Mini-Forest Revolution

Rewilding our Communities for Climate Resilience

A tight grouping of small green saplings that form a ''mini-forest'' reach toward a blue sky, with a few larger trees nearby.

Thursday, April 20, 2023 4:30 pm — 5:30 pm
In-Person at WWU: Academic Instructional Center West, Room 204
Online on Zoom

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About the Event

What holds some 500 species, sequesters 500 lbs. CO2/year, is several degrees cooler than its surroundings, soaks up lots of rainwater, and is co-created by children and their elders in spaces no bigger than a tennis court? A “mini-forest” planted using the Miyawaki Method, of course!

After a couple of years of as-needed weeding and watering, these nascent forests form a canopy and – like any other healthy ecosystem – become self-sufficient. We’ll discuss what a mini-forest is, what it can do for your neighborhood, what goes into planting one, and why people all over the world are organizing their communities to plant mini-forests in the small spaces around where they live and work.

Event Speaker

Hannah Lewis has a broad smile, green eyes, white skin, and long brown hair. She wears a teardrop necklace and black top.

Hannah Lewis is the author of Mini-Forest Revolution: Using the Miyawaki Method to Rapidly Rewild the World, published in June 2022 by Chelsea Green. A French translation of the book was released in January 2023 by Editions Eyrolles in France. Hannah has an MS in Sustainable Agriculture and Sociology from Iowa State University and a BA in Environmental Studies from Middlebury College. She lives in Minneapolis, where she works for the non-profit Renewing the Countryside to build sustainable local and regional food systems and plant mini-forests.

The Environmental Speaker Series is free and open to the public. Talks are held each Thursday at 4:30pm in Academic Instructional Center West, room 204. Join us at WWU or online on Zoom!

Western Washington University Alumni Association

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Contact the WWU Alumni Association for this event if you have questions or need disability accommodations by calling (360) 650-3353 or emailing

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