Host a Ramps to Nowhere Viewing Party

Hi friends!

We’re back with your weekly transportation package update. It’s a short week and we have a short message with an opportunity to help spread the word about the harms of highways.


Highway Ramps to Nowhere

If y’all missed last week’s screening of Ramps to Nowhere, you can catch this film about the Seattle Freeway Revolt on vimeo! A recording of the panel discussion will be available on YouTube soon, and we’ll get you that link next week.

If you watched the film and were inspired, this winter you can help spread the word about the harms of highways, and the intersectional organizing that brought down a freeway under construction, by organizing a Ramps to Nowhere viewing party! Show the film at your 350 local group meeting, or your faith community, school, or with a group of friends (in-person or over zoom, your choice!). Fill out this form to learn more and to receive a viewing party toolkit.

Thank you for joining our campaign for a green and equitable transportation system. We’re sending you best wishes for a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

— Ingrid & Andrew, 350WA CAT Transportation Leads

Want to learn more about the campaign, or join the team? We are working in coalition with Front and Centered, Disability Rights WA, and Transit Riders Union for a Just Transition in Transportation. For more info, Check out this brief intro and volunteer form! Or take a deeper dive with our Campaign Welcome Guide. Additional Action: if you haven’t done so already,sign our letter to lawmakers about the harms of highway expansion and the need for green and equitable transportation investments!

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