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Local / Regional News

Take action on legislation in Washington state

Our state legislators don’t hear enough from us about the climate crisis, so let’s change that. See below:

Environmental Lobby Days logo

Environmental Lobby Days: Sign up by Feb. 10 for Feb. 14-16 events. Join other activists to speak up for environmental health and justice, learn how to lobby, and meet virtually with elected officials. Registration is required. Sign up on the Environmental Lobby Day website here.

Weekly actions on state climate bills – Join the 350 WA Civic Action Team, a coalition of 11 groups urging legislators to act for the climate and justice. Sign up here.

Track climate measures in our state legislature – a continually updated status of bills about climate issues in the Washington State Legislature. Read more here.

Restore the Lower Snake River and stop salmon extinction – Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition urges you to tell legislators to fully fund necessary measures to ensure adequate salmon recovery. Take action here.

Jefferson Co. is first to secure inherent rights of Southern Resident Orcas

People dressed as orcas meet Jefferson County Commissioners

North Olympic Orca Pod meet county commissioners

Jefferson County commissioners have signed a proclamation supporting actions by local, state, federal and tribal governments that secure the inherent rights of the Southern Resident Orcas. Read more here.

Could the Alaska Government be on the Hook for Climate Refugees?

A proposed legal strategy could offer a way for those who’ve lost their land to climate change to be compensated. Read more here.

Stop subsidizing gas line extensions

Regulators across the northwest should end the subsidies that expand utilities’ pipeline infrastructure, says the Sightline Institute. Read more here.

Save the date- Feb. 13, 350 PNW Regional Gathering with special Guest: Alec Connon, co-director, Stop the Money Pipeline on Monday, 2/13, 6:30-7:30pm. Online, register here

Feb. 13 webinar with Dr. Suzanne Simard

Flyer about Dr. Simard webinar on 2/13/23.

Mon., Feb. 13, 5:30-7 p.m. A conversation on forests in British Columbia, economic opportunities, and our collective responsibility to better care for these vital ecosystems. Mon., Feb. 13, 5:30-7 p.m. Livestream at

Study identifies priority forests in Oregon for max conservation benefit

recent study published in Frontiers in Forests and Global Change is the first to determine which forests are the highest priority for conservation . Read more here.


Could the Alaska Government be on the Hook for Climate Refugees?

A proposed legal strategy could offer a way for those who’ve lost their land to climate change to be compensated. Read more here.

Can video games change people’s minds about the climate crisis?

Seeing the trees but not the wood? … Horizon: Forbidden West. Photograph: Sony

A new wave of game makers are attempting to influence a generation of environmentally conscious players. Will it work, and is it enough? Read more here. Check out Playing for the Planet here.

How wind, sun can power the world

A Stanford University academic says the world can rapidly get 100% of its energy from renewable sources with, as the title of his new book says, “no miracles needed”. Read more here.

A kid’s guide to climate change (plus a printable comic)

From NPR, a guide for kids. Get it here.

NPR comic for kids about climate change

National / International News and Actions

By Feb. 6, tell USFS ‘no special treatment for Mountain Valley Pipeline

Appalachian Voices wants you to sign a petition telling the U.S. Forest Service our forests should not be destroyed by the fossil fuel industry for private gain. Sign the petition here.

Biden protects Minnesota’s Boundary Waters and Tongass National Forest

Canoe at Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Image by USDA.

Read more here.

Youth take legal actions for a livable planet

Watch for lawsuits and appeals in Hawaii (January 2023), Montana, Utah and Virginia. Youth in Canada, India, Mexico, Pakistan and Uganda have also organized. Find out more here.

And, in Europe, six kids are taking 33 countries to court for their failure to take climate action. Sign a petition here.


Ann Arbor’s big decarbonization bet

Ann Arbor, Michigan has set ambitious emissions targets. Unlike most other cities, it’s piloting its plans in one of the lowest-income communities. Read more from Grist here.

A California town’s wastewater is helping it battle drought

Healdsburg, California, a wine-country town of 12,000, has tackled a problem that plagues much of the American West: water scarcity. Read more from Grist here.

Green Banks, Green Energy

Financial nonprofits could turn climate action dreams into realities. Read more from Yes here.

The fight against dirty banks heats up

The era of fossil finance is over- a protest

Bill McKibben takes the climate fight to big banks that fund the fossil fuel industry. Read more here.

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