Hot Off the Wire — 12/25/2021


A pleasant night ride through Amsterdam with a resident, discussing the excellent bike infrastructure available.

Peace Through Music
Watch at YouTube

Building Community
by Buying Nothing

“It’s like a radical new economy, except of course it’s an old economy that has been around forever.”

Regional Actions

Washington Conservation Voters - The political voice for the environment

We have accomplished so much together this year. Help us accomplish even more next year by donating now!

Your support before year end is critical - Match my gift.

Join us for the 350 WA Civic Action Team’s 2022 legislative campaign Launch

Jan. 5 | 7:00 pm PT Seattle. Blue and green with trees.
General Meeting 7 — 8 pm

Local/Regional News

Return to Paradise:
Three Years After the Camp Fire

Discovering the lessons for living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).
— Fire Adapted Network

The crisis unfolding in America’s Christmas tree capital

Indian Country Today logo-banner

Honoring traditional ecological knowledge is critical

A meaningful step forward for nation-to-nation relationships

We are the Puget Sound
Washington Environmental Council logo

Traveling photo exhibit will be on display at the Marine Science Center in Port Townsend through February 2022. 

Cities Use Public Transit to Make Nature More Accessible

Seattle is one of several major cities implementing a “transit to trails” program to help more people access local wilderness.
— Yes! Magazine

Trout Unlimited-logo

The river that was

Dean Ferguson and his father Dwight have an annual tradition.

Then and now, with large fish and kids and puny fish now.
Ted and Bill Merrill comparing then and now

National Actions

Trends in Arctic Report Card:
‘Consistent, Alarming and Undeniable’

The changes happening at the top of the planet could unfold elsewhere in the years to come, scientists report.
— The New York Times

Manchin to Dems: Redo the whole thing, maybe I’ll vote for it

The West Virginia senator wants a new bill that goes through Senate committees and focuses on rolling back the 2017 Trump tax cuts.
— Politico

7 wins for the climate movement in Europe this year

European leaders may have failed to take meaningful action on the climate crisis, but people power was stronger than ever. 

Kim Stanley Robinson:
The Best-Case Scenario You Can Still Believe In

Ideas podcast
One-hour podcast

Women Wisdom Keepers and Healers: Ancestral Authorities of Life

Amazonian women have been guides to the very essence of life on Earth.



Don't Look Up movie

“Don’t Look Up” Is as Funny and Terrifying About Global Warming as “Dr. Strangelove” Was About Nuclear War

Adam McKay’s new movie may be the first film in 57 years to equal the comedy and horror of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece.
— the Intercept

Burning Worlds Logo - Climate Change in Art and Literature

Interview with Flourishing Fiction founders
Blake Atkerson, Anya Lamb and Ben Soltoff.

Director Adam McKay sounds the alarm on the climate emergency
“There is a Climate Emergency, but we’re all acting like everything’s normal. The news runs, TV shows go on, sports happen, but the house is on fire — and it’s time to take bold action right now.”

Don’t Look Up is available today on Netflix.

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