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The power, and limits, of local action

Markus Distelrath

Somini Sengupta interviews Brad Plumer, and Maggie Astor on ways towns can transition to cleaner energy and the struggles many fossil fuel-dependent communities face.

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Explore the Northwest Clean Energy Atlas

The Northwest Clean Energy Atlas provides regional stakeholders interactive tools to explore energy data relevant to deep decarbonization in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

Northwest Clean Energy Atlas

Local/Regional News


That would take a New Zealand-style, all-forests cap-and-trade system

A third-party carbon verifier measures tree girth for a Northern California carbon project. Source: California Air Resources Board.
A third-party carbon verifier measures tree girth for a Northern California carbon project.

Nestled in the southwest corner of Washington, home to coho salmon and the occasional spotted owl, the Winston Creek carbon project is extending rotations on 10,000 acres of forest. By delaying harvest from 40 years to 60 years and letting these trees continue to grow during their carbon sequestration prime, Port Blakely, the forest owner, hopes to double the biomass of its forest.

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National Actions

Tell Congress: it’s now or never! Invest in clean energy and climate action now!

Daria Nepriakhina 

It’s time to seal the American Energy Deal

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Tell the Postal Service to reverse course and pursue electric trucks!

The price of gas is going up. So is the temperature. Tell USPS to buy 100% electric mail trucks

Tell Biden: Don’t Sell Our Oceans to Big Oil

President Biden is breaking promises and caving to pressure from Big Oil. This administration’s policy on fossil fuel extraction from public lands and waters is nothing short of a climate bomb.

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Help Ban the Transportation of Explosive Liquefied Natural Gas by Rail!

Urge Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation to protect our communities and fight the climate crisis by banning LNG by rail.

Sign the Union of Concerned Scientists’ petition and urge the Biden administration to follow through on their campaign promise to restore scientific integrity to our federal government. >>

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Are Oreos and Ritz Crackers Causing Our Rainforests to Crumble?

The market research is in: Some like it salty and some like it sweet, but no one likes deforestation and widespread misery. Mondelēz International — the maker of famous brands like Oreo, Tang, and Triscuits — gets an F on deforestation and human rights. Mondelēz has connections to massive, human-set fires for oil palm cultivation in Indonesia — fires that put 10 million children at risk. And the story keeps getting worse: Mondelēz suppliers have caused major deforestation in the Amazon — a planetary treasure quickly reaching no return.

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Origin of Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint. You know the term, right? But do you know where it originated?

The fossil fuel industry.

In other words … YOUR FAULT.

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Sea level rise from climate change is threatening home septic systems and public health

One example is the Tidewater region of Virginia, where sea level rise is causing frequent failures of home septic systems. In Virginia alone, over 1 million homes rely on individual septic tanks.

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The Build Back Fossil Free coalition is officially changing our name to People vs. Fossil Fuels.

Smoke from the Washburn fire rising over the Mariposa Grove this week in Yosemite National Park. — Nic Coury/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

 What if the very thing we need to cope with the enormity of the climate crisis is itself threatened by the climate crisis?

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by Somini Sengupta — Global Correspondent, Climate

Is Vanguard Sinking the Climate Ship?

Protest against Vanguard

Vanguard is a major investor in some of the mining and oil companies causing irreparable harm to the Amazon rainforest and Indigenous peoples. Vanguard is not only financing destruction and rights violations in the Amazon but also financing climate catastrophe worldwide. Read full story

July 12, 2022, | Moira Birss | Eye on the Amazon

Amazon Watch logo. An eye with the globe as the eyeball.


Might Democrats Actually Be Showing a Little Fight?
Backlash is there for the taking

With its recent spate of wildly radical decisions, the Supreme Court in essence ruled that anyone should be able to carry guns, women should have to carry babies, and the atmosphere should carry ever more carbon.

These were body blows to American norms, each of them despicable—and taken together they offer a once-in-a-generation opening for the drifting, desultory Democratic party to find itself.

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— Bill McKibben

Electric vehicles shouldn’t be just for rich folks
In the nearly 2½ years since I last wrote about electric vehicles, some things have changed — but too much has not.

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Naomi Ishisaka — Seattle Times Columnist

Climate in Politics

70,000 Acres of Federal Land Were Just Handed to the Fossil Fuel Sector

Oil pumps are seen dotting a browning Montana landscape
Oil well pads operated by Continental Resources dot the wheat fields of eastern Montana north east of Sidney, Montana in Richland County in the Bakken oil formation.

In direct violation of warnings by the International Energy Agency that new oil, gas, and coal development should have ceased in 2021, and by UN Secretary General António Guterres that government support for fossil fuel production is “delusional,” the federal U.S. government closed out the second quarter of the year with thousands of acres of federal land on the auction block before oil and gas interests. In total, developers scooped up access to over 70,000 acres of lands held in public trust in Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wyoming for $22 million — which advocates say is a paltry sum when compared with the billions of dollars the climate crisis is estimated to cost annually in association with oil and gas extracted from federal lands.

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Could This Ancient Farming Technique Be a Climate Solution?

Terraces used for farming in Pantelleria, Trapani district, Sicily, Italy.
Photo by Dionisio Iemma — Getty Images

Terracing has been used for centuries to help prevent fire, moderate temperatures, and make farming possible even when water is scarce.

Surrounded by the waters of the Strait of Sicily in the far south of Italy, the island of Pantelleria is made up of 32 square miles of black volcanic rocks with no source of freshwater other than the 16 or so inches of rain that fall each year. Yet, traces of the first farming terrace on the island date back to the Bronze Age, 16 centuries B.C. On such terraces, Zibibbo grapevines grow in hollows to trap moisture near their roots. The olive orchards are low, too, and capers, the other major local crop, stick out from dry stone walls.

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by Guia Baggi

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