Hot Off the Wire — 1/8/2022

Tracking Climate Change in 193 Countries

A team of more than 40 Opinion writers, photographers and editors spent five months canvassing the globe to illustrate the deadly consequences of our warming world.
— The New York Times

A large tree aflame in a sea of fire.
Matthew Abbott for The New York Times

Olympic ClimatI e Action General Meeting Tomorrow – 7 pm — 9 pm


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Climate Action Now
Take action. Earn trees.

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This is How We Fix the Future

2021 Was Apocalyptic. Things are Going to Get Even Worse. We Need to Start Doing the Work of the 21st Century.
— Eudaimonia

May We Rage and Love Well in 2022

Earth, smoking from kindness.

And may we remember that real change demands our active and sustained participation, even in the tender aches of living in the unknown.
— Yes! Magazine

Things you can Do and View

SSCAN New Year Climate Action Meetup Washington logo.

350 Washington Climate Action Team leader, David Perk will share their latest priorities and plans to make quick, simple, frequent ways for you to call, write and testify to our state legislators.

Jan. 13 | 6:00pm — 7:00pm

Tell Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell:
Our democracy can’t wait. Pass strong voting rights legislation now.
— NRDC Action Fund

Raven Webinar

Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Action:
Community Solutions

Jan 12 | 4:00 pm PT

Hold Them Accountable

Republican members of Congress who incited the January 6, 2021 insurrection through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences. They have broken their sacred Oath of Office.

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JOIN: 350 Rapid Response
Climate Solutions Team

Get the most relevant information you need to act.

Airpolution crime scene- electric towers among smoke stacks in a brown haze

Urge your members of Congress to cosponsor the National Climate Emergency Act

Letter-writing Party for Snake River Salmon
Zoom link: 846 7388 0097

Join in a Zoom call on Sunday at 4:00pm Write letters to local news outlets to expand coverage of the dams with a message to save the salmon and orca we love! 

No experience necessary — you’ll get access to all the talking points and facts you need to craft a compelling message. 


Demand the EPA limit methane, the oil & gas industry super-pollutant

Local/Regional News

Olympic Climate Action
Special Program

Why All the Excitement About EVs?

Jan. 27 | 6:30 pm — 8 pm

A vintage illustration of a futuristic three-wheeled self-driving ‘“dream car” from 1961.
A vintage illustration of a futuristic three-wheeled self-driving ‘“dream car” from 1961. GraphicaArtis illustration/Getty Images

Original caretakers:
Indigenous groups team up with conservationists to protect swaths of US

Environmental organizations and tribes have been coming together to protect the natural world, and a key part of this teamwork has been land transfers.
— The Guardian

As Miners Chase Clean-Energy Minerals, Tribes Fear a Repeat of the Past

Mining the minerals that may be needed for a green energy revolution could devastate tribal lands. The Biden administration will be forced to choose.
— The New York Times

Climate change:
On the edge and nowhere to go

Several Alaska Native villages face imminent destruction.
— Indian Country Today

Will Iván Duque Protect Environmental Defenders?
— The New York Times
— Amazon Watch

A spiritual perspective on climate change

Indian Country Today logo-banner

Analysis: Fighting the existential threat of the changing climate will require a new world view

Canada is spending billions on clean drinking water for First Nations communities

More than $4 billion on improvements to drinking water infrastructure at hundreds of Indigenous reserves throughout the country.
— Grist

California’s Forever Fire

After another devastating year, it’s clear that Californians can’t keep trying to “fight” wildfires. Instead, they need to accept it as their new reality.
— ProPublica

Climate scientists grapple with wildfire disaster in their backyard

A wind-whipped firestorm struck at the heart of one of America’s top climate science and meteorology research hubs.
— Axios

‘Total devastation’ after wildfire charges through Colorado towns

Boulder-area residents remained barred from some municipalities, and roughly 500 families may enter a new year having lost their houses to the flames, officials said.
— The Washington Post

Noam Chomsky on the Climate Emergency

“All of this is a massive successful indoctrination campaign of the kind that Goebbels would have been impressed with. And the only way to overcome it, again, is by constant, dedicated activism.”
— DemocracyNow! interview

To get rural Americans involved in climate crisis, see them for who they are

Despite stereotypes, there’s really only one characteristic they all share: They hate being told what to do.
— Grist


Just a little too slow

Don’t Look Up and why journalism’s had such trouble with climate change
Bill McKibben

What’s Biden’s Next Move on Climate?

So far he has been more talk than action.
— The American Spectator

The happiest number I’ve heard in ages

Doing the right thing makes other right things happen
Bill McKibben


Top 21 Visual Capitalist
— Visual Capitalist
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