Hot Off the Wire — 3/13/2022

by tierra del fuego

Take Action

econ4peace Openhouse • Wednesdays, March 30 – 4 to 6pm– Economics for Peace Institute, Chimacum Grange

Presentation: salmon recovery and forestry –
Date: March 14th @ 6pm-7:30pm PT

Two Year, Three-County Study to establish baseline indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship– Economics for Peace Institute
When: Wednesdays at the Chimacum Grange, beginning April 6
Counties: Kitsap, Clallam and Jefferson

Show Northwest leaders you care about removing the Snake River dams – Columbia Riverkeeper
Senator Murray and Governor Inslee are studying how to remove the four Lower Snake River dams to halt the extinction of salmon and Southern Resident orcas; they want input from all North-westerners.

A conference to advance abundant, affordable housing and sustainable development in cities – Sightline Institute
Date: April 11-13, 2022

A new Supreme Court case could strip the EPA and other federal agencies of their power to protect the environment –
Please add your name to show your solidarity with the EPA and its important role in protecting our climate from the fossil fuel industry’s disastrous projects.

Tell President Biden: Phase out ALL fossil fuels–
As we turn away from Russian fossil fuels, we must invest in a new path forward, rather than replacing one source of fossil fuels with another.

Tell the Biden Administration: Stop new oil drilling in the Arctic!– Climate Hawks Vote

Tell the Biden Administration it’s time to let forests grow! – Climate Forests

End global fossil fuel addiction that feeds Putin’s war machine– Kostiantyn Krynytskyi (Ukrainian climate activist) for Ecoaction

Help us add 10,000 signatures to send this message to Evan Greenberg of Chubb: Restrict your oil and gas business and respect human rights!– Rainforest Action Network

Demand Big Industry stop driving illegal deforestation and protect our planet! – Friends of the Earth

Climate News

The North Olympic Development Council (NODC) received a $170,000 grant to coordinate climate action planning with local governmentsby Janis Burger, Ed Bowlby, Ed Chadd, & Cindy Jayne for Olympic Climate Action (OCA)
OCA members devised a set of local climate mitigation ideas for the North Olympic Development Council, drawing heavily from well-researched sources.

Smart Planning Will Drive Replacing the Power from Lower Snake River Dams – NW Energy Coalition
We have an opportunity to create a more resilient and just Northwest electricity system free from greenhouse gas emissions, even as the demand on that system grows.

Jefferson Transit is launching a pilot that connects with the Kingston Fast Ferry to Seattle! And you can ride free! by Karen Richards for Local 20/20, Jefferson County2020

Do salmon have rights? – by Joseph Lee for Grist
A legal battle between Seattle and the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe could test the Rights of Nature movement.

Emergency response towing vessel analysis – Washington State Department of Ecology
Ecology is conducting an analysis of whether an Emergency Response Towing Vessel serving the waterways around the San Juan Islands would reduce oil spill risk. We welcome your input and encourage you to get involved.

Why does Washington need an oil spill program? – Washington State Department of Ecology
More than 20 billion gallons of oil is transported through Washington each year.

Far behind Asian manufacturers, U.S. automakers and their suppliers are racing to develop a new generation of electric car batteriesThe New York Times

Six key lifestyle changes can help avert the climate crisis, study findsby Matthew Taylor for The Guardian
The study found that sticking to six specific commitments – from flying no more than once every three years to only buying three new items of clothing a year – could rein in the runaway consumption that is partially driving the climate crisis.

Taking the auto out of autocrat – by Bill McKibben for The Crucial Years
What about a nationwide electric vehicle pool?

Why climate justice must go beyond borders – by Harsha Walia for open Democracy
As many as one billion people may be displaced by the climate crisis by 2050.

For mental health, landmark climate report spells disaster– by Kate Yoder for Grist
The effects of climate change are linked to stress, trauma, grief, anxiety, and suicide.

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine May Have Disastrous Cascading Effects for Climate– by John Knefel for Truthout

Russian Invasion Shows Risks of Addiction to Fossil Fuels; Will Biden Fund Shift to Renewables?Democracy Now!
Global oil and gas prices are skyrocketing as the U.S. bans Russian energy imports as part of its sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine.

Big Oil is exiting Russia. What does that mean for the climate?– by Emily Pontecorvo for Grist
Withdrawing from Russia may hinder plans to transition to clean energy.

Punch Putin in the kidneys’by Blake Hounshell and Leah Askarinam for The New York Times
The Ukraine crisis points out the need for us and the world to wean off fossil fuels.

Private Report Shows How Drastically Undercounts Its Carbon Footprint – by Will Evans for Reveal takes responsibility for the full climate impact only of products with an Amazon brand label, which make up about 1% of its online sales.

The highly flammable politics of high gas pricesby Eve Andrews for Grist

Europe reconsiders its energy futureThe Economist
Will oil at more than $100 a barrel, gas markets in turmoil, and war be enough to wean Europe off Russian gas?

Suddenly, oil companies are upbeat again – by Somini Sengupta for The New York Times
Rising oil prices and increased demand for expanded production come at a time when scientists say nations must sharply cut the use of fossil fuels.

New UN Climate Report Shows the Urgency of Fighting for Climate Justice – by Jessica Olson for the Sierra Club
The report makes clear that the climate crisis is already having devastating impacts, and we must do everything within our power to keep warming to below 1.5° Celsius.

The plight of Black students fleeing Ukraine, borders, the climate crisis, and taking action by Kelly Hayes and Harsha Walia for Truthout

Time is running out to adapt to climate change, new IPCC report says– by Joseph Winters & Lina Tran for Grist
Region by region, the analysis describes “widespread, pervasive impacts” to ecosystems, people, settlements, and infrastructure.

It is happening much more quickly and more extremely”—A grim new report on climate changeThe Economist

Let’s Aim for a Day When Gas Costs Nothing — Because Climate Action Has Made It Worthless – by William Rivers Pitt for Truthout
Russia’s gruesome war in Ukraine is not specifically about oil, but its impact has everything in the world to do with oil.

Amazon Is Less Able to Recover From Droughts and Logging, Study FindsThe New York Times
The region is nearing a threshold beyond which its forests may be replaced by grasslands, with huge repercussions for biodiversity and climate change.

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