Hot Off the Wire — 4/10/2022

by tierra del fuego

Take Action

Building electrification online field meeting – Climate Solutions
Date: Monday, April 11, 12:00 -2 pm

Book Presentation: Indigenous Voices on the Changing Earth – by Dahr Jamail and Stan Rushworth for Earth Ministry
Date: Sunday, Apr 24, 1:00 -3 PM

Build the Climate Vote: Write letters to climate voters – Greenpeace

Virtual National Letter Writing Party! – Greenpeace
Dates: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays

Tell your reps to co-sponsor the Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax –

Tell Biden’s EPA: Protect Health and Fight Climate Change – NRDC

Make polluters pay their fair share! –

Tell Congress: we must invest in clean, renewable energy now. – League of Conservation Voters

Tell Democratic leaders: End dependence on fossil fuels! – Climate Hawks Vote

Tell your bank to stop funding fossil fuels and deforestation! – Stop the Money Pipeline

Climate News

WA to preserve 10,000 acres of trees for carbon credits to polluters – by Lynda V. Mapes for The Seattle Times

White House seeks course change in salmon recovery – by Eric Barker for Post Register
The Biden administration reiterated its determination to change course on the decades-long effort to recover wild salmon in the Snake and Columbia rivers, but it did not say how.

A Big Win to Protect WA State Parks – Save the Olympic Peninsula
Judge James Dixon of the Thurston County Superior Court ruled that Washington State Parks Commissioners were arbitrary and capricious when they allowed the military to use our state parks for military training.

Waste incinerators contribute to plumes of airborne pollution, but U.S. regulators fail to track this threat. – by Marina Schauffler for Truthout
Municipal waste incinerators only report hazardous air pollutants to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency every three years; per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances are not yet listed in this category.

How to curb meat consumption for a decarbonized worldby Sarah Lazarovic for Yes!
oing vegetarian or vegan would be one of the simplest and most effective ways to bring our carbon emissions down faster than you can say “textured vegetable protein.”

The Nature Conservancy works with corporate polluters to promote industrial logging – by Rev. Leo Woodberry & Danna Smith for The Nature Conspiracy

Migrants fleeing hurricanes and drought face new challenges in ICE detention – by Alleen Brown for The Intercept
More extreme weather events caused by climate change will lead to further exploitation and disregard for detained immigrants at ICE facilities.

The climate crisis will produce a huge wave of migrants, and we’re not ready. – by Bill McKibben for The New Yorker

Abolitionists and Environmentalists in Atlanta Band Together – by Mira Sydow for Yes!
As the South River Forest has been leveled before their eyes and Atlanta Police Department’s budget inflates further, organizers foster community in the sanctuary of the forest.

The Bernie Sanders adviser-turned-screenwriter discusses his film “Don’t Look Up.”The Intercept

Report reveals how the Dakota Access Pipeline is breaking the law – by Joseph Lee for Grist
Working with a team of engineers, the report’s authors included new information about oil quality, spills, leakage, and faulty infrastructure that could be pivotal in the ongoing battle to stop the pipeline.

Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicles Would Save 110,000 Lives – by Andrea Germanos for Truthout
A nationwide transition to a zero-emission transportation sector and renewable electricity generation would bring $1.2 trillion in public health benefits to the United States, a new report finds.

Biden-Harris Clean Vehicle & Transit Announcements are Welcome News – by Emily Samsel for League of Conservation Voters

Biden’s $5.8 trillion budget proposal includes funding for green jobs, climate research, & environmental justice. – by Diana Kruzman for Grist

Podcast: Who’s set to win and lose from the green energy revolution?– by Henry Tricks and Matthieu Favas for The Economist

US can provide Europe with liquefied natural gas while advancing climate goals – by Peter Erickson for Stockholm Environment Institute

Energy Security Benefits of Climate & Clean Energy Policy – by Robbie Orvis for Energy Innovation

Trees are great at capturing warming gases, but mass-planting efforts tell a tricky story. – by Kate Yoder for Grist
growing body of research has cast doubt on tree planting as a fix for the climate crisis.

Proposed deep-sea mining would kill animals not yet discovered – by Sabrina Weiss for National Geographic

How the World’s Richest People Are Driving Global Warming – by Eric Roston, Leslie Kaufman, and Hayley Warren for Bloomberg
There’s growing evidence that the inequality between rich and poor people’s emissions within countries now overwhelms the country-to-country disparities. In other words: High emitters have more in common across international boundaries, no matter where they call home.

Latest IPCC Climate Report: “Fossil Fuel Is at the Root of Our Problems” – by Amy Goodman, Bill McKibben, and Svitlana Romanko for Democracy Now!

UN Weather Agency Sounds Alarm on Extreme Events in Antarctica – by Andrea Germanos for Truthout
Scientists with the United Nations weather agency expressed fresh concern over the climate crisis following recent extreme events in Antarctica.

The world’s growing reliance on liquefied natural gas is upending the global energy equation – by Michael T. Klare for Truthout
Prior to the Ukrainian invasion, Russia was Europe’s principal supplier of imported oil and natural gas, so European efforts to replace those imports will have a powerful impact on global trade.

Illegal Fishing Is Pushing Ocean Ecosystems Toward Collapse – by Steve Trent for Truthout
Illegal fishing is pushing ocean ecosystems toward total collapse and stripping millions of people of their food security and livelihoods.

Global Electricity Review 2022 – by Dave Jones for Ember
Wind and solar hit a tenth of global electricity, but the global electricity transition needs to sustain very high growth rates to replace coal and reduce emissions.

1,000+ Scientists Worldwide Engaged in Civil Disobedience for Climate Action – by Jake Johnson for Truthout
“The world’s largest-ever scientist-led civil disobedience campaign” kicked off just days after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its latest report.

The Razor’s Edge of A Warming World – by Emily Atkin & Caitlin Looby for GQ
Climate change is caused chiefly by the burning of fossil fuels. Unless we rapidly transition to clean energy, all other efforts to save our warming planet won’t matter.

Can the world overshoot its climate targets — and then fix it later? – by Emily Pontecorvo for Grist
Policymakers seem to be banking on it. But irreversible climate impacts could get in the way: there are irreparable consequences of a future with more drought, heat, floods, and fires.

Why energy insecurity is here to stayThe Economist

The world is now grasping at straws in its efforts to maintain affordable energy flows. – by Richard Heinberg for Post Carbon Institute
We are living through a moment that may be as politically and economically transformative as the World Wars of the 20th century, though with little likelihood of an outcome anywhere near as desirable as the boom decades of the 1920s or 1950s.

The World’s Top Diplomat Has Had It Up to Here – by Bill McKibben for The Crucial Years
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has become as outspoken as Greta Thunberg in his denunciation of the countries and companies that are wrecking the planet. Speaking at a recent conference, he accused the world of “sleepwalking to climate catastrophe…”

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