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Hello dear 350 WA Local Group friends & comrades ❤🌈❤

The 2022 Washington State Legislative session is starting on January 10th! We are hard at work and very excited to carry this campaign together with y’all again. And we’ve grown the 350 WA CAT from a team of 3 → 23 → 55 people in just three years. Wow. 

We’ve had a chance to connect with many of our 350 WA groups since late summer to share what we’re up to, talk about what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown, and to chat about priorities. And some of you are even in the 350 WA Civic Action Team planning spaces with us. Awesome!  

With the legislative session starting next month we want to offer even more chances to connect with us in the 350 WA CAT ahead of the session to make sure your group’s voices are heard and your questions answered.

So we’re offering 350 WA Network CAT Listening Sessions

These are totally optional listening sessions for deeper chats ahead of the 2022 WA Legislative Session! 

Of course you can always email me at Grace@350Seattle.org with any questions about our legislative campaign, but I also wanted to create some shared space for some deeper real talk with y’all ahead of the start of session on January 10th. 

Here’s the draft list of bills from last year and new ones that we are paying attention to. We are also watching the policy priorities that our partners are dropping, and meeting with lawmakers and partner organizations, too. 

Note: unlike many organizations that have 2-3 priority bills during session and only advocate for those, we tend to advocate for a list of 40+ bills with special emphasis on a handful of standout bills. We won’t announce our final list until closer to the start of the session because we want to be sure to see all of the priorities coming from our partners, and y’all too! 

Why come chat with us at CAT? We’d love to: 

  • Hear about any legislative priorities and/or concerns from your group
  • Learn about any of your groups’ local frontline partner organizations’ priorities that we’d like to have on our radar
  • Make sure you have everything you need for joining & amplifying our big recruitment & 350 WA CAT campaign kickoff on January 5th (toolkits for this are coming next week!)
  • Share more deeply about what is moving politically in WA this year, our approach to advocacy this session, and what challenges and opportunities are ahead of us.

350 WA Network CAT Listening Session dates:

  • Monday December 13th @6pm register HERE
  • Friday December 17th @12pm register HERE
  • Monday Jan 3rd @ 6pm register HERE

350 WA CAT Campaign Kickoff: 

  • Wednesday Jan 5th @ 7pm register HERE
    • We are hosting a special 350 WA CAT takeover of the 350 Seattle General Meeting. 
    • This will be our big public launch event and we’ll showcase our 350 WA Network & the CAT campaign.

With love and care,
Grace Hope (they/them)
Leadership Development Director with 350 Seattle 
Network Facilitator with the 350 WA Network

Organizing on the ancestral lands of the Puyallup Tribe and Coast Salish peoples

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