Paul Stamets Supports Legacy Forests

Paul Stamets at Elwha River overlook

“Our old growth forests are undervalued – we should not be deceived that short term gains in selling lumber accurately reflects the value of the intact biodiversity resident within these ancient stands. In particular, varieties of  Agarikon (Fomitopsis officinalis aka Laricifomes officinalis) are now known to have potent antiviral properties. But not all of them. We are still deep in investigating the anti-flu, anti-herpes, and anti-pox viral properties of this mushroom, which many mycologists describe as the longest living, if not the longest living mushroom in Western North America. Without these old growth forests, this mushroom species is absent. I strongly urge that old growth forest reserves hosting these rare mushrooms be spared — or at least considered — for their contributions to future medicine. Once we lose these libraries, we may lose remedies for protecting ourselves from pandemics, which most scientists agree, will be coming with increasing frequency and severity. Our old growth forests are critical, in my opinion, for our national defense.”

Paul Stamets, D.Sc. (Honaris Causa)

Invention Ambassador for the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Member, Mycological Society of America &  North American Mycological Association

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