Hot Off the Wire — 5/7/23

Local / Regional News

WA legislative session closes with some successes

Washington state legislative success for the environment from the Sierra Club

Climate Commitment Act funds WA state forest protection –State legislators in Olympia invested a landmark $83 million in forest conservation and management. This funding marks the first time the state government will set aside timber acreage strictly for its carbon value, by designating it a high-impact “natural climate solution”. Read more from Conservation Northwest here.

Save Our Wild Salmon celebrates WA legislature actions on dam removal –The final 2023-25 Washington State Transportation and Operating Budgets funded plans that are the next steps to recover salmon, restore the lower Snake River and maintain clean energy and agriculture in the region. Read more here.

For other legislative wins, Washington Sierra Club provides this overview of legislative successes.

Local timber sale updates

Timber sale boundary photo from Forest2Sea Photography
Image: Forest2Sea Photography

*City of PA asks DNR to delay timber sales near Elwha River – Read the city’s letter here.

*May 9, 16, 23 – Center for Responsible Forestry says: We only have a few weeks left to stop the approval of TCB23 and Power Plant timber sales. Clallam County Commissioner support is critical and may be our best shot at protecting these ecologically important forestsWe need LIVE public comment at the County Commissioners meetings, every Tue. at 10:00am (May 9, 16, and 23).

It only takes 3 minutes! See instructions and comment guide HERE.  Please email to let us know which Tuesday meeting you can join us!

May 13: Lyre Conservation Area work party — Volunteer with the North Olympic Land Trust at the Lyre River. Sign up here.

May 17: Wildlife Rehabilitation and Falconry talk at Dungeness River Nature Center – More info here.

Tribe to fish for salmon for the 1st time since Elwha dam removal

The Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, Olympic National Park and Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife have agreed that a tribal ceremonial and subsistence fishery for coho salmon on the Elwha will open this fall. Read more here.

Help stop local food waste with the Clallam Gleaners

Learn more about Clallam Gleaners


Podcast: Disappearing sea stars in BC, climate crisis and a pathway forward

The climate crisis challenges us to fulfill our responsibilities to establish and maintain mutually respectful relations with each other, the land, and all living things. Listen here.

What we’ve saved: A look at the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act — here

Free booklet: Get tips on how to have the climate conservation

Let's Talk Climate book image from the Nature Conservancy

We can’t fix what we don’t talk about, so The Nature Conservancy has a free download to encourage conversation about the climate crisis. Get it here.

Can laughter save the planet? Read more from Yes magazine here.

National / International News and Actions

Federal court rejects timber co. challenge, affirms expansion of Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

A federal appeals court has rejected a legal challenge from a timber company which claimed the expansion interfered with laws requiring the government to set aside land for timber production. More info here.

Protect mature forests on federal lands? Read more here.

Five climate myths pushed by beef industry

The Guardian lists the arguments used to persuade consumers that meat eating has little impact on the planet. Read more here.

FTC to investigate corporate greenwashing

The FTC is clarifying when companies’ deceptive marketing around sustainability violates federal law. Read more here.

Tell Biden — Don’t give up on Inflation Reduction Act — Climate Hawks Vote has a petition to sign here.

One town mourns a paper mill’s closure, another celebrates – Read more from Grist here.

How to protect your home from natural disaster- a Brookings Initiative report


Breakthroughs in climate actions we must take

In the fight for a livable planet,
there are some problems we can’t not solve. In this special New Yorker issue, breakthroughs that can make the most difference are listed.

How the climate movement learned to win in Washington – a Politico report

Podcast: How technology can save our planet –Listen here.

Mr. Trash Wheel is hungry!

Mr Trash Wheel eats plastic- photo

Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel just turned 9! Read more from Grist here.

Grist has a podcast– Temperature Check

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