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Electric Car Companies:
Visualizing the Race for EV Dominance

Electric Car Companies: Visualizing the Race for EV Dominance
— Visual Capitalist

Our Tesla Model 3 Hasn’t Delivered Big Savings in Maintenance Costs

We’ve also spent serious money on windshield, roof, and tire replacement.
— Car and Driver

Visualizing Copper Demand for Renewables

Visualizing Copper Demand for Renewables-Pie chart
— Visual Capitalist

Protecting our Planet

David Hochschild, chair of the California Energy Commission, and Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees about different models to promote energy efficiency and combat climate change across the country and around the world.

Nov 15 | 7:00 am PT

Conference of Parties in Glasgow — COP26

A Tale of Two COPsMonday, DemocracyNow!
100,000 people took to the streets of Glasgow this weekend.”

Greenwashing and duplicitous promises
“If the fossil fuel lobby were a country delegation at COP, it would be the largest with 503 delegates,
more delegates than the 8 most effected countries combined, including the Philippines.” — Global Witness

“We don’t allow tobacco lobbyists into health conferences, so it begs the question why fossil fuel lobbyists are being allowed into the most important climate conference in a generation,”

Greta Thunberg at COP26

It’s No Secret COP26 Is a Failure: Greta Thunberg
Condemns U.N. Climate Summit as a “Greenwash Festival”

Arial view of the Amazon River
reasons to be cheerful logo

Why Our Staff Is Optimistic
about Climate Change

As the world’s biggest climate conference comes to a close, we see reasons for hope on the horizon. — Reasons to be Cheerful

“. . . because the COP is more or less a playground for politicians.”
Wednesday, DemocracyNow!

COP26: Financiers of polluters in charge

A crucial climate summit is becoming the biggest finance greenwash in history.
— Transnational Institute

COP26 Report Cover: Financiers of polluters in charge
Read the Report

This Will Set Africa on Fire:
Nnimmo Bassey of Nigeria Blasts Progress of Talks at U.N. Climate Summit

Oil Politics book
To Cook a Continent book

The Global Climate Wall:
Wealthy Nations Prioritize Militarizing Borders Over Climate Action

Speaker Nancy Pelosi redirects a question about the US military’s carbon bootprint to national defense issues, then abruptly ends the session.

“A Process of Violence”:
Indian Author Amitav Ghosh on How Colonialism Fueled the Climate Crisis

Nutmeg's Curse book

“… in going back to the Enlightenment, we get this mechanistic vision of the Earth as … something that really exists only to provide powerful human beings with resources.”

“. . . ‘net zero’ allows us to move the burden in reducing emissions from today out to future generations — literally”Thursday, DemocracyNow!

George Monbiot at COP26
George Monbiot at COP26

” Net zero is a way of delaying hard choices. It’s a way of passing them on to future generations of politicians. And that’s what has been happening for the past 30 years.”

Out of the Wreckage book

Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics in the Age of Crisis

Urgent, and passionate, Out of the Wreckage provides the hope and clarity required to change the world.

Kevin Anderson at COP26
Kevin Anderson at COP26

“We are in this situation because we have listened to these world leaders give us their vacuous talks for years and then go home and do absolutely nothing. There is no leadership within any of the progressive countries.”

“Regardless of our moral position, the maths tell us if we are to deliver on the commitments, then equity has to be a key part of our responses. But we never talk about that, because we are in the high-emitting group.”


US should dare world to climate race
By Thomas L. Friedman
— The New York Times

Would the US help us if we were invaded by aliens…or a virus?

A counterpoint to Thomas Friedman’s opinion.
— ChinaDaily

Make extreme wealth extinct:
It’s the only way to avoid climate breakdown

Pandering to the rich has got us into this mess. The correlation between wealth and polluting behaviour could not be clearer.
George Monbiot
— The Guardian

Regional Actions

Join us on Sat. Nov. 20 to honor endangered Snake River salmon – and call for action!

Vigil for Endangered Salomn flyer

Tell your Senators to Co-Sponsor the Fossil Free Finance Act
— 350

Salmon Orca Project Virtual gathering, Nov 19 at 12 pm

Nov 19 | 12 pm PT

Close Canada's Logging Loopholes and Save the Boreal Forest!
— NRDC Action Fund

Local/Regional News

National Actions

National/International News

Will Hawai‘i Show the Rest of the Nation the Way to Clean Up the Power Sector?

To help achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2045, the state’s electric utilities now need to take up climate action if they want to turn a profit.
— NRDC Action

On climate, we need to run fast — but not run scared

Surely, if Hawaii can do it, others can as well.
— Fareed Zakaria

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Includes $25 Billion in Potential New Subsidies for Fossil Fuels

Instead of reducing the role of fossil fuels in the economy, critics say, the bill subsidizes industry “greenwashing.”
— The Intercept

EV tax credits: House changes Biden’s bill to put cash back in EV buyers’ pockets

Democrats changed language again to turn the EV tax credit into a refundable credit — and that’s a huge decision to incentivize EV purchases.
— Road / Show


The Problem With Our Maps

Common cartographic techniques have caused many to have a skewed perception of the true size of countries.

The Problem With Our Maps-Showing what Greenland looks like on the equator.

Yarns from the Farm blog.
Nan Bray sitting with her shepherd dog, in front of her sheep and hillside in Tasmania, AU.

A note to my Yarns from the Farm Readers—I’ve started another series for our local newspaper on biodiversity…”

Cheers, Nan

View the Biodiversity Series
View A Climate Basics Series

A small fire in the Australian Bush.

9. Enhancing Biodiversity: Fire

“The millennia of experience that Indigenous Australians bring to this vitally important activity can guide us in enhancing native biodiversity. “

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