Puget Sound Partnership 2022-26 Strategic Plan

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The Puget Sound Partnership, a state-sponsored regional collaboration of governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals to protect and restore Puget Sound, is working on their 2022-26 Strategic Plan, and they have already adopted 31 strategies for Puget Sound recovery, 3 of which (#18-20) deal with climate change.

Now they’re at the point of adopting High-Level Actions and Key Results to support those strategies. and are holding a series of workshops to get public input. 

The detailed agendas and background materials for those meetings explain that each workshop will cover a different aspect of Puget Sound recovery (see below), but ALL will cover climate change in relation to those aspects (because as we know, climate change is affected by and affects everything!).

Workshop Topics & Meetings 1 & 2 dates for each:

  • A Smart growth and development
  • B Working lands
  • C Marine habitat protection and restoration
  • D Freshwater habitat protection and restoration
  • E Water quality
  • F Food webs and human activities

A – Nov 2 and Nov 30 — Tuesdays
B – Nov 3 and Dec 1 — Wednesdays
C – Nov 4 and Dec 2 — Thursdays
D – Nov 5 and Dec 3 — Fridays
E – Nov 9 and Dec 7 — Tuesdays
F – Nov 10 & Dec 8 — Wednesdays

In each case, the second of the two workshops will explicitly cover climate change, but it would be smart to attend both workshops to have a better sense of context and know the players and the playing field. In particular, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the Mural-board feature, which will be used to gather public input.

Input you are encouraged to provide during these workshops includes:

  • What High-Level Actions are missing to achieve these strategies? Which Actions should be prioritized? How should they be accomplished?
  • What Key Results are missing as milestones for action, and which Key Results should be prioritized?

Please consider attending one or more of these workshops to ensure that our region best prioritizes its approach to the climate crisis we’re already experiencing! (Not to mention several others 😉 )

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