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New Interactive Map, Webpage Highlight Local Climate Plans


Interactive Map

The interactive map above includes icons for Washington State jurisdictions we are aware of that have adopted climate-related documents.


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Claiming Power: Stories of Rural Communities and Clean Energy

Jessica Plumb, an Olympic Peninsula-based filmmaker, is investigating the clean energy transition in rural communities through the Clean Energy Transformation Institute’s Claiming Power project.

Local/Regional News

DNR Rejects PA Council’s Bid to Postpone Timber Harvest

The Port Angeles City Council officially asked the State Department of Natural Resources to delay Thursday’s auction to log off a 166 acre portion of land in the Elwha River watershed until they had time for further study of the potential impacts to the City’s water supply. The DNR has declined, and the timber sale is expected to go forward.

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Washington State Industrial Emissions
Analysis—Cement Case Study

Clean Energy Transition Institute (CETI) prepared a targeted analysis and case study on the potential for the manufacturing and use of green cement in Washington. Read more

All the People Case: Does DNR Have a Responsibility to Protect Future Generations from Climate Disruption?

Guest Speakers: Connie Gallant, President, Olympic Forest Coalition and Patricia Jones, Executive Director, Olympic Forest Coalition (OFCO)

Connie and Patricia will discuss the historic “All the People Case” (Conservation Northwest, Washington Environmental Council, Olympic Forest Coalition, et. al. v. Franz), now before the Washington Supreme Court.  The case challenges DNR’s narrow interpretation of Washington’s Constitution and federal law in managing trust forest lands.  Central to this is whether DNR’s sole fiduciary responsibility is to generate revenue from timber sales or whether it has other obligations to Washington citizens not now being met (e.g., mitigating the adverse effects

Environmental Racism: A Story of Colonization and Ecocide

Learn more about what actions need to be taken to address ecocide and environmental racism on a global scale. And we encourage you to learn more about our partner, Stop Ecocide Canada, which is part of an international movement that works to include mass destruction of nature within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Check out their work here.
Learn more about RAVEN’s co-hosts, Stop Ecocide and the important work they are doing here. Learn more about West Moberly Nations’ campaign against the Site C Dam here. And read more about the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute here.

National Actions

Check Your Candy

Nestlé and Mondelēz candies contain Conflict Palm Oil, responsible for wide-scale forest destruction in some of the planet’s last intact rainforests — like the Leuser Ecosystem of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Say BOOO! to Deforestation

Take a Break from Election Stress: Sustainable Farming Documentary Film Plants Trees!

From Seed to Seed poster

Our friends at ForestPlanet, Inc. are producing an on-demand film screening of the award-winning film FROM SEED TO SEED.  Registrants may stream this 87-minute film multiple times during a 60-hour availability window starting 12noon Friday, November 4th (Eastern Time US) – watch at your convenience from wherever you are!

This is an excellent movie, registration is only $10, and we are sure that you will enjoy it.  Also, EACH REGISTRATION PLANTS 50 TREES, so you can do a solid for the planet just by watching from the comfort of your own home!


Hold P&G accountable

Until P&G severs their relationship with Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) and other dirty suppliers, they’re effectively supporting land theft from Indigenous people, the use of threats and violence, and clearcutting the rainforest habitat of endangered species. 

Rainforest Action Network, Panther on Logo.

Call P&G Execs

If we lose, Big Oil & Gas will win

Our ENTIRE mission is to raise money for candidates who are committed to tackling climate change. We simply ask that you support candidates that are committed to investing in climate action and advancing environmental justice. Your contribution does not go to GiveGreen, it goes directly to the candidates’ campaigns and candidates will know that climate is your top priority!

 Even with all the support from GiveGreen donors, our Senate candidates like John Fetterman (PA), Mandela Barnes (WI), Cheri Beasley (NC), Val Demings (FL), and Tim Ryan (OH) are falling behind their climate-denier opponents and are losing momentum.

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Why social change is so excruciatingly difficult

John Jost

A chat with psychologist John Jost about system justification theory and the differences between conservatives and liberals.

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Make Manchin Meaningless

We’re getting nervous about our top climate hawk candidates for Senate: Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin and Cheri Beasley in North Carolina.

They’re both in very close races, and this week we’re asking everyone to help with calls, text messages, or donations.

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Warnings to Action: Mobilising Humanity

Scientists Warning Europe - Inspiring science-based climate action

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Sarayaku’s Kawsak Sacha Is What the World Needs Now

The Kichwa people of Sarayaku, known for their historic resistance to oil extraction and extraordinary efforts to protect their rainforest territory, convened the meeting dubbed Kawsari, which roughly translates into “awakening,” an acknowledgment of the need for a new direction in the strategies to address the climate crisis, with roots in the traditional practices of Indigenous peoples that have so successfully protected the Earth’s critical ecosystems and biodiversity for millennia. 

Amazon Watch

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The European Parliament calls on nation-states to develop a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty 

60th anniversary of the European Parliament

In a resolution passed earlier today outlining its demands for COP27, the European Parliament called on nation-states to “work on developing a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty”, a proposed international mechanism that would complement the Paris Agreement by enabling an equitable phase-out of oil, gas and coal production, responsible for more than 80% of global emissions in the last decade. Read more

The Inflation Reduction Act will reduce household energy insecurity—but it could do more

Climate protest in NYC

With measures to cut emissions, monitor and reduce pollution, and drive clean energy investments in disadvantaged communities, the Inflation Reduction Act represents a major effort to mitigate climate change and its harmful impacts. But the bill fell short of expectations in some areas, particularly on household and community equity. Carlos Martín identifies several key gaps in the legislation that must be addressed. 

Brookings Initiative on Climate Research & Action

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Maersk launches the world’s first offshore electric vessel-charging station venture

Maersk Supply Service, a subsidiary of Danish shipping giant Maersk, is launching Stillstrom – an offshore vessel-charging venture to support the decarbonization of the maritime industry by eliminating idle emissions. Stillstrom will deliver offshore electric charging solutions to vessels at ports, hubs, and offshore energy operations. Read more

National Newsletters

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Friday, October 28 —Maine regulators approve clean-energy projects
Thursday, October 27Garden State sues Big Oil
Wednesday, October 26San Francisco tackles housing and climate crises
Tuesday, October 25Australia to bring methane down under
Monday, October 24An untapped source of power: Rivers and tides


Big Oil is addicted, but it’s killing the rest of us

A shocking new summary of fossil fuel’s assault on public health. Read more By Bill McKibben — The Crucial Years

How the Inflation Reduction Act Helps Forests Help Us

The landmark climate law is also good news for trees. Read more
By Juliet Grable — Sierra

We’re asking all the wrong questions and ignoring the only one that matters.

Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Wolf Clan

Climate in Politics

Washington State Has Quietly Made Logging a Part of Its Climate Plan

The remnants of recent Queets Rain Forest clear cut harvesting operations in the Olympic National Forest, viewed on September 12, 2021, near Quinault, Washington.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law legislation that few Washingtonians seem to be aware of. Adopted two years ago, House Bill 2528 declares logging forests to be a “solution” to the climate crisis.  The state’s logging operations have clearcut thousands of acres of mature forests annually over the last decade, with another 3,600 scheduled for logging in 2023. Read more.

The remnants of recent Queets Rain Forest clear cut harvesting operations in the Olympic National Forest, viewed on September 12, 2021, near Quinault, Washington. George Rose — Getty Images

By Paul Koberstein & Jessica Applegate — Earth Island Journal


Imagining Climate Resilience in the Pacific Northwest

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This image is from an oil painting by Claire Sianna Seaman, commissioned by the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, envisioning climate resilience in the Northwest. Photos by Mark Stone, University of Washington.

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