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Juliana Group Photo
Our Children's Trust-Youth v. Gov

In Juliana v. U.S., 21 young Americans assert that their government knowingly endangers their lives by permitting, subsidizing, and otherwise orchestrating the continued promotion and use of fossil fuels. Through these actions, the federal government has recklessly and deliberately allowed atmospheric CO2 concentrations to reach levels unprecedented in human history

We need to establish a durable framework, lasting across generations, that sets the constitutional limits and requirements of all subsequent legislation and executive actions of the political branches respecting a safe climate.
Look at the efforts of our Congress, right now, as they struggle to pass legislation that only partially begins to address the climate crisis, only to be stymied by individual political agendas and lobbyist interests.

Congress alone will not save us. The President alone will not save us. By their nature, these offices are politically driven and influenced by the monied lobbyists in our political system.

We need the durable protection of a judicial declaration – one that declares that our U.S fossil fuel-based energy policy is unconstitutional – to protect our climate and our children.

What You Need to Know About Climate Change from AARP

How it’s already affecting your health, home and safety — and what you can do about it.

About the Climate Petition to AARP

Sign the Climate Petition to AARP

Bioneers 2021 Conference-November 11-13
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Join us at the Bioneers 2021 virtual conference to learn how bold leaders are guiding us toward solutions.

Regional Actions

Rally for Climate Change Policy

Millions around the world will be rallying in support of action for Climate Change policy from world leaders.
We will join them with our signs and voices on the “Global Day For Climate Justice”.

This year is a crucial opportunity to achieve pivotal, transformational change in global climate policy and action.

Saturday, November 6
1:00-2:00 P.M.
The triangle at the local Co-Op

in Port Townsend

Every region on earth is now being impacted by intensifying climate change. This is most definitely a world-wide issue.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference…aka COP 26, Starts October 31st through November 12th, in Glasgow, United Kingdom. COP is the “Conference of the Parties”, and as of 2019, 197 countries were the Parties. COP has met yearly, since 1995. In the past, COP has been instrumental in adopting the Kyoto Protocol and more recently, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Just Transition in Transportation campaign briefing at the 350 Seattle General Meeting

Nov 3 | 7:00 — 8:00 pm
Register for OnlineMore information Seattle. Blue and green with trees.

Pre-session Lobbying Training

Nov 4 | 6:30 pm
Register for Online

Support the Tax Credit for Union-Made Electric Vehicles made in the U.S.

Give consumers an extra $4,500 tax credit for buying a union-made electric vehicle made in the U.S.

Local/Regional News

You can join the Olympic Peninsula Electric Vehicles Facebook Group

. . . to discuss and advocate for policies and activities that support the transition to transportation electrification.

Two white cars charging beside a green meadow scene.

Folks looking into a bucket, with interest, on the beach.

The Puget Sound Partnership, a state-sponsored regional collaboration of governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals to protect and restore Puget Sound, is working on their 2022-26 Strategic Plan, and they have already adopted 31 strategies for Puget Sound recovery, 3 of which (#18-20) deal with climate change.
They are holding workshops to get public input. 

350 Seattle Intertwined

350 Seattle annual fundraising event ONLINE

Nov 12th | 6 pm — 8 pm

Naomi Klein
Bill McKibben
Grace Hope-emcee

National Actions

Grave concerns from scientists about Infrastructure Bill’s Carbon Footprint

You can add this line to any of the messages you send:
Please do something about the recent grave concerns from scientists
about both Infrastructure Bills’ Carbon Footprint.

Tell your Congressmembers to support groundbreaking clean energy legislation
— CCAN Action Fund

Urge your congressmember to Stand Firm on Climate Action-Click Here
— League of Conservation Voters

You can also mention Forestry and Fossil Fuel giveaways

Sign and send the petition:
Build Back Better Act must include the strongest climate protections possible
— Daily Kos

Yellow Sunrise Movement logo

President Biden and Congress Must Act on Climate
Before the Start of COP26 International Climate Negotiations
— Sunrise Movement

Call Your Rep:
Now is the time to fight for the strongest possible climate action

NRDCActionFund banner
You can also mention Forestry and Fossil Fuel giveaways
Phone Bank VA Democrats

Join the VA Dems for our Zoom-based Phone bank!
Oct 29 — Nov 2

Because the Virginia elections outcome could determine the future of President Biden’s climate agenda.

Exit Amazon Oil and Gas

Tell UBS and JPMorgan Chase to Exit Amazon Oil and Gas NOW!

Tell Joe Biden:
Stop pouring fuel on the raging fire of the Climate Crisis. Stop Approving Petrochemical plants

TELL JOE BIDEN: Stop pouring fuel on the raging fire of the Climate Crisis. Stop Approving Petrochemical plants
— Hip Hop Caucus

Take two minutes to record a short video

Together, we can show the power of the movement to implement a global Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty –
in our own words for COP26.

Events during COP26-Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
Summary of all events
Livable Future discussion with Stan Cox.

Wednesday, Nov 10 | 6 pm PT

Sign the petition: Stop offshore drilling now!

Devastation of our coastlines is entirely preventable.

Climate Hawks Vote logo banner

Sign now >>
Rich countries must pay their fair share

LCV. League of Conservation Voters. Our earth is worth fighting for.

The 2022 midterm elections are only a year away, and a lot is on the line — donate now

Bulleted list why: These Funds Help Candidates
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CODE RED: the time for climate action is NOW

Code Red banner in the street in front of the UN, NYC.

Will you tell these companies this banner was meant for them?
— Rainforest Action Network

National/International News

Banktrack and Fossil Banks-No Thanks logo

Equator Banks involved in financing at least 200 fossil fuel projects since Paris

BankTrack research sheds new light on finance for fossil fuels by Equator banks.

In case you missed it:
Different Roles, Same Struggle:
An Invitation to Save the Planet by Ending White Supremacy
— The Sierra Club

The recording can be found here

Congressman Ro Khanna Warns Forest Service May Be Endangering Lives, Calls for Hearing

Lawmakers in Washington D.C. plan to question top officials at the U.S. Forest Service in the wake of an NBC Bay Area investigative series, which raised serious safety questions about a century-old fire-fighting practice that some scientists now believe may be to blame for faster and hotter wildfires across California.

All the Metals We Mined in One Visualization for 2019

All the Metals We Mined in One Visualization
— Visual Capitalist

Restoring Whales to Their Pre-Hunted Numbers Could Capture 1.7 Billion Tons of CO2 a Year
— Lottie Limb / EuroNews

A large whale swimming near the surface.
Whales are unusually good at taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. (photo: Lindsay Imagery)

As Donziger Is Jailed for Fighting Chevron, Congress Calls for His Release

Demonstration at the Capitol with Representatives speaking.

“Steven is supposed to report to prison today in what will go down as one of the gravest miscarriages of justice in American history. Chevron has been allowed to purchase our courts, and the White House and the Justice Department are silent.”
– U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib


Hungering for Justice,
from the Cabstand to the Climate

Democracy Now. Beaking the sound Barrier. Amy and Denis.
By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan

Biden may not have hit a homer,
but he keeps the game alive!

and other climate notes as we head towards Glasgow
Bill McKibben

WaPo Live-Protecting Our Planet, A Global Test

On Thursday, Nov. 4, climate leaders from around the world join Washington Post Live to assess the goals for the summit.

guest speakers


Glimmer by Marjorie B. Kellogg

Amy Brady interviews Marjorie B. Kellogg, author of the new Climate Fiction book about NYC in the near future.

Ailbhe Pascal over her Grist fiction graphic.

Interview with Philadelphia writer and spell-caster

Ailbhe Pascal, one of the ten Grist Imagine 2200 finalists, sees fiction as a way to manifest a better future.
She is the author of Canvas – Wax – Moon.

Yarns from the Farm blog.
Nan Bray sitting with her shepherd dog, in front of her sheep and hillside in Tasmania, AU.

A note to my Yarns from the Farm Readers—I’ve started another series for our local newspaper on biodiversity…”

Cheers, Nan

View the Biodiversity Series
View A Climate Basics Series

A small fire in the Australian Bush.

9. Enhancing Biodiversity: Fire

“The millennia of experience that Indigenous Australians bring to this vitally important activity can guide us in enhancing native biodiversity. “

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