Tracking Climate Change in 193 Countries

A team of more than 40 Opinion writers, photographers and editors spent five months canvassing the globe to illustrate the deadly consequences of our warming world.

Sarah Bahr

By Sarah Bahr | Jan. 2, 2022

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“Open your eyes. We have failed.
The climate crisis is now.”

So begins the video introduction to
Postcards From a World on Fire,”
an ambitious multimedia project reported and developed by more than 40 writers, photographers, editors and designers on the Opinion desk at The Times. The project, which appears in today’s issue and was published online last month, documents how climate change has altered life in 193 countries.

A large tree aflame in a sea of fire.

“Open your eyes. We have failed.
The climate crisis is now.”

Matthew Abbott for The New York Times

“We need to change the conversation around climate change. We talk about it like it’s in the future, but it’s already changing the way we live.”

Kathleen Kingsbury
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