Former OCA Exec checks in from Utah


Gerald Johnson, who joined OCA’s Executive Committee when finishing up his studies remotely at Prescott College and got heavily involved in our outreach, education, and lobbying efforts, moved to Utah several years ago to work with a sustainable-energy company, and here’s his inspiring report from the field!

I hope all is well on the Olympic Peninsula and OCA is still fighting the good fight!
As for myself, life ebbs and flows but is steadily moving forward. I have resided in Ogden UT working with a renewable energy company which has proved an unprecedented experience.
Over the last 4 years I have contributed directly to many energy projects.
It has been quite the experience and here are a few pictures to show OCA folks if you like.


4MW of solar across the range of project types

micro hydro electric

24 kW of micro hydro electric

battery based Solar

80kWh of battery based systems

pico wind

10kW of pico wind

ram pumps

Passive water pumping projects such as hydraulic ram pumps!

I completed a Grad Certificate program related to renewable energy policy and project development,
and I see myself delving into project development and consulting as a long term path.

Tesla Charging

Gerald Johnson

FB: Gerald Consulting Services
Grad. Cert. Sustainable Energy
B.A. Sustainable Community Development,
PVIP:  PV-080219-016600

Phone: (801) 336-7469
Skype: gerald_l_johnson

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