Hot Off the Wire — 11/20/2021

Conference of Parties in Glasgow — COP26

Indigenous Leaders Call for Landback Reforms and Climate Justice in “Required Reading”

The authors, who are taking part in COP26 this week, discuss ways to support Indigenous communities and their allies in healing the planet and moving forward to a post-oil future.

Yes! A Better World Today

3 Indigenous Women Talk COP26 and What Real Climate Solutions Look Like

“It’s not just swapping out oil and gas. It’s about changing the system so that it’s sustainable for everybody.”

Photo of indigenous demonstration--LAND BACK
Photo by Nick LaChance /Nurphoto via Getty Images
Man and Beer

Man announces he will quit drinking by 2050

A Sydney man has set an ambitious target to phase out his alcohol consumption within the next 29 years, as part of an impressive plan to improve his health.

The program will see Greg Taylor, 73, continue to drink as normal for the foreseeable future, before reducing consumption in 2049 when he turns 101. He has assured friends it will not affect his drinking plans in the short term.

Taylor said it was important not to rush the switch to non-alcoholic beverages. “It’s not realistic to transition to zero alcohol overnight. This requires a steady, phased approach where nothing changes for at least two decades,” he said, adding that he may need to make additional investments in beer consumption in the short term, to make sure no night out is worse off.

Taylor will also be able to bring forward drinking credits earned from the days he hasn’t drunk over the past forty years, meaning the actual end date for consumption may actually be 2060.

To assist with the transition, Taylor has bought a second beer fridge which he describes as the ‘capture and storage’ method.

Local/Regional News

Biomass to Biochar report cover

Forty biochar producers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers held a virtual workshop in April 2020 to chart a roadmap for future development of the biochar industry in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
— Washington State University

OCA Endorses ‘WA Can’t Wait’ Campaign

WA Can't Wait graphic
clearcut-logging-Creek Big Lonely Douglas Fir
Sierra Club BC-logo

B.C.’s Climate Risk Assessment did not consider the ways that logging worsens climate risks, presenting a major blind spot that could undermine the effectiveness of the Province’s response to global heating.

Written by Dr. Peter Wood, the Intact forests, safe communities report found that industrial logging has a significant impact on the severity and frequency of climate risks for B.C. communities. 

A report on reducing community climate risks through forest protection and a paradigm shift in forest management.

National Actions

Tell Congress to Pass Big, Bold Climate and Justice Investments!
— Interfaith Power & Light
Blue 350 logo

Tell President Biden:
No more fossil fuel permits

Organizing and Movement building training! 
Saturday, November 20 | 11 — 1 pm PT
Sign up for the training? Post COP26 Briefing Call
Nov 18 — Register for video

Washington Post article about Proctor $ Gamble deforestation.
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Pass Build Back Better, We're watching you.
Tell Your Representative: Vote Yes!
NRDCActionFund banner

Tell Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell
that you are counting on them to pass the Build Back Better Act with the strongest climate measures

What We Got Out of COP26—and What’s Still Needed

LCV. League of Conservation Voters. Our earth is worth fighting for.
63% of voters say addressing climate change this year is a priority.
Additional $4M In Ads
This is your Moment-Text CLIMATEBILL to tell congress to pass the BBB Act.

Herlin Odicio

“Alternative Development” in the Peruvian Amazon:
Deforestation, Drugs, and Death

National/International News

Climate Crisis = Health Emergency:
Air Pollution, Pandemics & Displacement Make the World Sick

DeomcracyNow Health
— DemocracyNow!

Is Big Oil hiding in your investment portfolio?

We need to hold the institutions and the investments managers that we entrust with our money to a higher standard.
— Grist and Amalgamated Investment Services

Miseducation How Climate Change Is Taught in America

“Miseducation”: How Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Push Climate Denialism to Kids in U.S. Schools

Interview with the investigator and author, Katie Worth.
— DemocracyNow! interview

Pipeline to the classroom:
How big oil promotes fossil fuels to America’s children

Documents show how tightly woven group of pro-industry organizations target impressionable schoolchildren and teachers desperate for resources
— The Guardian

Book cover-Petro Pete

“This book is dedicated to Oklahoma educators. The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) thanks them for their passion for teaching, their dedication to Oklahoma students and their continued support of energy education.”

“Exceptional reporting undergirds the truly shocking facts in this book: the fossil fuel industry is doing all that it can to undermine education about climate change, which will be the most important fact in the lifetimes of kids in school today.”
Bill McKibben


It’s useful to have known history

As Patrick Leahy leaves the Senate, a few thoughts about age and politics
Bill McKibben

There Is No Climate Justice Without Racial Justice

“Without a focus on correcting injustice, work on climate change addresses only symptoms, and not root causes.”
— Yes! Magazine


Regeneration by Paul Hawken

Book review

The Creation Care Team and the Interfaith Earth Care Alliance group are reading and exploring environmentalist Paul Hawken’s new book: 

Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation (2021)

Paul Hawken’s approach is optimistic and multifaceted: “one that weaves justice, climate, biodiversity, equity and human dignity into a seamless tapestry of action, policy, and transformation that can end the climate crisis in one generation.”  It begins with a hopeful Forward by Jane Goodall and includes other contributions from Richard Powers, Jonathan Safran Forer, Carl Safina, and Isabella Tree. Beautiful and striking photographs of the natural world throughout the text help inspire while Hawken provides a practical guide for us all to get to work on regeneration together. “Regeneration has two meanings. It refers to regenerating life on earth. And it refers to a new generation of humanity coming together to reverse global warming.” We can all put life at the center of every action we take and every decision we make.

Review written by Kelsey Redlin

You can learn more about the book at:

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