Grave concerns from scientists about Infrastructure Bills

A letter is circulating the Hill from well over 100 scientists urging them not to pass the BBB or BIF legislative packages unless the climate-harming logging provisions are removed from both.
These two bills are the ones climate activists have been counting on to help promote climate solutions;

  • the Reconciliation Bill (Biden’s Build Back Better 3.5 Trillion) and
  • the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIF).

The scientists point out that, as the bills currently stand (including the revised, Oct. 28th version of BBB), will make the climate crisis worse.

This list of scientists opposing the BBB/BIF logging provisions came together in just over one day. While the list continues to grow, the scientists wanted to make sure members of Congress and the public see the letter now, given that potential votes are looming imminently on BBB and BIF in the House. 

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