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Become a Better Recycler

Come to Sierra Club’s October Meeting to Find Out How From These Experts!

Meggan Uecker - Solid Waste Superintendent for the City of Port Angeles
Meggan Uecker – Solid Waste Superintendent for the City of Port Angeles
Laura Tucker - Jefferson County Public Health
Laura Tucker – Jefferson County Public Health

Thursday, October 21 | 7PM
(Joins the Zoom meeting)

Top Takeaways From Battery Analysis
Of 5,000 EVs For 1 Year

EV Dashboard

How’s the battery in that used EV I’m considering?
What kind of range will I get now compared to when the car was new?

Climate on Tap Resumes In Person

FinnRiver Cidery logo

Regional Actions

Join 350 WA’s 21C Transportation Campaign!

For better transportation through 2037!

Rubber, Meet Road:
Meeting Washington State’s Transportation Decarbonization challenge in the Decisive Decade

Nov 10 | 1:00 pm PT

 Rubber, Meet Road: Webinar

Fossil Free Future: Seattle, WA!

Friday, October 29 | 11:00 AM

Youth demonstration-System Change not Climate Change

Pier 62 | 1951 Alaskan Way, Seattle , WA

Local/Regional News

Music Video for the Song Save Me

Dammed to Extinction creators & musician Annie Sea create a video showcasing the plight of the Orcas

Orca Breaching

Rights of Nature for the
Southern Resident Orcas
Roundtable Discussion

Nov 17 | 12:00 — 1:00 pm PT
Register for the Zoom meeting

Orca Breaching

Lake Tahoe is now “terminal” thanks to climate change and drought
— Daily Kos

National Actions

Democrats Weigh Carbon Tax After Manchin Rejects Key Climate Provision

Faced with the likely demise of a central pillar of President Biden’s agenda, the White House and outraged lawmakers are scrambling to find alternatives.
— The New York Times

Where President Biden’s economic plan stands, from taxes to climate policy to Medicare to immigration

The Post Most logo

Democrats have started signaling which parts of the White House agenda could be cut and which are likely to be approved.

— League of Conservation Voters

One knows the feeling - Basketball player after missing a crucial shot.


Thanks to Joe Manchin, we’re on the edge of a devastating climate loss
— Bill McKibben

One knows the feeling

How Kyrsten Sinema, Once a Socialist, Is Now Obstructing the Democrats’ Progressive Platform
— DemocracyNow! interview

Banner proclaiming-Manchin: Who will you throw overboard?
— Greenpeace

LCV. League of Conservation Voters. Our earth is worth fighting for.

Can you help out by calling and thanking one or more of our top champions in Congress and urging them to stand firm on climate action today?

As they currently stand, the Infrastructure bills would take us farther away from our climate target than we are currently, unless the logging provisions are removed and CEPP is restored.

Please send the Running Backwards report:
 to your national representatives!

Running Backwards report from the John Muir Project.

Joe Manchin’s Dirty Empire

Joe Manchin

The West Virginia Senator reaps big financial rewards from a network of coal companies with grim records of pollution, safety violations, and death.
— The Intercept

“Dirty Empire”:
Sen. Joe Manchin Demands Dems Drop Climate Funding as He Makes Millions from Coal

DemocracyNow logo

Ilhan Omar Blasts Manchin & Sinema for Siding with Big Pharma, Big Oil & Wall Street in Budget Talks.

Plastic-Free National Parks-Eliminate the sale or distribution of single-use plastics in our national parks.
— Seeding Sovereignty

Tell the EPA:
Protect the West’s National Parks from Polluters

Desert National Park
— The Sierra Club

Tell leaders of the US, UK and EU:
Fund the just transition everywhere

Support the team members in Glasgow, Scotland for the 26th U.N. Climate Summit.

Southern Environmental Law Center says

Solutions for climate change start in the South.

We’re Ending Amazon Crude

Exit Anmazon Oil and Gas-A scene of extraction in the rainforest.
October 21, 2021 | Pendle Marshall-Hallmark | Eye on the Amazon

Human rights and environmental NGOs, alongside Indigenous organizations are calling on all banks to Exit Amazon Oil and Gas immediately

Protect polar bears from oil company harassment

Polar Bear mother and cub.
(C)Steven Kazlowski/LeftEyePro

National/International News

“People vs. Fossil Fuels”:
Over 530 Arrested in Historic Indigenous-Led Climate Protests in D.C.

DC Indigenous Climate Demonstration
— DemocracyNow!

Washington Post Live-Powering Change

EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan joins Washington Post Live to discuss the path forward to transitioning to clean energy.

Oct. 28 | 8:30 am PT

WaPo Speakers-Jerome Foster II, Michael S. Regan, Leah Thomas

Interactive Map: Tracking Global Hunger and Food Insecurity

Every day, hunger affects more than 700 million people. This live map from the UN highlights where hunger is hitting hardest around the world.

Highlited map of Aftrica and Asia


Keep the oil in the soil! A massive win for climate justice

The world’s fifth biggest economy sharply restricts oil and gas drilling.
Bill McKibben

Climate in Politics


Olympic National Park interpretive ranger graduates as Climate Change Artist

We are the eye of the storm, our human experiences translating each hurricane from hazard to disaster.

These images can be interpreted literally, as a hurricane and its numerous impacts, or they can be more symbolic: watching ourselves twist in a storm system of inequities that caused Puerto Rico to be without power for 328 days after María . . . “

Simona Clausnitzer
A hurricane image depicting the important impacts that result.
Composite linocut overlay by Simona Clausnitzer, December 2020

Yarns from the Farm blog.
Nan Bray sitting with her shepherd dog, in front of her sheep and hillside in Tasmania, AU.

A note to my Yarns from the Farm Readers—I’ve started another series for our local newspaper on biodiversity…”

Cheers, Nan

View the Biodiversity Series
View A Climate Basics Series

A small fire in the Australian Bush.

9. Enhancing Biodiversity: Fire

“The millennia of experience that Indigenous Australians bring to this vitally important activity can guide us in enhancing native biodiversity. “

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