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We seek a safe, prosperous, sustainable future for residents of the North Olympic Peninsula by addressing climate change.

Hot Off the Wire — 6/11/2019


From The Faculty Chair
Time to Up Our Game
Susan S. Silbey

This is my final column as Chair of the Faculty. It is uncharacteristically short in hopes of communicating an unambiguous and urgent message: we can no longer engage in business as usual at MIT. Time is running out. MIT, the United States, and the world face an existential threat unprecedented in human history.
Read More . . .

Dear Governor Inslee – Diana Somerville — Daily Kos

Climate Change Isn’t Your Fault. It’s Capitalism’s.
The Myth That Individual Change is a Substitute for Systemic Transformation
umair haque in Eudaimonia and Co

Take Action

Regional Action

Let’s not stand by and watch as Indigenous Rights are trampled by the fracking industry. Please dig deep and support the Unist’ot’ten. — RavenTrust

Southern Resident killer whales
West Coast Orcas Threatened by Navy War Games — Center for Biological Diversity

Walk with grassroots community members on Lekwungen and W’SANEC homelands in so-called Victoria.

National Action

Host a Presidential Debate Watch Party! — Sunrise Movement

Tell your senators: We can’t wait for global climate action! — NRDC Action Fund

URGENT! 24 hours to Grill FERC commissioners — Make your comment now! — 198 Methods

Tell the Democratic National Committee: Hold a climate debate — Sunrise Movement

Attribution: HENNING KAISER/AFP/Getty Images

Refusing to hold a debate on climate change
is unacceptable — Daily Kos

Amazon: Stop using paper and bubble wrap
envelopes that can’t be recycled — MoveOn

Climate News

Local/Regional News

LOUD — A music video about noise in the Beautiful Salish Sea —

Cuomo: Ban All New Fossil Fuel Projects —

Sightline’s Latest Original Work
Videos and Blogs on current climate events.

National/International News

Inslee Says He May Defy the DNC on a Climate Change Debate — Mother Jones

Rocky Mountain Institute Solutions Journal, Spring 2019

Hot Off the Wire — 6/7/2019

In laying out a path forward that reflects both the urgency of the crisis as well as a profound understanding of social change, she has offered us an antidote to the despair that so often characterizes our responses to the climate emergency. Margaret’s vision will inspire thoughtful, powerful action in our communities- our best hope in restoring a safe climate and averting a dark future.
This is one of the most hopeful documents I’ve read in recent years.
–Jamila Raqib, Director of the Albert Einstein Institute and Strategic Non Violence Expert


The ‘Great Dying’ Nearly Erased Life On Earth. Scientists See Similarities To Today — NPR

“We Are the Meteor” — WNYC New York Public Radio Audio

Take Action

Regional Action

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rethinking-rural-logo-v13.jpg
a Network of Rural MillennialsThe future of rural

Clallam County Work Session to review the County’s Shoreline Master Program update
on June 10, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

Please answer this Sequim Gazette opinion position if you disagree:
Guest opinion: Removing Snake River dams is unwise
by Don C. Brunell — Tuesday May 28, 2019

Tell the Canadian government TODAY that Washingtonians stand in opposition to the Trans Mountain PipelineStand.EarthSend Five Dollars

National Action

Sign here to tell the Senate to reject Barry Myers
Trump’s corrupt, unqualified and sleazy NOAA nominee. — Action Network

Joe Biden, sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge and back the Green New Deal. — Sunrise Movement

Demand Grocery Stores Phase Out Single-use Plastic Checkout Bags — Sierra Club

Look at what we’ve built We Promise to Protect wrap-up video

Tell New York Governor Cuomo to stop the Williams pipeline —

Help guide the next phase of our work together by taking this quick supporter survey!
— Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

Weather News Updates

Increased variability of tornado occurrence in the United States — Science Magazine

After One More Day of Tornadoes, Hope for a Respite — The New York Times

Climate News

Local/Regional News

National/International News

Here’s how The Sierra Club made a difference this past week

#Climate2020 Scorecard

Where’s Your 2020 Candidate on Climate? — Greenpeace
Greenpeace asked the 2020 candidates how they’ll act on the climate crisis if they become president. Here’s what they said… or didn’t say.


June Meditation for Climate Emergency — The Climate Mobilization
Sun, Jun 9, 2019 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM PDT

“Engineering with Nature”
premiering at SIFF at one of Seattle’s most iconic buildings
FREE to all!
1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA

Saturday 6/8/2019

Only time all the experts (NOAA, USFWS, University of WA – Tacoma, Colorado School of Mines, King County & City of Seattle) will be at a showing for a Q &A. Also, after event planned to mingle with the stars!

Hot Off the Wire — 5/31/2019

Greta Thunberg and 46 youth activists

NEED ADULTS to join them in the Global Climate Strike.
“Together, on 20 September, we can unleash mass resistance.” — The Guardian


Noam Chomsky: The Green New Deal Is Exactly the Right Idea — DemocracyNow! video

Opinion | The Difference Between Happiness and Joy — David Brooks

Take Action

Regional Action

Announcing the release of a new 350 resource for youth strikers, climate activists, and anyone wanting to learn more about social change!

Toilet paper is destroying Canada’s vast and majestic old-growth Boreal forests

Costco: protect the boreal forests and use recycled pulp in your toilet paper
— SomeOfUs

Tell the Department of Ecology: No Permit for LNG! — Sierra Club Washington

Help Heiltsuk Nation stand up to Big Oil in court: join the squad!!

National Action

Sign Up: Global Climate Strike on September 20th
Millions of school strikers have shown us they’re serious about climate action.
Adults, will you join our youth?

Juliana v. United States, will be heard Next Tuesday.

In 2018, only 3.5% of national television news segments that mentioned climate change referred to it as a crisis or emergency. — The Action Network
We need television news to call the climate crisis exactly what it is: a climate crisis.

Sierra Club’s Climate Parents is launching a new campaign to move school districts across the country to 100% clean, renewable energy. Are you in?

Stop Fracking in California —
Now and forever

Join a People’s GND Working Group
Contribute to understand what specific policies constitute a GND that eliminates GHGs and gets the new clean economy built in time to avert disaster. If you’d like to join a sub-team, contact Todd Fernandez,, 646-351-6498.
See the Sub-teams in the Drawdown Solutions by Sector . . .

Climate News

Local/Regional News

This legislative session has been one of the most significant for the environment in decades! — Washington Conservation Voters

Take 30 seconds to watch what it takes to elect climate champions nationwide.

National/International News

This 16-year Old Is Taking the School Climate Strike to the U.S. Capitol — Yes!

Canada needs a plan to tackle climate change that listens to both science and justice. –
Some of the climate stories you might’ve missed over the past two weeks

Inslee Calls for Climate Change-Only Democratic Debate; Gillibrand Endorses
— The Daily Beast

Supreme Court dismisses challenge to Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is “running amuck”; AGAIN! — Sierra Club

We’ve also launched a brand-new group on Facebook, called Inside the Climate Crisis. It’s a hub for conversations about all things climate-related.


Workshops in Seattle with Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr — November 2019
Introductory and advanced community-based social marketing (CBSM)
Use coupon code (9103d91e) to obtain the $50 reduction in the next 60 days.

Jun 13, 2019 10:00 AM in PacificTime

Hot Off the Wire — 5/24/2019

Satellite airmass image of the N Pacific for 16May2019. The image shows an unusual mid-May train of storms across the north Pacific ocean.

This isn’t your father’s atmosphere. The climate has changed. This is climate breakdown.”
— Daily Kos


Facing Down “Environmental Grief” — Scientific American

Take Action

Regional Action

Murray & Kilmer Reintroduce Wild Olympics Bill: Vow To “Get It Done”
— Sierra Club Washington State

Thank Governor Inslee For Stepping Up On Climate! — NRDC Action Fund

Stop Fracking in California – Now and Forever — MoveOn

National Action

Watch the Promise Tour highlight video from Promise to Protect

Ecosystems of Change:
Partnering Across Sectors to Increase the Impact of Sustainability Efforts — Stanford
May 28, 2019 | 10:00-11:00am PDT | online via Zoom
Register Today!

Tell our new leaders in Congress to push for a Green New Deal and stop fossil fuels now!
— Greenpeace

Add your name: Support a Green New Deal That Fixes Our Food System — Daily Kos

Climate News

Local/Regional News

Inslee changes tune, opposes Washington fossil-fuel projects — AP

Low snowpack, hot spring lead to drought declaration for nearly half of Washington state
— Seattle Times

NO on I-976 effort ramps up with campaign launch in Olympia
Sign up for campaign updates

Sightline’s Latest Original Work

How scientists are trying to predict wildfire movement — PBS video

National/International News

Over 1,351 Climate Strikes in 110 Countries Planned for Friday as Global Revolt Escalates
— Common Dreams

News about controlling the energy industry

No more Climate Change at The Guardian — Daily Kos
The preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown”

Jay Inslee is writing the climate plan the next president should adopt — Vox
More than a campaign document, it’s an instruction manual.

A key to fighting climate change could be right under our feet — Earth-Food-Life

This week, we take a look at the report that finds a million species of plants and animals are now at risk of going extinct, and many could disappear within the next decade.


Artists harness the power of fire and ice to shape attitudes on climate change — PBS video

When it comes to global warming,
it’s not simply
belief vs. denial of the problem.

Rise for The Orca Tour

Dana Lyons

June 8th – 7-9 p.m. at Sequim’s Pioneer Park
387 East Washington Street

Dana Lyons with an inspiring musical message of hope
for the Orca to help save
the Southern Resident Killer Whales
from extinction.

Dana has invited the North Olympic Orca Pod to dance,
and specifically the “Stayin’ Alive” number,
which Dana will play and have the lyrics for.

Suggested donation is $10-20 — No one will be turned away

See Dana perform “The Great Salish Sea”

Hot Off the Wire – 5/16/2019


Arundhati Roy: Capitalism Is “a Form of Religion” Stopping Solutions to Climate Change & Inequality – DemocracyNow! video

Take Action

Regional Action

Salish Splash! – Celebrating Orca Recovery – June 13th
Jump into the Salish Sea to support Orca Recovery
– Washington Environmental Council

Call on networks and newsrooms to discuss climate change with the urgency this crisis merits –

The Roadmap Conference is the nation’s largest
annual conference on
electric and smart mobility

Take an EcoChallenge Northwest Earth Institute

Dammed to extinction, Southern Resident Orcas are starving. Time is running out! –

Help build a “Free The Snake” Canoe
When you donate, your name will be carved into the inside edge of the canoe. – Coalition to Restore the Columbia and Snake River

Women Talk Climate 

A year in the making, we are so excited to share this short film with you! 

Support the Women Talk Climate Project

Thank Gov. Inslee for speaking out against fracked gas! – Sierra Club

Add Your Name to Support Jay’s 100% Clean Energy for America Plan – Jay Inslee Campaign
You can read the plan online anytime right here

National Action

We all need to work at the grass roots level to talk about climate change. Our work is to explain the climate problem to as many people as possible using the Climate Stick.

We need television news to call the climate crisis exactly what it is: a climate crisis –

Join us in Detroit on July 30th to help change history
– Sunrise Movement

Sign the petition telling Biden to move the whole Democratic field towards real climate action. – Greenpeace

Uber and Lyft can do better. But they won’t without a little nudge – Sierra Club

“Transform Yourself
with Climate Truth”

A radical new self-help book for facing climate truth, accepting your fear of collapse, and becoming the hero humanity needs

Climate News

Local/Regional News

Oregon denied the Clean Water Act certification for the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas export project – Sierra Club

OSU Research Confirms that Big Timber is Oregon’s Leading Source of GHG Emissions – Sierra Club

National/International News

Labor leaders from across the country discuss what a Green New Deal could mean for workers
Peoples Climate Movement

Shocking UN Report Warns up to a Million Species are at Risk of Extinction Due to Human Activity – DemocracyNow! video

The Road to the Green New Deal visits Paradise, CA
– Sunrise Movement

Groundbreaking Report Shows the United States Can Lead the Way Toward Climate Recovery Without Economic Hardship
– Our Children’s Trust

North Dakota, Washington state at odds over oil train rules
– Associated Press

Democratic presidential candidates zero in on climate

Find out how climate chaos already threatens corporate
America’s bottom line – Sierra Club

Our 2019 Electric Vehicle Guide is Here – Sierra Club


How do we live with the sense of urgency that the climate crisis triggers, while maintaining mental and physical health and wellbeing?

Click to RSVP for the call

Why your brain doesn’t register the words ‘climate change’ – Grist

A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture –

100% Clean electricity is just the beginning – Climate Solutions

Hot Off the Wire – 5 /9/2019


The Great Filter – Are We Almost Past It?
An essay by Robin Hanson – Sept. 15, 1998

Take Action

Regional Action

PSE Executive Listening Session May 22nd – Sierra Club WA

National Action

Final stop of the Road to a Green New Deal Tour
Sign up to watch the Livestream with OAC

– Sunrise Movement

Tell the Democratic National Committee: Hold a climate debate
– Credo

Watch Sierra Forum: The Green New Deal, Tackling Climate Change & Inequity

It’s time to tell the Trump administration to throw out its drill-at-all-costs agenda – NRDC

Will you tell Representative Kilmer thank you for supporting climate action? – Sierra Club

Climate News

Local/Regional News

Washington powers a new path toward clean energy future

A Special Update from Rocky Mountain Institute

National/International News

Extinction Rebellion Takes London and the UK Declares Climate Emergency – CACE blogs


Your Newest Tool to Tackle Food Waste: Meal Prep Mate

How to cook what you’ll eat, eat what you cook, and save on your grocery bills, too. – NRDC