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Keep climate in Build Back Better

Let’s get loud

Olympic Climate Report

Episode 2

is available today!
Your host rants.
We hear from Ecotopia.
A musical sendoff and

An important reminder of the
January, 27 special OCA program.

Alternative Fuels and Vehicles
Technical Advisory Group
Washington Department of Commerce
WSU Green Transportation Program

2022 New Year AFV-TAG Meeting
Jan. 21 | 9 am — 12 noon PT

  • Ecology’s adoption of rules for the Zero Emission Vehicle law in Washington and Advanced Clean Truck rules
  • The Zero-emission Access Program (ZAP), WSDOT’s new grant program to increase access to zero-emission mobility for low-income Washingtonians
  • Electric school buses, including case studies from leading school districts in the state
  • Current rule making processes for ZEV infrastructure and climate-related laws
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication banner

Global Warming’s Six Americas, September 2021

Distribution of the Six Americas on Climate Change

The Alarmed are the most engaged, are very worried about global warming, and strongly support climate action. The Concerned think global warming is a significant threat but prioritize it less and are less likely to be taking action. The Cautious are aware of climate change but are uncertain about its causes and are not very worried about it. The Disengaged are largely unaware of global warming, while the Doubtful doubt it is happening or human-caused and perceive it as a low risk. The Dismissive firmly reject the reality of human-caused global warming and oppose most climate change policies.

Alarmed & Concerned total 58% today.
We need to inform the Cautious & Disengaged in ways that bring the Alarmed total to 80%.

Distribution of the Six Americas on Climate Change over time.

Interest has shifted upward toward Alarmed in recent years.

Watch views change from 2008 — 2021

Regional Actions

Lobby your Washington State legislators

Washington Capitol Dome

Climate at the Legislature

Continually updated account of the status of bills about climate issues in the Washington State Legislature. Washington logo.

Climate Action this Week:
First Day of Session!

Sierra Club 2022 Legislative Agenda and Priorities

Environmental Lobby Days Training

Join us in this training where you will learn how to be a successful advocate for environmental priorities in the 2022 Legislative Session!
All advocate levels are welcome.
— Washington Environmental Council

Jan 20 | 6 — 7 pm PT

Tuesday, January 25th — Thursday, January 27

Several different events will be held through Zoom meetings, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and more!

LWV News masthead_small
LWV Climate_Red-Sun behind raining cloud


Climate Change and Energy

Weekly Legislative Update:
Climate Change & Energy

January 9, 2022

Futurewise logo

Virtual Lobby Days
Virtual Training

If you are new to lobbying or want a refresher on the do’s and don’ts of lobbying virtually.

January 20 | 6 pm — 7 pm PT

January 25 — 27

Futurewise Environmental Lobby Days 2022

Registration Required
by Friday 21 January 2022

Sign in ‘Pro’ to support HB 1682 – Concerning a compliance pathway specific to emissions-intensive, trade-exposed businesses

Deadline: Tue Jan 18 7:00am

Establish a pathway for certain industries to substantially reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Support More Housing near Transit by Signing in “Pro” to the House Local Government’s Public Hearing

Deadline: Tue Jan 18 9:00am

Homes4WA is a set of bills that aims to create additional middle housing near transit and in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing.

Sign in “Pro” to support HB 1770 (Energy codes)

Deadline: Wed Jan 19 9:00am

Construct energy efficient homes and buildings that help achieve the broader goal of building zero fossil-fuel greenhouse gas emission homes and buildings .

Support Targeted electrification by Signing in “Pro” to the Senate Environment, Energy & Technology’s Public Hearing

Deadline: Wed Jan 19 7:00am

An online public hearing on this bill is coming up in the Senate Environment, Energy & Technology committee. Please let them know your stance on the bill at least an hour before the hearing starts. (Written testimony can be provided up to 24 hours after the public hearing starts.)

Support Organic materials management by Signing in “Pro” to the House Environment & Energy’s Public Hearing

Deadline: Thu Jan 20 12:30pm

We need a statewide target for organics diversion and edible food diversion to reduce methane emissions from landfills and to expand access and capacity for managing organics including compost, anaerobic digestion and other technologies.

Sign in “Pro” to support HB 1814 (Community solar projects)

Deadline: Fri Jan 21 9:00am

House Bill 1814 focuses on expanding opportunities for low-income earners to realize the benefits of renewable energy by setting up community solar projects throughout the state.

Voice of the People banner-logo and flag at the capitol dome.

Step into your elected officials’ shoes by simulating the process they go through in making policy decisions. Get briefed, hear arguments, come to decisions –
Then send your results to your legislator.

Other Regional Actions

Commissioner Hilary Franz in front of forest devestation and fire saying, "Climate Change? Not on our checklist."
Center for Sustainable Economy (CSE)

DNR states:

Sierra Club washington banner

Does DNR Have a Responsibility to Protect Future Generations from Climate Disruption?

Guest Speakers:
Connie Gallant & Patricia Jones

Join Us in a Conversation on
January 20 | 7 pm via Zoom

“At this time, the SEPA Environmental Checklist does not include analysis of climate impacts. The topic of climate impacts is an evolving issue as new science emerges and agencies work to include that new science in their work.”

A conversation with Hilary Franz

Wildfire Management &
Climate Adaptation Policy

Jan. 19 | 5:30 pm — 6:30 pm PT
Sponsored by the UW

Local/Regional News

We Are Puget Sound:
Discovering and Recovering the Salish Sea

Jan 23 | 3 pm PT
RSVP online and share on Facebook

We are Puget Sound-collage of photos
Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Planeta G — Season 2

2022 Interfaith
Winter Book Read

Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation 
by Paul Hawken

Please RSVP 
with your choice of group to
Pam Wilder,

Reading Groups

  • Sundays 1:00 pm, starts Jan. 23,
    facilitator Bob Nuffer
  • Wednesdays 10:00 am, starts Jan. 26, Full
    facilitators Robert & Marilyn Eash 
  • Wednesdays 7:00 pm, starts Jan. 26,
    facilitator Karen Weaver
  • Thursdays 2:00 pm, starts Jan. 27,
    with Pam Wilder & David Mattern
  • Thursdays 7:00 pm, starts Jan. 27, Full
    facilitator Asha Burson-Johnson 

Come join us as we read and engage with,  Regeneration. Paul and his team inspire us to view our place on Earth as participants in a vibrant natural system rather than as victims of uncontrollable forces.

Reading Groups are filling to capacity to talk about this inspiring book.
If you can facilitate a group using Zoom, please contact Pam Wilder via e-mail at

National Actions

Tell President Biden’s EPA:
Cut Methane Emissions & Fight the Climate Crisis

Oil jack pumps in the sunset.
— NRDC Action Fund

Don’t Look Up

Climate Strike Toronto - Two young girls holding sign, Every Disaster Movie starts with the government ignoring a scientist.
Greenpeace green text logo

What can YOU do?

  1. Sign this petition to tell your elected leaders do what science and justice demands: phase out coal, oil, and gas and build up clean, family sustaining, renewable energy for all!
  2. Volunteer with Greenpeace USA.
  3. Read this blog post about Don’t Look Up.
  4. Learn about climate justice and the Indigenous, Black, Brown, and working class communities fighting at the frontlines of the crisis.
  5. Talk about the climate crisis with everyone!

Self care for organizers during emergencies

How to care for ourselves during climate emergencies and opportunities to collaborate and support each other after extreme weather events.

Jan. 18 | 4:00 pm PT

We’re calling on President Biden and Congress to end the filibuster and deliver on voting rights now. Our right to vote can’t wait. Join our fight.
— League of Conservation Voters
Forth banner
A Second Life For EV Batteries
Tuesday, January 25
(10:00 — 11:00 am PT)

We will explore policies and incentives for recycling and reusing batteries including how strong health and labor standards can minimize the negative impacts of electric vehicles in this webinar.
Charged Up: What Transportation Agencies Need To Know About Charging
Tuesday, February 8
(10:00 — 11:00 am PT)

This webinar will highlight specific use cases as we address what transportation agencies need to know about charging.

What to Expect With Federal Funding for EVs

Tuesday, February 22
(10:00 — 11:00 am PT)

Join the conversation on what’s coming and what’s next with the federal EV Policy.

MSNBC - Don't Look Up interview - Chris Hayes with director Adam McKay.
Chris Hayes interviews Don’t Look Up director Adam McKay
Parents for a Future book cover1

How loving our children can prevent climate collapse

That our ecological future appears grave can no longer come as any surprise. And yet we have so far failed, collectively and individually, to begin the kind of action necessary to shift our path away from catastrophic climate collapse.

Poland discusses a
Citizen’s Star Chamber

Basically a citizens’ assembly with law-making power.

Join at the appropriate time.
Feb. 1 | 9:00 am PT or
Feb. 2 | 2:00 am PT

U.S. Map - State Climate Policy Network Website
State Climate Policy Network

State Climate Policy Network
January Call — Jan. 26 | Noon PT
Register for the Zoom meeting

ClimateXChange logo

Fed. Climate Funding Initiatives:
What States Need to Know
Feb. 15 | Noon PT
Register for the Zoom meeting


The 2020s: The End of American Democracy? Or A New Birth?

David Domke & Hason Hosein

It’s a time of historic upheaval: racially, politically, economically, technologically, internationally.

Jan. 24 & 26 | 5:00 pm PT

The Supreme Court Case That Could Upend Efforts to Protect the Environment

The potential ramifications of West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency are profound.
Elizabeth Kolbert

What happens if you greenwash greenwash?

It’s hard to go lower than net zero….

A large ship in overpoweringly large ocean breakers.
Bill McKibben


From Greek to Latin:
Visualizing the Evolution of the Alphabet

From Greek to Latin: Visualizing the Evolution of the Alphabet
— Visual Capitalist

The Accelerating Frequency of Extreme Weather

Area map with increasing frequency
— Visual Capitalist
Cover of Warmth: Coming of Age at the End of Our World

Warmth: Coming of Age at the End of Our World

Warmth is a new kind of book about climate change: not what it is or how we solve it, but how it feels to imagine a future–and a family–under its weight. At once a memoir, a love letter, and an electric work of criticism.

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