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Local / Regional News

Inflation Reduction Act provides incentives for energy efficiency

Infographic from the American Solar Energy Society

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the largest climate bill in U.S. history. A main focus is tax credits and rebates for clean energy, electric vehicles, and efficiency updates. Above are some highlights of how this bill can benefit you and/or your business. State and local leaders will play a big role in the law’s success. Find out how here then remind our city leaders of this. Also, check out this guide and savings calculator from Rewiring America.

Clean Fuel Standard coming to Washington state

Washington state’s Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) launches on January 1, 2023! The CFS requires transportation fuel producers to reduce carbon intensity or invest in the production of cleaner fuels. Our state’s transportation sector is responsible for nearly 45% of our total greenhouse gas emissions–greater than the total emissions of entire countries, so this is a big step.

Miller Peninsula State Park

Gov. Inslee may budget development of Miller Peninsula into an intensive camping area. If you’d like to keep this park as a natural area for day use and education, let him know. Gov. Inslee’s email is here.

WA environmental legislative priorities

Washington’s 2023 legislative session starts January 9 and continues for 105 days. With this longer working period that occurs in odd-numbered years, the Washington Environmental Council has even more time to continue fighting for people and the environment. This year, a coalition of more than 26 statewide organizations will prioritize climate action, land use, salmon recovery, and waste reduction. Many ways to get involved! Learn more here.

Stop aquatic clearcutting in Canada

In Canada, any ship can dump sewage directly into the ocean, contributing to the destruction of kilometers of kelp forests, critical habitat, and food sources for endangered and threatened species. Stand Earth has a petition to stop this practice.


Get active: North Olympic Land Trust

North Olympic Land Trust phenology wheel example.

The North Olympic Land Trust suggests creating a phenology wheel– a circular chart that follows the routines of a natural place over time.

The practice allows you to deeply connect with the earth. A good biodiversity exericese. Learn more.

Be a superhero: Play the climate game

See if you can save the planet from the worst effects of climate change. Check it out here.

“Earth’s Beating Heart”: 12 Coastal-Themed Books for kids

A detail from the cover illustration by Michelle Mee Nutter for the book The Girl Who Built an Ocean. Cover image courtesy of Penguin Random House

Illustration: Michelle Mee Nutter for the book The Girl Who Built an Ocean

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, this Hakai magazine selection takes kids through the world’s oceans. Read more.

National / International News and Actions

Earth Bill makes it to Congress

Earth Bill explained

Representative Espaillat has introduced the Earth Bill, a plan for a transition to renewable energy and regenerative agriculture by 2030. And save Wed, Dec. 28, 9am PST for an online launch party! 

1,200 possibilities for our planet’s future

The Washington Post found some hope for our future after examining more than 1,200 different scenarios for climate change over the coming century. Read more.

olympic climate action logo

Biodiversity COP15: indigenous rights and nature preservation

Indigenous peoples at the COP15 biodiversity summit want to ensure their rights and land tenure are respected in any future COP15 deal that aims to stop biodiversity loss by 2030. Read the Politico report here.


Harvest rainwater, make a composting toilet, and more!

Winter is a great time to learn about greywater. The Greywater Action Network has these rainwater resources and a video on composting toilets, building codes, etc. Course info here.

Induction stoves with batteries built in, and why they matter

Another great way to rewire our lives from Volts, a newsletter/podcast.

Activity centers are keys to greener commutes

Why are some U.S. cities with high overall population density so dependent on cars?

The Brookings Institute has some ideas.

Saving whales can save us all

First-ever whale song recording

“Whales are ecosystem engineers who regulate the carbon pump in the ocean,” says Adam Ratner of the Marine Mammal Center. “With whale conservation and climate, it’s really a win-win.” Whale restoration is one example in a suite of nature-based solutions. Learn more from Grist here.

Community Land Trusts Build Climate-Resilient Affordable Housing

From Yes! magazine, a fascinating article on climate-resilient affordable housing that has survived hurricanes.

Bill McKibben

A Big Bank Actually Does Something Good

Fusion: Maybe someday we’ll have a second sun

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