Hot Off the Wire — 9/25/2021


What is climate anxiety?

Avaaz members just funded the biggest-ever survey on climate anxiety in children and young people

Depressed youth sitting among smoking stacks with hazy sun..
At AVAAZ, click Read More to see the report.

The Kids Are Not Alright

A landmark study shows kids are extremely anxious about climate change—and furious at governments for not taking action.
— Gizmodo

Mitzi Tan saying, "I grew up being afraid of drowning in my own bedroom."

Elders for Climatge Justice logo

Creating conversations about climate change, and urgently encouraging action

Newsletter for Future Editon 5 - Youth holding protest signs.
UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

In Glasgow on
31 October – 12 November 2021

Expect coverage by DemocracyNow!,
LInk TV channel 375 on DirecTV.

What You Need to Know About Climate Change from AARP

How it’s already affecting your health, home and safety — and what you can do about it.

Sign the Climate Petition to AARP

How Carbon Capture and Storage Works,
or doesn’t

OCA Transparent Oval

Regional Actions

Sightline Online Q&A - Sightline in Alaska - Sept 29 | 4 pm PT
Climate Reality King County Logo

Class 1: Sept 23 | 6:00 pm PT
Watch for Class 2

Climate Advocacy Workshop:
Talking about Climate Change in Everyday Life

Carbon Friendly Foresty.
— Washington Environmental Council | October 26 & 27
Help elect more environmental chanpions in WA - Match my gift

Take Action: Snake River Dams

Call on Governor Inslee and Senator Murray to keep their promises and stop salmon extinction.
— Columbia Riverkeeper

Local/Regional News

Washington Dept of Commerce.

Planners’ Update Newsletter

Networking Diagram

Multi-year climate change work kicks off

Meaningful Movies Presents

End of the Line poster_small

Oct 11 | 6:30 pm PT

Join our online screening via Zoom
(Joins the Zoom meeting)

National Actions

Write Postcards. Save Democracy.
— Progressive Turnout Project

Tell Senators Chuck Schumer and Ron Wyden to keep pushing to end subsidies!

Workers install a billboard with a message for Senator Chuck Schumer a few blocks from his Prospect Park home. The billboard sends a clear message to Sen. Schumer: End Big Oil Handouts. In May 2011, Schumer said Òthe time to repeal these giveaways is nowÓ when talking about tax subsidies for big oil on the floor of the senate.

Submit a Public Comment to Protect the Arctic Refuge
— Alaska Wilderness League

Skilling Up for Climate Action training series
kicks off with a new fall line up on October 16

All 350 trainings are
SATURDAYS 11:00 am — 1:00 pm PT

Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability logo

March 30, 2022

WorldWide Teach-in on climate solutions
and climate justice

Calling all Climate-Concerned Educators, Students and Community Members!

Regional Information Sessions

Thursday September 30

  • Western US                       12 Noon PDT
  • Northeast US                    7 AM PDT
  • Southeast US                    8 AM PDT
  • Central US                        11 AM PDT

Sign up for a convenient time.

Click here to support clean car standards
— Hip Hop Caucus

Demand an End to Banking on Amazon Destruction!

Climate Week Action

National/International News

It’s Friday–do you know where your $3.5 trillion spending bill is?

And other developments in the climate crisis–plus, more novel!

We actually better pass the Big Bill

One Friday closer to a place we do not want to go

Soccer player thinking, "Oh NO!"

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben — The Crucial Years

How to end the American obsession with driving

To fight climate change, cities need to be designed with much more walking, biking, and public transit use in mind.
— Vox

The truth about carbon offsets — Climate Ad Project 


Carbon dividends as anti-poverty policy
Max Ghenis
UBI Center

If we don’t get climate justice, shut it down

Time to get in the way of business as usual big time
— The Raven

I think that I shall never see/
An urban cooling device as effective as a tree

Trees planted outside palace in London.
Outside a palace in London. Kings always get trees; others need them more — Bill McKibben

Climate in Politics

Sen. Murray & Sen. Schatz
Environmental Champions Event

Video Call with Senator Murray
September 28 | 3:00 pm PT


Sentient Planet - A green lizard with earth and space as backtground.

A podcast about our kinship with animals

Photo of John Schoen, biologist
Alaska Wilderness League logo. Mountains over text

Tongass Odyssey:
Seeing the Forest Ecosystem
Through the Politics of Trees
with John Schoen, biologist

Sept. 28 | 4:00 — 5:00 pm PT

Upcoming Lectures

October 19, 2021: “Trailblaze 120 Miles of Alaska Wilderness: An Artistic Multi-Media Journey with Max Romey”

November 2, 2021: “Love is King and Operation Roam’s inaugural expedition to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge”

Momentary Meditation

Yarns from the Farm blog.
Nan Bray sitting with her shepherd dog, in front of her sheep and hillside in Tasmania, AU.

A note to my Yarns from the Farm Readers—I’ve started another series for our local newspaper on biodiversity…”

Cheers, Nan

View the Biodiversity Series
View A Climate Basics Series

A small fire in the Australian Bush.

9. Enhancing Biodiversity: Fire

“The millennia of experience that Indigenous Australians bring to this vitally important activity can guide us in enhancing native biodiversity. “

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