’ Clean Water Act (CWA) Assurances

Let the Department of Ecology know this is urgent.
— Washington Environmental Council

Sustainable Harvest Calculation scoping requests for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Sierra Club Wa State banner

Transportation Package –
350WA CAT weekly news

National Climate Assessment:
Northwest Chapter Engagement Workshop

February 1 | 9:30 am — 2 pm PT
Free Registration

National Climate Assessment:

USGCRP’s Review and Comment System
Thru January 11, 2022

Wet'suwet'en defender at home with child.
Indian Country Today logo-banner

Studium Generale | Dec 2, 2021, Celebrating the Lives of Beavers

Ben Goldfarb and Robert Knapp

National Actions

Save our Coasts-Beach scene with long breakers.
— NRDC Action Fund

Urgent Action Needed:
Tell Biden to Scrap Offshore Drilling Plans

Tell President Biden: No drilling on public lands

In his Democratic Presidential Debate with Sen. Sanders, Pres. Biden said, “… no more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no more ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period, ends!”

Trump-era Drilling Boom Continues Under Biden
More than 300 permits per month in 2021.
— Public Citizen

Amazon Watch-Burnoff flame across dark waters.

Our latest report, Linked Fates, reveals that California is the world’s largest consumer of oil from the Amazon rainforest.

Pledge to End California’s Consumption of Amazon Crude!

Call President Biden at 202-456-1111
to urge him to do everything he can to pass crucial voting rights legislation

Climate Hawks Vote logo banner

Use Procurement Powers of the Federal Government to Fight Climate Change!

Blue 350 logo

Tell President Biden:
We need climate leaders at the Fed

Tell Biden also:
No drilling on public lands

OCA Transparent Oval

Demand the EPA limit methane, the oil & gas industry super-pollutant

Torch on an oil field.
— Climate Reality Project


Tell e-commerce giants: no more dirty deliveries!

E-commerce companies need to decarbonize their vehicles 22x faster.

Ratify the Convention on Biological Diversity and commit to ending extinction now

wolf(c) 2002-2006 Richard Jackson Wildlife Photography

Avaaz-The World in Action

2022: Power the plan
to save life on Earth

8 years. 96 months. Or just short of 3,000 days.
That’s how long scientists say we have to cut carbon emissions by more than half, end the extinction crisis, and avoid an all-out ecological collapse.

An alarmed elephant.

National/International News

Western Environmental Law Center logo

Jordan Cove LNG developers told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission it would not move forward with the project.

ProPublica Series on global climate migration

Where Will Everyone Go?

We have for the first time modeled how climate refugees might move across international borders.

Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration

Life has become increasingly untenable in the hardest-hit areas.


The West’s Nuclear Mistake

No government that really regarded climate change as its top energy priority would close nuclear plants before the end of their useful lives.
— The Atlantic

brennan-center-for-justice logo

Analysis by the

Addressing Insider Threats
in Elections

There is an active effort to recruit rogue election officials to sabotage elections across the country.

Banksliding and CalPERSiflage

Adventures in High-End Greenwashing

Older, Bolder–and Still Pretty Loud

First National Organizing Call for Third Act is Tonight
Bill McKibben

2 weeks of the Impossible Rebellion in 2 mins

A look back at COP26

Earth To COP


The Princess of the Bottom of the World Book Cover

The Princess of the Bottom of the World

If you are interested in travel, Antarctica, climate change, or romance, you must read this.”

Smashwords user review

Electricity Myths, Hoaxes and Rumors

Is this Texas-Sized Icicle Really the Result of the February 2021 Freeze?

Another hoax that sprang from Texas’ big freeze.

Texas-sized Icicle
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